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Hank Jr. has lashed out at ESPN, Fox & Friends, the U.S.S.A., and Barack Hussein Obama with a new song: it’s kinda corny, but it is yet another great example of a distinctive, enduring Scots-Irish culture and worldview that thrives in Greater Appalachia.

How far away is this from ethnonationalism?

Not that far: Hank III is much more explicit about being a folkish nationalist.

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  1. It’s a good song, taken the right way it can be appreciated right up there with “A Country Boy Can Survive” which in my opinion was Hank Jr’s best.

    On the other side, I think his fans should be a bit careful as the song can be interpreted as just sour grapes that Hank Jr. lost his lucrative Monday Night Football TV job.

    Hank Jr. was also a bit of a system company boy, he seemed to be extremely happy to produced good ol boy propaganda supporting the first war against Iraq.

    So who do people think the networks will get to replace Hank Jr. for Monday Night football – it will need to be some celebrity that aspires to represent (White) middle America. How about John Cougar Mellencamp or Ted Nugent. Maybe John Cougar Mellencamp can play that song he did against White RACISM in Jena Louisiana where supposedly White RACISTS were guilty of inciting some Black high school football players in to beating some 120 lbs short White student nearly to death.

    “Jena” John (Cougar) Mellencamp

    An all white jury hides the executioner’s face
    See how we are, me and you?
    Everyone here needs to know their place
    Let’s keep this blackbird hidden in the flue
    Oh oh oh Jena
    Oh oh oh Jena
    Oh oh oh Jena
    Take your nooses down
    So what becomes of boys that cannot think straight
    Particularly those with paper bag skin
    Yes sir, no sir, we’ll wipe that smile right off your face
    We’ve got our rules here and you must fit in
    Oh oh oh Jena
    Oh oh oh Jena
    Oh oh oh Jena
    Take your nooses down
    Some day some way sanity will prevail
    But who knows when that day might come
    A shot in the dark, well it just might find its way
    To the hearts of those that hold the keys to kingdom come
    Oh oh oh Jena
    Oh oh oh Jena
    Oh oh oh Jena
    Take those nooses down
    Oh oh hey Jena
    Oh oh Jena
    Oh oh Jena
    Take your nooses down
    Take those nooses all down

  2. ” it will need to be some celebrity that aspires to represent (White) middle America.”

    If that’s the case my money’s on Soulja Boy and his stupid glasses or lady gaga and her weird clothes and penis.

  3. I would bet a million dollars that White conservatives in Dixie will slowly radicalize and become more explicitly racial before “White Nationalism” gets beyond marching around in Nazi costumes in Knoxville and Milwaukee.

  4. White nationalists want blacks to riot across the country because (as if blacks needed a reason) a white guy stole the presidency out from under Obama. White conservatives, in my opinion, have the idea that a Cain presidency might defuse that. They didn’t seek Cain out, but as the other candidates begin to look like real idiots, Cain begins to look tolerable. I appreciate the fact that some here think that the country needs to crash and burn, but I think it probably will anyway, without giving the noble darkie another excuse to loot and destroy.

  5. Impostor Mark,

    Would you also be willing to bet a million dollars that conservatives won’t buckle when their newly found “explicitly racial” approach gets put into the spotlight?

    IMO, the Mainstream Media is losing its credibility, the charge of “racism” and “extremism” has been used to many times that it is losing its sting, and I have been watching conservatives become more explicitly racial on sites like Free Republic, and I have also been following the polls and watching election returns which reflect this shift in sentiment.

    I can visualize a future scenario where blacks have rioted over Obama’s defeat in the 2012 election and the charge of “racism” has completely losses its sting and the racial taboos which are already shaky collapse completely.

    When you say “slowly radicalize,” I would hope you mean that it’ll happen sooner than them becoming a small minority of the population.

    What is the population?

    When I think of the population, I think of Dixie which was blacker in 1911 than it is now in 2011, and I think of all the laws that are being passed to drive out Hispanics, especially the law here in Alabama which is working.

    White Nationalism suffers from an abundance of ineptitude for social maneuvering and a complete lack of leadership.

    White Nationalism is a joke – it hasn’t progressed in twenty years, whether it be at the intellectual level or at the organization level, the same Neo-Nazis are holding street protests, the same kooks are “naming the Jew” in cyberspace, the same intellectuals are discussing obscure esoteric topics which of no interest to ordinary White people.

    Modern Conservatives are — for lack of a better term — just flat out pussies when it comes to speaking about race.

