The Thug Tax

The Thug Tax generates $4,000 in revenue for Albany, GA


Albany, GA is one of a number of Southern cities which are passing local ordinances that ban African-American thugs from wearing “saggy pants.”

Earlier this year, Arkansas and Florida banned saggy pants. A saggy pants ordinance was recently defeated in Mobile. The cities of Greenville and Selma have already banned “saggy pants.”

The spread of these saggy pants ordinances which indirectly target African-Americans are a symptom of the revival of the spirit of Jim Crow in Dixie. Florida also passed a law this year that requires welfare recipients to submit to drug tests in exchange for benefits.

Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina have followed Arizona in passing Arizona-style immigration laws. Louisiana, Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina passed E-Verify laws this year.

Texas and South Carolina passed tough Voter ID laws which were pioneered by Georgia. North Carolina and Missouri passed Voter ID which were vetoed by their Democratic governors.

Yesterday, OD got 7,000 unique visitors to an old article that I posted about Arkansas banning “saggy pants.” African-Americans are terrified that The Thug Tax is sweeping across Dixie like kudzu:

ALBANY, Ga. — Officials in Albany, Ga., say the city’s ban on saggy pants has generated nearly $4,000 in fines in less than a year.

City Attorney Nathan Davis says 187 citations have been issued and $3,916 in fines collected since the ordinance went into effect Nov. 23, according to the Albany Herald.

Officials say the ordinance bans anyone from wearing pants or skirts more than three inches below the top of the hips, exposing the skin or undergarments. First-time offenders face a $25 fine. On further offenses, the fine can rise to $200.

The ordinance also allows 40 hours of community service to be completed in lieu of fines.

Albany is about 170 miles south of Atlanta.

This might not sound like much.

It represents a definite shift though in Dixie from seeing blacks as noble savages and the helpless victims of racism and white supremacy back to the older view of seeing their presence here as a menace and a burden on civilization that must be contained by the civil power.

This shift in attitude toward blacks and illegal aliens mirrors the collapse of the Democratic Party in Dixie, the consolidation of Whites in the Republican Party, and the return to the one-party system of the Solid South that defined Jim Crow politics.

As the American economy continues to deteriorate in the Sunbelt, White racial resentments will naturally move closer to the surface of our culture. The costs of BRA are becoming unaffordable to White taxpayers in Dixie.

Twenty years from now, we will look back with the benefit of hindsight at these saggy pants ordinances, these Voter ID laws, Florida’s welfare drug testing law, and the spread of E-Verify and Arizona-style immigration laws and see it as the first wave of the new Jim Crow laws in the American South.

The 2000s and 2010s are reminiscent of the 1880s and 1890s – racial science was eroding egalitarianism, the North was losing its enthusiasm for “civil rights,” the South was reasserting itself, and the Long Depression had everyone focused on their own economic downward mobility.

The Thug Tax in Albany, GA is yet another sign that “Peak BRA” was passed during Obama’s victory speech in November 2008 in Chicago which used to be the banner of this website.

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  1. It seems to me that letting your pants slide like that is an invitation to anybody in the mood for kicking somebody’s ass. They are making themselves less able to run or defend themselves, not a good idea in a violent slum. My question is, do Blacks only play droopy drawers around Whites, just another way to stick it to Whitey?

  2. Interesting fact: Saggy pants originated in American prisons, and deliberately exposing part of your rear end by allowing your pants waist to sag, was meant to be a signal that you were “available”, i.e. – a prison punk without an owner.

    I also suspect that niggers wearing and oversized clothing may have some origin in shoplifting — niggers just grabbing what they can reach, whether it’s their size or not, and then scampering off.

  3. I’ve heard that cops don’t like the anti-saggy pants ordinances.
    It’s MUCH easier to apprehend a fleeing perp when his pants fall down around his ankles and trip him.

  4. That’s right. Awhile back in JewYork, a spic robbed an apt., got tangled up in his pants while going out a window, then fell 4 floors to his death. Sometimes there’s a story that just makes you feel good all over.

  5. Bizarro has had some good ones about baggy pants over the years:

  6. Another one I remember was about a decade back, when Blacks had a fad for sneakers with LED in them that would flash when they put pressure on the heel during their stride. Some silly Negro committed a crime and was running from the police at night in the Chicago hood. They just followed the bright flashes through the alley and caught the fool.

  7. “Interesting fact: Saggy pants originated in American prisons, ”

    Interesting urban legend, you mean.

    “I also suspect that niggers wearing and oversized clothing may have some origin in shoplifting”

    And another “just so story”.

    Fact is, kaffirs are lazy and loose. They wear long loose clothing in response to whitey’s straitlaced behavior & duds. Simple as that — no, really it is.

  8. @uh

    No, it IS a fact. Saggy pants as a fashion among male niggers started in prisons. Administrative staffs began confiscating belts, as a safety measure to prevent assaults and suicides. Punks showed their asses if they were looking for a protector. But I really have no inclination to get into a pissing contest with you over who is more expert in niggerdom.

  9. Most of these localities that are banning saggy pants are majority black or nearly so. Most majority white places would dare do so, at least until blacks signaled it was alright.

  10. I find it quite interesting that there are so many comments about the desire to ban young men from wearing sagging pants, yet only one about the well-written posting by Hunter Wallace on the American Revolutions. I’d like to read your comments about that Discard, Playing Roots, Chris, Barb, Compassionate, Boffin, Denise, Nightowl, Uh, and J!

  11. The trend of sagging pants on men is not clear on which race started it, however it is a fact that it was started in prisons to let other inmates know that they were OK with sex with same sex partners…They invented a signal, that would go unnoticed by guards, so they wouldn’t suffer consequence. By partially showing their butts, they showed that they were available to be penetrated by other inmates. So this article blaming African Americans for starting this trend is an outrage. While I feel its OK to try and stop this trend I don’t feel its OK to point out one race as the problem. ALL races do this and if you are going to try and correct it then do so without blaming one set race….I sooo wish I could write the editor of this article. The fact that people are still using the word Nigger is also a problem…This is why most of you racists pricks are stuck in the corner of the US where you are safe…You wont dare bring this racist crap up north…Get over yourselves its 2012 and people are still hating other people for the color of there skin. News Flash assholes we have a African American president so looks like the ball is in our court huh…If you are going to dislike a person let it be for a legit reason and not the color of there skin. Its soo easy for you racist bastards to point the finger at one set Race because you dont want to believe that white people are doing it as well. You have Skaters, Gothic people, Punks and etc in the white community that sagging your pants is very big. So If I could write the editor of this article I would advise him to get the facts before he writes false things….

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