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  1. The guy in the second vidoe was more interesting, of course. He dies fail to appreciate the fact the Hood Rats ARe profiting; they get free (junk) food. As well as free everything else. White tax payers are the real slaves.

  2. OMG. I really DO need to write my posts on some format that allows me to spell check, before I hit submit. ‘Zounds!

  3. Undereducated with student loans! That’s good for a laugh. Is that an admission that the standards have been lowered? I wonder if she’s reflected on why that may be?

    This country is in big trouble. I can be pretty harsh on myself, but watching these protest videos reminds me how damn dumb some people are. Uninformed and misinformed are understandable, but dumb is a different thing. I’m not one who gets an ego boost watching idiots.

  4. Didn’t they *really* have to occupy the hood a few years back? I want to say it was in Alabama, the mayor declared a state of emergency and the state guard came in and made the police state explicit.

  5. Complete failure to understand a metaphor. The purpose of “Occupy Wall Street” is to take control of Wall Street for your benefit, not provide it with benefits; so “Occupy the Hood” makes no sense at all. I give them a “D” and remedial homework.

  6. The Jabooness viddy is gone. Hmmmm..I wonder why. I know there was at least one very pointed comment left, on that viddy….

  7. The Opera and Mozilla browsers have a built in spell check. Misspelled words are underlined in red. Opera is my preferred- try the speed dial.

  8. but watching these protest videos reminds me how damn dumb some people are. …”

    yt has been a wake up call to many people who had no idea what other sections of the public were really like— the voices, the comments, the behavior, the criminality, and also, sometimes, the reasonable and genuinely vulnerable and truly oppressed have been motivating, since they have such shitbags always speaking for them for a buck. it has done more to energize the educated, intelligent, silent than any other force ever.

  9. I’m in Nashville TN – came across the local 99 percent occupy group today

    About 150 looked like a 60s puppet show summer camp sing along

    And they do really sing along. One speaker just says some instructions about how the speaking should go and then the whole crowd repeats what they just said in unison

    It comes off as an old Saturday Night Live comedy scetch

    I did see about 4 black clad anarchists with masks over their face but no copsnor troops were in sight

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