    I have a better explanation:

    (1) The Voting Rights Act of 1965 created millions of black and Hispanic voters in all the areas where the “conservatives” actually live, which is to say, in the South and West.

    (2) The Immigration Act of 1965 has set Whites on a course to demographic oblivion. The Great Society welfare state has created millions of welfare gremlins in the projects by deterring White family formation.

    (3) The context of the Union (the need to build multinational coalitions to capture control of the federal government) explains why conservatives keep a lid on explicit racialism.

    (4) The Mainstream Media has made the myth of the Civil Rights Movement sacrosanct.

    Good god, man, conservatives are falling all over themselves to get their own magic negro in office now. That’s the complete opposite of White Conservatives becoming more explicitly racial.

    Not really.

    Herman Cain was a non-entity until Rick Perry imploded over his support for the Texas Dream Act. Perry’s stance on illegal immigration has killed his candidacy. Conservatives don’t want to vote for Mitt Romney because he is the candidate of the Republican establishment.

    Cain is just a protest candidate.

    The really significant development is that White conservatives are unwilling to vote for Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich because of their position on immigration policy.

  6. Herman Cain is a media candidate, promoting because he swore fealty to Israel. He’s heavily promoted by the media and the bought off sections of the Tea Party in order to divide Ron Paul’s natural base. That’s why Cain gets all the media while Paul, who polls better than Cain, gets ignored.

    Cain’s gonna go a war-mongering and rile up the rubes against Paul’s sensible foreign policy. The bought off parts of the Tea Party get to compete in the “anti-racist” game with the liberals since they got their own Negro now. But obviously, Cain isn’t going to win the GOP primary, so he’s there as a spoiler – for Ron Paul.

    Trust me, the media ain’t dumb. They know exactly how to manipulate you people.

  7. Impostor Mark,

    Wallace, you can’t help yourself but to try and skirt the issues and make baseless claims when someone shines the light on the obvious faults of your beloved GOP conservative circle-jerks. I’m an “impostor” because………??

    Mark is from North Carolina … you’re that WN troll who used to post here a long time ago.

    I respond to you as a conservative excuse-maker because you are, in fact, a flip-flopping…..wait for it…..conservative excuse-maker. Makes sense, right? Soooo why exactly do you respond to me as though I’m a White Nationalist?

    You are a WN vanguardist retard.

    I remember you clearly. You were that clown who used to post here all the time attacking the Tea Party from “American White Pride Network.” If memory serves, your brilliant strategy last year was to attack Christians and conservatives.

    I remember how strongly I disagreed with you at the time. Since the 2010 midterm elections, the Republicans have taken over the Alabama legislature, passed the toughest immigration law in the country, the Supreme Court has upheld Arizona’s E-Verify law, and the Holder Justice Department, the ACLU, and the SPLC have been fighting the Alabama’s immigration law in federal court.

    Illegal aliens are fleeing my state:

    Weren’t you the guy who was opposed to all that?

    A “protest candidate” could come in many different flavors. I wonder why chocolate seems to be a favorite among all those protest votes?

    If Republicans were determined to elect a black candidate, they would have backed Cain from the beginning – they are supporting Cain only because they hate Mitt Romney and because of Rick Perry’s support for the Texas DREAM Act.

    Where is the White Nationalist candidate?

    Is that what “explicitly racial” passes for down there in Bammy?

    Most conservatives here are racial conservatives. Your brilliant WN strategy is to attack and alienate people who already acknowledge the existence of racial differences and who are strongly opposed to immigration.

    White people supporting and voting for a non-White candidate over a White one—no matter the capacity or situation—is the complete opposite of becoming explicitly racial. What about that is hard to understand?

    This is typical WN thinking right there … by this stupid reasoning, Clarence Thomas is worse than David Souter or Stephen Breyer or John Paul Stevens or Sandra Day O’Connor because he black, and because “White people are all on the same side,” even though that has never been true.

    I would vote for Herman Cain over Rick Perry or Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich or George W. Bush or John McCain anyday. I would also vote for Herman Cain over Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford and LBJ and Richard Nixon.

  8. Herman Cain is a black Southerner from Georgia.

    There have always been black conservatives in Dixie: Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, Carol Swain, Clarence Thomas, Jesse Lee Peterson, etc. They have always been liked around here.

    Unlike Obama, Herman Cain is perceived as non-threatening. He is a Christian, a Southerner, a conservative, a capitalist. He isn’t a race hustling con-artist like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Sharpton has been attacking Cain for not being involved in the Civil Rights Movement.

