Whiskey Rebellion – Tea Party Revolution 1.0

Alexander Hamilton sparks the first Tea Party Revolution in the Pennsylvania backcountry


This is endlessly fascinating … it is a story about the Scots-Irish frontiersmen in North America, who came here to be left alone, to get out from underneath the British and later scheming bankers and bureaucrats in the Union.

Far from being an ideology, this spirit of “freedom” in America, the hatred of the federal government that thrives in Dixie, is something that the Scots-Irish brought here from Britain, where it went viral on the American frontier beyond the Appalachians.

In this episode, the ancestors of the “Tea Party” (i.e., the Americans) take on the forerunners of Wall Street in the “Whiskey Rebellion.”

The Borderlanders’ uprising were long dismissed as the thuggish behavior of backcountry louts too ignorant to understand the merits of taxation or the need to settle their debts. In reality, the Borderlanders weren’t against taxation or creditworthy behavior but were resisting a scheme so corrupt, avaricious, and shameless it ranks with those of Wall Street in the first decade of the twenty-frist century.

In the dark hours of the wars of liberation, the Continental Congress had no money to pay salaries to their soldiers or to compensate farmers for requisitioned food and livestock. Instead Congress gave all these people government IOUs. This practice continued for years until, under the financial administration of the notoriously unethical banker Robert Morris, the state of Pennsylvania announced it would no longer accept the congressional IOUs as payments for taxes. With no other form of money in circulation in much of the countryside, many poor families had no choice but to sell the notes for whatever they could get, and wealthy speculators purchased them for one-sixth to one-fortieth of their face value. Soon just over 400 individuals held over 96 percent of Pennsylvania’s war debt, and nearly half was controlled by just twenty-eight men, most of whom were Robert Morris’s friends and business partners. Shortly thereafter, Morris and his protege Alexander Hamilton took control of federal financial policy, rigging it so as to literally turn their friends’ worthless paper into silver and gold. Under Morris and Hamilton, the federal government would buy back the bonds for face value, plus 6 percent interest, paid in precious metals raised by assessing new federal excise taxes designed to fall most heavily on the poor people who’d been forced to take the worthless congressional scip in the first place.

But, wait – there’s more. Most people in Appalachia hadn’t seen hard cash in years. The closest thing to cash that Borderlander farmers could create was whiskey, which was nonperishable, marketable, and easy to transport. Knowing this, Morris and Hamilton cynically imposed a sharp tax on this all-important Appalachian product, even as they discouraged their underlings from collecting taxes owed by merchants on the coast. Meanwhile, they used their influence to give themselves and their private banker friends effective control over the new nation’s currency supply – much of it printed by Morris’s private Bank of North America – but with federal taxpayers on the hook to clean up their mess if things went wrong. It’s also worth nothing that Morris and Hamilton were both immigrants without ethnoregional allegiances; English-born Morris and Barbados-born Hamilton both saw North America as the British had; as a cow to be milked for all it was worth.

But unlike in 1929 or 2008, the victims of this scheme were well aware of what was going on, and it was the people of Appalachia who resisted the federal elite’s machinations most strongly. The greatest uprising that followed would come to be known, derisively, as the Whiskey Rebellion.

Alexander Hamilton’s vampire financial scheme has been resurrected in our own times as Wall Street and the Federal Reserve.

Thomas Jefferson hated those scheming Federalist bankers. That is why he trusted the common sense of the people more than the scam artists and wannabee banker aristocrats of his day like Alexander Hamilton.

Old Hickory killed that damn bank in the 1830s – it was the “Second Bank of the United States” back then, having been resurrected again after the War of 1812 – and paid off the American national debt.

The popular uprising against the Federalists – against the precursors of Wall Street – was a mass movement in the North and South. By the time it was over, there was a Democratic-Republican Party, which later split into two factions when John Quincy Adams struck the “corrupt bargain” with Henry Clay to steal the election of 1824.

Note: There are plenty of people in the South who are delighted to see Wall Street get occupied, who would love to see a flash mob burn down the Hamptons, but who don’t necessarily care for the “progressive” crowd with their Che Guevera posters.

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  1. Yes, “out from under,” and “not living by another’s leave,” as borrowed from Day-Lewis’ Natty Bumpo in Mann’s Last of the Mohicans. This is what my Montgomery County Ranger ancestor whose son was a itinerant Presbyterian missionary in Western PA fought for. NOT TO OWN OTHER PEOPLE, INTELLECTUALLY INFERIOR OR NOT. Hunter, you have too much of it both ways on the slavery issue. Again I say, if the southerners had never brought the scourge here, it wouldn’t’ve caused so much damned tragedy–the tragedy we are living out today…

    My Scot-Irish ancestors went west to Illinois, Missouri, and Minnesota, and stayed independent-minded. This division of “nations” doesn’t do much good if it simply stresses the divisons in what we face coming. I want ALL of our country back, north AND south!