    That’s why conservatives like Herman Cain. They are capable of judging people as individuals. As individuals, Herman Cain and Jesse Lee Peterson really are better than Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich.

    Is Patrick Leahy better than Herman Cain? What about Ted Kennedy? If the choice was between Herman Cain and John F. Kennedy, who would you rather see in the White House?

  9. Hunter wrote:

    “That’s why conservatives like Herman Cain. They are capable of judging people as individuals. As individuals, Herman Cain and Jesse Lee Peterson really are better than Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich.”

    I must disagree. Cain is being touted becuae he IS Black. Read real-world commentary about him, among the TP crowd. He’s a Kosher AA House Negro, who is not as skeery as Sotoero. He is being promoted due to the “Ah Sho Nuff Luvs Israel Yassuh Massa!” minstrel show he staged a few weeks ago. Once a Federal Reserve Sock Puppet – always yada yada yada….

    The so-called “Conservatives” in the TP are all down with American Blood and Treasure for Israel – “My Life For YOU” said the Trashman – and the commentary boils down to Our Darky is Better’n YOUR Darky. Really, Hunter – it does.

    If “Conservatives” were genuinely conservative, and good at judging people – none of this would be happening in the first place. Conservatives SUCK at judging poeple. Peterson is a good guy – but he’s the exception, not the norm.

  10. Hunter – sorry – Mark Whomever is winning this one. That last bit, in the above post, is devastating.

    “I would vote for Herman Cain over Rick Perry or Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich or George W. Bush or John McCain anyday. I would also vote for Herman Cain over Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford and LBJ and Richard Nixon.

    Class..Raise your hand if this surprises you in any way, shape or form……….anyone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller?”


  11. No I’m not. Only been to NC twice, and that was years ago. – 1

    Honestly, I forgot the username you used here when you used to troll the comment section, but you are not “Mark” who posts comments here regularly. You are the clown from “American White Pride Network.”

    Never have I referred to myself as a vanguardist. I don’t even think if I’ve ever called myself a White Nationalist. I’m White…I have Nationalist tendencies….I certainly have racialist tendencies…..but never referred to myself as White Nationalist. -1

    That’s not my recollection.

    I remember you going off in the comments about all kinds of subjects last year. You were parroting all the stupid WN talking points about “Republicans” and “Christians” and “conservatives” back then.

    Finally, I got sick and tired of you and banned you from this website.

    Opposed to stronger laws in regards to illegal aliens? Nope. I’ve been involved in ‘Border/Illegal’ issues since before you ever started your Sybilesque rendition of a pro-White person. -1

    Last year, I distinctly remember you trolling my posts in September, October, November, and December. I was writing at the time about the need for the states to pass new immigration laws.

    I really don’t know, sorry. Again, I don’t know why you’re asking me this.

    I don’t remember your username last year, but I distinctly remember your trolling. You were the WN troll (from Nashville, I believe) who was always here trolling my articles.

    Where is the conservative candidate that doesn’t have their nose inserted into the rectum of Israel and their lobbys? Where is the conservative candidate that even dares mention that race has played a major role in the downfall of this country?

    (1) Unlike WNs, most White people are not lost in a fantasy world. When you subscribe to a fantasy ideology, you can denounce all kinds of things because you have given up on politics and trying to engage the public, which by its nature requires a realistic mindset.

    (2) Unlike WNs, most White people are not obsessed with Israel, and most White people do not blame the Jews for all their problems.

    (3) Let’s return to reality for a few minutes.

    Back in reality, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 created millions of black voters, which are concentrated in the Southern states.

    Back in reality, the Immigration Act of 1965 has brought millions of Hispanics and Asians to America, which are concentrated in the Western states.

    Back in reality, “White people” are non-existent, and the “White people” who lived in one part of the country voted for the Immigration Act of 1965 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 whereas those who live in this part of the country overwhelmingly voted against these things.

    Back in reality, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Immigration Act of 1965 completely changed our political system by creating millions of allies for White liberals in the South and West, who can vote for liberal candidates for Congress and the White House.

    The Tea Party that I supported was nothing like the Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin/FOX News love-fest you were in support of. So, attacking the Tea Party is not really an accurate description of what I was attacking.

    I don’t recall you supporting the Tea Party.

    I do recall your dumbass WN vanguardist strategy of attacking Christians and conservatives in order to associate being “pro-White” with being a Neo-Nazi loser and attention whore.