  2. “Well ya know Hamilton was a Jew, ”

    No. He was not. His mother was previously married to a Jew. This does not make someone “a Jew”. Neither does financial manipulation. Alexander Fordyce was not a Jew, for example.

  3. Hmmm. Albert Gallatin a/k/a Albert Galatini an Italian-Swiss(?) was the Congressman in Western Pennsylvania at the time. Gallatin stirred the pot, and then when things got rough he tool off letting the locals hang.

    Take a peek at the photos of Gallatin—that boy had a nose even a Jew would admire. Maybe he was a member of the tribe?

  4. From Uhh: ““Well ya know Hamilton was a Jew, ”

    No. He was not. His mother was previously married to a Jew. This does not make someone “a Jew”. Neither does financial manipulation. Alexander Fordyce was not a Jew, for example.”

    Oh, don’t stop Denise now, Uhh. Jews are in back of everything! Don’t you know that? Just like the evil honkey is the source of a sniveling black man’s every problem and sorrow, the Jew is out to give Denise nothing but sorrow from the toast that burns in her toaster tomorrow morning to the fact her car’s battery goes dead this winter.

  5. Hunter, you have too much of it both ways on the slavery issue. Again I say, if the southerners had never brought the scourge here, it wouldn’t’ve caused so much damned tragedy–the tragedy we are living out today…

    I thought Yankees ran all the shipping. So doesn’t the blame fall on Yankees for bringing the slaves here?

    Note: There are plenty of people in the South who are delighted to see Wall Street get occupied, who would love to see a flash mob burn down the Hamptons, but who don’t necessarily care for the “progressive” crowd with their Che Guevera posters.

    Myself among them, obviously. But what really strikes me about the OWS folks is how W-H-I-T-E they are. Tit for tat, that makes them racists. That’s my first talking point on OWS; they’re racist, “hideously white,” etc.

    These posts on the ethnic tapestry of early America are fascinating Hunter. I won’t complain if you keep it up for a couple dozen more posts. I haven’t been tempted to buy books by blog posts in a long time but you’ve definitely tempted me here.

  6. Svigor,

    Does this sound interesting to you?

    “The notion of America having been a “melting pot” in which immigrants were transmuted into “Anglo-Protestant Americans” really refers to a Yankee remedy intimately tied to the folkways of a covenanted utopia-building people who were themselves almost entirely English in origin. Perhaps the greatest popularizing institution for this school of assimilation was the Henry Ford English School, founded in 1915 in the heart of the Yankee Midwest. There, Ford’s immigrant workers were taught not just English but history and the Yankee values of thrift, cleanliness, and punctuality. At their graduation ceremony students dressed in the fashions of their home countries paraded down the gangway of a mock ship and into a gigantic cauldron labeled “melting pot,” which their teachers began stirring with giant spoons; a few minutes later, the graduates marched out of the pot wearing “American” suits and ties and waving the American flag. Meanwhile, historians at Harvard, Yale, and other Yankee institutions were crafting a mythic “national” history for students to celebrate, which emphasized the centrality of the (previously neglected) Pilgrim voyage, the Boston Tea Party, and Yankee figures such as the minutemen, Paul Revere, and Johnny Appleseed. (The Puritans were recast as champions of religious freedom, which would have surprised them, while Jamestown, New Amsterdam, and the early Anglican settlements of Maine were ignored.) In the Yankee paradigm, immigrants were to assimilate into the dominant culture which, from their point of view, was indeed characterized by the “Protestant” (i.e., Calvinist) work ethic, self-restraint, a commitment to “common good,” and hostility to aristocratic institutions. Cultural pluralism, individualism, or the acceptance of an Anglo-British class system was not on the Yankees’ agenda.

    Hell, that explains a lot, right? You might really want to get a copy of this book. It is a really good one!

    I guess the Jews resisted melting into the Yankee melting pot up there in the Northern states? This also explains why what passes for “American history” is a tall tale inconceivable to anyone familiar with the real actual history of the South.

    The idea that we came here to build “multiculturalism” and “racial equality” and to establish a society in the name of “universal human rights” and “religious tolerance” is so flatly untrue that it can only be constructed by deliberately ignoring the history of the Southern states.

    All this nonsense about America is taught today in public schools under the centralized authority of the Department of Education. Thomas Jefferson must be rolling in his grave!

    This has no resemblance whatsoever to the Southern system of education in the 17C and 18C and 19C.

  7. Yeah, I’m probably going to have to get that book. It sounds like what I was looking for with Albion’s Seed, which I found too dense and dry (I may return to it eventually), but very readable in contrast.