    I never had a “brilliant strategy” to attack Christians and conservatives…Well, no more than attacking any other group that used its clout as leverage to quash any pro-White sentiments among its ranks. -1

    That’s what I remember most about you.

    You were a WN ideologue who came here to attack Christians and conservatives. You also spent most of your time attacking the Tea Party in order to make WN sound as deranged and as off putting as possible.

    This is the same dumbass WN strategy that Alex Linder exemplifies: attack the people who are closest to racialist positions in order to marginalize the pro-White position.

    Conservative is just a simple way of saying you’re predictable, and an easy way for politics to be rigged. Liberal is just saying you’re opposed to what the Conservatives are supporting….So, the million dollar question: What in the hell are you conserving when your entire life has been in a vacuum, trying to get away from the liberals? To progress and change what is, we call that progressive. Scary word, huh?

    I really don’t know.

    The vast majority of conservatives ignore WNs and Neo-Nazis. They are not paying any attention to them. They are not even interested in hearing what they have to say. Their spam forums accumulate a few thousand comments every year without making the slightest impact on the political spectrum.

    Conservative and Liberal don’t mean a damn thing without some kind of reference. I really don’t care if you call yourself a flaming ConservaLiberalZioChristianPaganHomoHeteroWhatTheFuckEver. A liar is a liar; a manipulator is a manipulator; a

    This is the WN position: there is no difference between conservatives and liberals … except for the fact that no one would confuse the Tea Party crowd with the Occupy Wall Street crowd.

    Class..Raise your hand if this surprises you in any way, shape or form……….anyone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    I stopped paying attention to WNs a long time ago.

    WNs are the last people on earth who will ever get together to reverse our racial decline in Dixie. Come back here when you have organized a lemonade stand. Adios.

  12. Hunter – I realize you are cheesed about this Mark guy. I realize he’s a very snarky fellow. You obviously know who he is. But please reconsider – Herman Cain is no better than Obama. The GOP are no better than The Dems. The Dems cataclysmic policies, truthfully, will get you Your Dixie ethnostate freedom faster than the GOP glue will. The GOP policies will simply protract the break-up of the USA. Oh – I want a GOP “Prez” in – because I think this train wreck is unstoppable – but only because I think another Obama term will foster the all out slaughter – open slaughter – of Whites – but – perhaps that’s our destiny anyways. Whites seem to be Hell-bent on suicide. Never the less – study Cain’s actual record. He’s no better than Obama. He’s just “nicer”.

  13. “(2) Unlike WNs, most White people are not obsessed with Israel, and most White people do not blame the Jews for all their problems.”

    That’s because they are educated at public schools and never taught what the hell is really going on. If you got your K-12 education at walmart, would you ever expect to learn anything but walmart is great and meritocratic even if its controlled by a small club?

    Not all Jews are hypoethniccentric, non-assimilating parasitic string-pullers but all hypoethnicentril, non-assimilating parastic string-pullers are jews who eventually wear out their welcome everywhere they go. Odd isn’t it?

    Read the handbook of human ownership. If you accept its precepts the next logical step would be to determine who seems to be so oddly over represented in the propaganda group and high-finance group which funds the political class.

    The facts are pretty clear. The motive is questionable: do members of the tribe do this maliciously or is it a culture difference? Fighting against assimilation while preaching tolerance to others may be culturally OK (lying to goyim to protect God’s chosen people isn’t a sin) where to the scot-irish decendents of Dixie (and WNs who are the exterme version of that) its manipulation in bad faith.

    Cain has all the signs that he’s the tribe’s puppet. From his work history and favorable treatment by the ministry of propaganda (MSM) that’s all the red flags anyone should need. Anyone that gets trumpted by the MSM is disqualified IMO.

    Paul may be open boarders but he’s also stated that you can’t have open borders and a welfare state. If his liberarian utopia was implemented, the immigration and race issues would take care of themselves.

  14. What’s all this about Ron Paul being for open borders? That’s not what Ron Paul is saying. Where’s it coming from? I don’t mean give me a link to someone else saying he’s for open borders. I think there’s too much assuming going on. Unless of course, you’re willing to say he’s lying, or I’m an idiot.

    Ron Paul’s six point plan puts a stop to illegal immigration:

    1. Physically secure our borders and coastlines. We must do whatever it takes to control entry into our country before we undertake complicated immigration reform proposals.
    2. Enforce visa rules. Immigration officials must track visa holders and deport anyone who overstays their visa or otherwise violates U.S. law. This is especially important when we recall that a number of 9/11 terrorists had expired visas.
    3. No amnesty. Estimates suggest that 10 to 20 million people are in our country illegally. That’s a lot of people to reward for breaking our laws.
    4. No welfare for illegal aliens. Americans have welcomed immigrants who seek opportunity, work hard, and play by the rules. But taxpayers should not pay for illegal immigrants who use hospitals, clinics, schools, roads, and social services.
    5. End birthright citizenship. As long as illegal immigrants know their children born here will be citizens, the incentive to enter the U.S. illegally will remain strong.
    6. Pass true immigration reform. The current system is incoherent and unfair. But current reform proposals would allow up to 60 million more immigrants into our country, according to the Heritage Foundation. This is insanity. Legal immigrants from all countries should face the same rules and waiting periods.

  15. Denise,

    I’m under no illusions that the GOP is going to take over Washington and “save America.” Instead, I want us to capture control of the Republican Party at the state level, split the Republican Party, and dissolve the Union.

  16. Cain has all the signs that he’s the tribe’s puppet. From his work history and favorable treatment by the ministry of propaganda (MSM) that’s all the red flags anyone should need. Anyone that gets trumpted by the MSM is disqualified IMO.

    I’m not taking Herman Cain seriously yet.

    IMO, the race will come down to Romney (Eastern establishment) vs. Cain, Perry, or Bachmann (Tea Party candidate from West or South). Bachmann faded after Perry got everyone excited until he started talking about the Texas DREAM Act.

    Bachmann is better positioned to make a comeback than Perry.

  17. When it comes to federal politics, I am single issue voter. The stance of the candidate on immigration determines my attitude toward them. Immigration is by far the most important federal issue.

    (1) I think Bachmann might seriously attempt to secure the border.

    (2) I think Perry has been so hurt by that issue in the primary that he would have to do it as a gesture to reconnect with the conservative base. I think Perry’s comments on the issue have more to do with not being perceived as a “flip flopper” than anything else – substantially, he has backed off from anything resembling comprehensive immigration.

    (3) Cain is a protest candidate who will likely fade.

    (4) Ron Paul is a libertarian ideologue. I’m confident he would oppose the federal E-Verify system. I also seriously doubt he would secure the border and enforce our immigration laws.

    (4) Mitt Romney says he would build the entire border fence, but he has said all kinds of things. Romney is the candidate of the Republican establishment. They were the ones who controlled John McCain and George W. Bush.

    (5) Gingrich, Santorum, and Huntsman aren’t taken seriously.

  18. “Herman Cain is a media candidate, promoting because he swore fealty to Israel. He’s heavily promoted by the media and the bought off sections of the Tea Party in order to divide Ron Paul’s natural base. That’s why Cain gets all the media while Paul, who polls better than Cain, gets ignored.”

    Cain has done talk radio in Atlanta on a part-time basis for years, and he is a zionist shill. He has to hold some sort of record for using the word Islamo-facsist in one broadcast. Can’t say I’d vote for him.

  19. I’m also a single-issue voter, but my issue is Jewish influence. Take care of them, and a number of issues become easier to handle, including immigration. Unfortunately, Jews are influential in both parties.

  20. Todd,

    How do you vote against Jewish influence? What specific policies are you referring to? Insofar as Jews are involved in the immigration wars, it is through their financial support of organizations like the SPLC and ACLU and their influence in the Mainstream Media.

    The only way to “fight the Jews” on these issues is by supporting candidates who will not buckle to pressure from these interest groups, who support policies designed to curtail the problem, and who answer to voters instead of liberal editorialists in corporate controlled newspapers.

  21. Kroll,

    It is fairly clear that Bachmann’s supporters within the Republican Party are the Tea Party and social conservatives. OTOH, Romney is the candidate of the Republican establishment. The candidate is not as important as which faction triumphs in the primary.

    If Romney wins, the Republican establishment wins – the same people who gave us George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, and John McCain win.

  22. Bachmann doesn’t have any supporters. When some undecided voter listens to a bunch of speeches by various candidates they know nothing about, they might check “Bachmann” because she’s got a nice rack and said something they liked.

    Romney may be the candidate of the establishment, but Mormons aren’t going to vote for him because he’s the GOP establishment, they are going to vote for him because he’s Mormon.

    There is only one candidate in the GOP race that is a Southern conservative with a long record and a large popular following not based on TV face time.

  23. “How do you vote against Jewish influence? What specific policies are you referring to? Insofar as Jews are involved in the immigration wars, it is through their financial support of organizations like the SPLC and ACLU and their influence in the Mainstream Media.”