  8. And yes, the idea that Americans can stick it to the multicultis and globalists simply by reclaiming their ethnic heritage, history, and character is pretty tempting and compelling.

  9. It is fairly easy to see why “White Nationalism” has never succeeded.

    There is no such thing as White America. It doesn’t exist anymore than “White Canada” or “White Europe” exists. We talk about “White America” in a serious tone (as if this were something that exists) which we would never use to talk about “White Europe.”

    “White Europe” is and always has been divided into various tribes, religions, nations, and so forth with conflicting agendas. It is as senseless to talk about “White Europe” as it is to pretend all the various Indian tribes in America are “Native Americans.”

    There is no such thing as “Native Americans” – in reality, Indian tribes like the Hurons and Iroquois spent much of their time destroying each other, fighting with each other, selling each other out, and sabotaging each other.

    North America was settled by European nations which spent most of their time fighting each other – England, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. The French and English spent almost two hundred years fighting over control of North America.

    Virginia was founded by the English to dispute the Spanish claim to the New World. The English and French and Spanish formed alliances with various Indian tribes against their European and Indian enemies.

    In the American Revolution, which the American “patriot” faction fought against the British, their own blood relatives, the British, waged war against the colonists with their Indian allies and attempted to incite a slave insurrection in the colonies.

    White Nationalists like to imagine that “White people are on the same side” – it is a noble ideal, but it is still just a ideal, something on the same level as “we are all human beings,” but something that is more closely felt.

    The truth is that White people spent the 20C destroying each other in Europe and slaughtering each other by the millions over conflicting national identities. White people have slaughtered each other over class differences, over ethnic differences, over cultural differences, over tribal differences, over religious differences … for centuries.

    Here in North America, White Nationalists pretend that White people in the United States have moved beyond this, that there is such a thing as “White America,” and that White people share the same culture, and that things like religion, class, and ethnic origin have uniquely ceased to be divisive in this one spot on earth.

    Canada, for example, is obviously being destroyed by the irreconcilable differences between the English and French which still exist today – because of the inability of Quebec to assimilate, Canada is being decompiled as a nation-state.

    White Nationalists have a great ideal – White people are facing a common challenge and we should put aside our differences, take our own side, and unite on the basis of being W-H-I-T-E to save our common civilization.

    It sounds nice, but we must remember that “White America” is an ideal, not a reality – it was an ideal when the Second Klan was the biggest pro-White organization that had ever existed in the United States, when the Second Klan was undermined by all the Whites who disagreed with its platform of 100 Percent Americanism.

    It is nothing more … than an ideal. The White ethnostate … is an abstraction. Finally, White Nationalists are pissed off about … grievances.

    But can you really unite people solely on the basis of idealism, abstract ideology, and racial grievances? Not really.

    Not even White Nationalists can unite solely on the basis of idealism, abstract ideology, and racial grievances. They have unsuccessfully been trying to unite on the basis of these three things for decades.

    There has to be something more substantial to unite people. Something like common ancestry or common religion or common national origin or ideally all three which could conceivably be mobilized to brew something more potent.

    Jews are a race, a tribe, a religion, a people with an ideology and a historical memory that goes back thousands of years – and we are going to concoct something entirely out of scratch – on the basis of ideology, grievances, and sheer idealism – in the “Pacific Northwest” that is going to compete with that?

    Truth be told, ideology is the most fragile possible thing to unite people around, although it is like catnip to intellectuals. Maybe this is why intellectuals are drastically overrepresented among WNs whereas other groups are not nearly so common.

    IMO most people are not ideological. Especially in the South and the Heartland. Most people here are conservative.

    Is it possible to make conservatism more explicitly racial then? Of course. That involves nothing more than appealing to something that is familiar than something which is perceived as “revolutionary” and “foreign.”

    Something like 50 to 70 percent of the Whites in Mississippi and Alabama are already “racial conservatives.” The Confederate flag and Redneck Pride is huge in this area.

    If you called it Redneck Pride instead of White Pride, or argued that Redneck Pride or Cracker Pride or Confederate Pride is synonymous with White Pride, which it really is, then we might start getting somewhere.

  10. Hunter: What about Pastor Martin Lindstedt and his Tribulation and 10,000 warlords? What about the White State that good old USA stopped: Deseret of the White Mormons. What did you think about the NEWS Flag of Dewey H. Tucker.? Lindstedt is right about Whiggers and how they are regimist hell bent on destroying White Race. Read Mormonzietgeist about Mormons on Internet. Read about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Me, I am sick of all the White Insanity. The answer is a White Mormonm Church. The Odor of Cedar and The Raven Returns! White Mormon Power!

  11. Oh – there’s some dispute. obviously, regarding Hamilton’s actual genetics – but why would a Christian woman, of that era, marry a Jew? Membership in the Tribe coem through the mother, and historically, Jewsih women hooked up and mated with Goy males – thus incoporating Goy DNA, and social access, to benefit Jewish interests. The kids are raised AS Jews. The Kids are Yids.