    The best you can do is usually third-party or write-in. At this point the system is largely broken at the national level, but at the state level there is some hope.

    What policies? Good lord! I would imagine that Jews have a good deal of influence in finance–just look at the federal reserve! Foreign policy ring a bell? Most Jews that I have known are pretty far left on social policies, and boil at the thought of white identity politics.

    Not a single conservative Republican would reject the notion that there is a culture war, or that black and hispanic interests are generally at odds with white interests. For some reason, the same people become protective over Jews and ask for specifics on everything. I think it was Denise who put it best “as if he were some damn Jew commie interrogator.’

    Jews have far more power than blacks or hispanics, and their influence isn’t likely to be curbed at the ballot box. More than likely, we’ll just have to settle for watching the whole damn mess implode because most people are too stupid or cowardly to identify the problem, let alone do much about it!

  24. Kroll,

    If you are referring to Ron Paul, he is not considered a Southern conservative. He is a libertarian ideologue. This can be seen in his remarks and votes on immigration which have earned him an F from NumbersUSA.

    Whose fault is that? It is his own fault. I don’t say this because I have anything against Ron Paul. I voted for him in the Republican primary in 2008. He just strikes me as someone who has a cult following on the internet and a ton of money, but no real constituency in the real world or any strategy for connecting with a mass constituency.

    Ron Paul should be running away with the nomination. Since 2008, the Tea Party has roared into view, and his own son Rand Paul was able to ride the Tea Party momentum to the U.S. Senate.

    Being a libertarian, Ron Paul is oblivious to the importance of identity politics in the American political system. That’s why he gets crushed by his Republican rivals like Mike Huckabee in 2008 and now Herman Cain and Rick Perry in 2012.

  25. Todd,

    I agree the whole damn charade will probably come crashing down before there is anything resembling a serious movement of racially explicit Whites trying to seize power.

    When that happens though, we better be prepared at the state and local level, because everything in our society has been designed to be “too big to fail,” and when it does fail it will fail spectacularly.

  26. Kroll,

    (1) Unlike Donald Trump, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain, Ron Paul hasn’t attracted the support of the Tea Party. He has been dead in the water in the polls.

    (2) CPAC attendees have never been representative of Republican primary voters.

    (3) I forget who called Ron Paul supporters “the mouse that roared,” but that is a very accurate description of them. They are ubiquitous on the internet, but they are not mainstream Republican voters.

    (4) Ron Paul didn’t win a single primary in 2008.

    (5) I voted for Ron Paul in the 2008 Republican primary. Since that time, Ron Paul has moved to the left on immigration with his libertarian supporters.

    (6) The same people who supported Huckabee in 2008 have shifted their support to Bachmann, Perry, and now Cain.

    (7) I want to say that Ron Paul is retiring from the House. His 2012 campaign doesn’t have anywhere near the enthusiasm of the 2008 campaign.

    (8) Ron Paul is unable to connect with mainstream Republican primary voters. His supporters are banned all the time on Free Republic.

    (9) Ron Paul has some good votes, but he has a lot of bad ones too, and that has killed him with Republican primary voters.

    (10) Ron Paul is actually one of the worst candidates on immigration.

    (11) The Tea Party are natural libertarians, not ideological libertarians. There is a huge difference between the two.

    (12) If Ron Paul can’t win the Tea Party, then he doesn’t have a chance to capture the Republican nomination.

    (13) No man, I am serious: Ron Paul is an ideologue and eschews practical politics and for that reason he will never be president. Rand Paul is a much better politician than his father.

    (14) The problem with the internet is that it simply doesn’t reach all White subdemographics the same way.

    (15) Like I have told you, I voted for Ron Paul myself in 2008, and his performance back then convinced me he didn’t want to win. He has lost a lot of his former nationalist supporters because of his weak stance on immigration.

    If I am not mistaken, Ron Paul addressed the subject in a recent book. There was VDARE article about this.

  27. Hunter – I fear a GOP Prez will cement the Union right now. Oh well – it’s better’n outright slaughter. I’m voting for Paul, of course, But Romney wil most likely get in. He’ll be a lame duck fomr Day 1. That’s OK. You’ll then have time to do the GOP takeover from the State level thing

    You are “off” on some issues- but you are mostly right. Have you ever lived in Yankeeland? LIVED in Yankeeland? I swear to God on High that GOP Yankees are THE STUPIDEST creatures to have ever disgraced the Earth,

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