    Now – I am about to assert that Hamilton was a Rothschild’s agent. The Secretary of the TREASURY – go right for the blood supply, the vampires do….who wishes to dispute this? Let the links fly!

    Finally – it’s not just Jews. Loads of Goyim have colluded, and screwed over our own kind for CENTURIES. Race Treason is THE WORST CRIME. And Whites do it all the time. However – regarding our nefarious, disastrous, and tragic involvement with Jews – they act to benefit their own kind. Their fIRST RULE is “Is it good for the Jews”? We are either going to vanish from existence, or not. I believe the White population will be whittled down to a realy garc core strain, that does What’s Good for the White Uber Alles. And Jews? Agai – I pose a question – would we be better off with, or without them?

    Will any-one answer that question?

  12. Re the Rednecl ot Cracker Pride – you are mostly right – but there’s a loophole. White are wholly willng to accept The Other as “one of us”. Some stupid White Craker Pride female will appear, linked arm in arm with some non-White male, who loooooooooooooves everything about Cracker Pride. Hey – I’m not White – but the music/food/clothes/language/lifestyle is GREAT. He’ll create a flawless facsimile of a Black Cracker Pride. Every-one will think Old Tyrone is a great guy – he’s not like the rest of ’em – awwww shucks….and then Le Deluge.

  13. Stinking up Wall Street: Protesters accused of living in filth as shocking pictures show one demonstrator defecating on a POLICE CAR

    Last paragraph of the article:
    In San Antonio, protesters gathered at the city’s Confederate War Veterans Monument and chanted: ‘The banks got bailed out, we got sold out.’


    Confederate War Veterans Monument, huh. Now if only the true history of the United States was allowed to exist maybe these people would understand the irony of their location.

  14. Hunter,

    A bit off-topic, but by any chance, have you heard Harold Covington’s recent interview on ‘The White Voice’ internet radio show? In his chat with the host, he shares his opinions about a few possible scenarios regarding national breakdown and racial war gives a condensed overview of the northwest migration plan. But he said something at the end which really stood out. He said, somewhat casually but with noticeable sincerity, that “if Dixie were to rise again, I’d be right back home in North Carolina, wearing a Confederate uniform, even at my age.”

    I think he forgot himself a little, and let his true feelings slip out. I now believe the reason he used ‘Hunter Wallace’ as name and persona for the president/villain in his latest book, is because he feels that his rightful place as a prominent Southern nationalist (which he hastily vacated to escape jail time brought by his own behavior) has been replaced by some young upstart, who he deems unworthy. Kinda sad.

    Covington should really just shut down that Northwest Front and go back home. He’d probably be happier, if not at least psychologically more comfortable for being in familiar surroundings.

  15. Hunter Wallace: “Hell, that explains a lot, right? You might really want to get a copy of this book. It is a really good one!”

    OK, please excuse me if I’m missing something completely obvious, but to what book are you referring? I see you quoted something there, but I do not see any reference to its origins.

  16. rjp says:
    October 10, 2011 at 8:09 pm
    “Stinking up Wall Street: Protesters accused of living in filth as shocking pictures show one demonstrator defecating on a POLICE CAR”

    Considering the behavior of every-one involved – that’s about right.

    No one answered my question. Quel Surprise.

  17. Since WW 2 every White Nationalist Movement has been stopped. The Evil Ones have things set up were no true White Leader can arise. They have Justice Department Agents who are trained in all facets of White Nationaliism. These Agents go all over USA and infiltrate groups. Some of these Agents who are highly trained and know all the facets of White Movements, they set up phoney organizations, they take names of all those who could pose a threat and they neutralize them, they have them put in jail using dirty methods or if that does not work, they kill them. You have these Juctice Department Agents who are right now, people think they are good and they are no damn good. Robert Depugh and Robert Shelton were aware of this and this is why they made lie dectector tests mandatory. Pastor Martin Lindstedt is right about the Tribulation, The Whiggers, and his 10000 Warlords. The only way to beat this is what Tom Metzger, Louis Beam and Alex Curtis, their LONE WOLF TACTICS. Also secret Priesthood is another way. Just like Harvey Ruvin in a Jew in Dade County Florida said, One man working in dark is more dangerous than 10000 in the open. The White Race worldwide is facing total destruction. Keep in mind what happened to Joseph Smith and countless others who have tried to do something to safeguard white race. Our Enemy is ruthless, Cunning and sneakey. I beleive an Underground White Mormon Church Priesthood is only way to go now. The Odoe of Cedar and The Raven Returns! White Mormon Power! PS) The >Justice Department Agents set up STAGED EVENTS also!

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