Ron Paul: Border Fence Not The Answer

Ron Paul: Border fence is not the answer


In the Western Republican Presidential Debate on CNN, Ron Paul explicitly came out in opposition to the border fence. He also said the judicial system was biased against minorities.

Michele Bachmann vowed to build a “double border fence” along the entire Mexican border, make it her top priority, and vowed it would be completed by 2013.


Note: Ron Paul did say that he would cut foreign aid to Israel.

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  1. Dude, the fence is a symbol of an entire policy. Yes, it would be beautiful if the President would offer up a few directives. So which president is going to do that? The one that believes in a fence or one that doesn’t?

    When we say “FENCE” it means we are SERIOUS. The FENCE is the VERY LEAST, MOST OBVIOUS, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, EASIEST part of the whole thing. Can we start there?

    And while we’re talking about the damn fence, shall we talk about the meaning of the fence? The meaning of the fence is to KEEP PEOPLE OUT. Get it? If you’re so damn afraid of being fenced in, how could you possibly think you’re going to get the political will to keep people out? Which is it? Yeah, I’d love to live in la-la land tomorrow too, where all recognize good people from bad people and agree on good and bad. But we are in a psychotic cultural cesspool that’s closer to recognizing man-donkey marriage than it is to being an actual people who doesn’t need a border. So do you think we can maybe get someone to lift post hole digger first, while we work out what it is here left that might be worth saving?

  2. As a Paul supporter, I feel your pain *feigned lip bite* but you must remember that everything that is essentially “anti white” is the symptom of a larger problem that RP would get at. The society of negro clown worship we live in, the immigration, the lazy socialist hipsters and a corrupt government owned by the jewyork financial elite are SYMPTOMS.

    The ability to create money from credit is the source. Every president in US history that has figured this out and proposed controlling the money supply via congress (like in the constitution) has been killed or had an attempt made. This is the no-shit biggest scam in history being perpetuated on us. If, by some miracle, RP became president all he’d have to do is veto a few bills and make some non-insider appointments and the entire fuel source of the last century of foolishness would stop.

    If, on the off chance, one of the “anti” immigration candidates win and miraculously builds a fence (or erects towers where tourists can pay a quarter to get a few minutes of shooting time) what will it really accomplish? The flood from outside will slow but what about the birth rates inside? Mexican females, I’m pretty certain, can be recursively pregnant. Not even a queen termite can do that!

    THe libertarian perspective is typically that open borders and a welfare state are mutually exclusive. As others have noted, a non-welfare state would sort the undesirables naturally.

    One final point: Even though I don’t feel like showing up to vote I will but NOT for some ZOG monkey that says the right things about the border. I’ll vote for the biggest libertarian kook I can for the explicit purpose of destroying the republican party or forcing it to change. If enough people did that, the party would be forced to weigh the benefits of their half-assed approaches to capture a marginal portion of “the middle” vs the loss of the true freedom lovers. I’m not buying the “this is the most important election evar1!11! eleven!” crap to get me to hold my nose and pull the R lever anymore. They haven’t helped me one bit more than the democrats have (other than W causing so much butt-hurt among the homosexuals, hipsters and coloreds).

    If there’s a single issue to be swayed for, it should be the stop of the kosher enslavement syndicate. That americans are getting more roiled up about mexicans than themselves and children being sold into debt slavement by our government for a select group tells me their influence is still strong and I am more correct than ever.

    My $0.02

  3. Waaahhh. I don’t want a fence because it might have holes. Wahhh.

    There’s a real winning issue we ought to spend our time hashing out.

  4. “We need folks, in office (or out of), to tell the “judges” of the Jewdiciary to go crawl in an oven.”

    COMEDY GOLD ! (opposed to comedy federal reserve paper note)

  5. You will NEVER dismantle the welfare state without revolution.

    You MIGHT get a functioning border without a revolution.

  6. “You see how Rick Perry tried to steal Paul’s anti-Bernanke/Federal Reserve rhetoric? Did you see Newt Gingrich try to hop on board the anti-Fed bandwagon in the last debate?”

    Yup. It was pretty funny in a gallows humor sort of way. “Nice fucking hair guys” is all I could think. George Stephanapolous or John Edwards must have recommended a good stylist to see 3 hours a week and catch up on gossip with the girls where they heard all the rage now is to bash ben bernanke who is a loser and totally doesn’t have nice hair.

  7. You MIGHT get a functioning border without a revolution.

    That’s like being told your house has a termite infestation but its OK because there’s now a plastic barrier on the outside to keep more from getting in.

    You will NEVER dismantle the welfare state without revolution.

    Better pass the ammo and some waddymellon then. Its gonna get good!

  8. “That’s like being told your house has a termite infestation but its OK because there’s now a plastic barrier on the outside to keep more from getting in.”

    No, it’s like being told your basement has an infestation and putting a plastic barrier on it before it gets to the roof.

    Much easier than trying to “change the tone” of this completely undermined, totally collapsing shell so the termites leave on their own. If we can’t climb a ladder to put a piece of plastic on the roof, we’re not going to even come close to completely reengineering the entire building.

  9. Sorry, I can’t let this one go.

    This is not a physical problem, this is a political problem. We don’t need a fence to keep illegals out.

    Ron Paul puts his silly libertarian ideology ahead of our racial and cultural interests. It would be “authoritarian” to build a massive fence, crackdown on employers of illegal aliens, and physically deport every single illegal alien in this country.

    Guess what? That’s too bad. Ron Paul is an ideologue who has blown his chance to be president. He doesn’t really want to win the presidency. The guy is an ideologue and for that reason he will never get through the Republican primary.

    OTOH, Michele Bachmann was the frontrunner before Rick Perry got in the race. If Herman Cain implodes as a protest candidate, the Tea Party could throw its support behind Bachmann over Perry.

    All it would take is an order from the President.

    I trust a physical geographic barrier on the Mexican border. I do not trust the occupant of the White House.

    But as we see, just cut off their social services, and they self deport. Why not do that?

    Because, Congress has already passed the bill to build the border fence, but cutting off social services to illegal aliens and blacks would require going through insurmountable Democratic opposition in Congress.

    Instead, we have a bunch of Republican party hacks telling us about moats with alligators with laser beams coming out of their eyes to shoot the illegals.

    The real problem here is Ron Paul – your candidate, who suffers from his own self inflicted electoral handicap – who just doesn’t want to win the Republican primary. Ron Paul can’t even win the support of the Tea Party which sent his own son to the U.S. Senate.

    Let’s not play stupid here. All it would take is one order from the President, and some moderate political pressure, and millions of illegals would be gone withing six months.

    (1) Ron Paul wouldn’t issue such an order simply because it would be “authoritarian” to round up the illegals and deport them back to Mexico.

    (2) There is no telling who will follow the next occupant of the White House. That is why we need to build a physical border fence – a massive geographic barrier – as soon as possible.

  10. So explain to me why I should bother voting for Republicans again? So they will have a “symbol” that they can get “serious” about?

    In South Carolina, the state passed a crackdown on illegal immigration under Gov. Mark Sanford in 2007. The “dothead” Nikki Haley signed an even tougher immigration package that was passed by the Republican-controlled South Carolina legislature earlier this year.

    Tens of thousands of illegal aliens have left South Carolina since 2007. Now that South Carolina has an Arizona-style immigration law, the SPLC and ACLU are suing the state, which is pushing public opinion even further to the right in one of the most critical states in the Republican presidential primaries.

    Hysterical Republican party humping. Dude, you’re so impressing me with how conservative you are.

    “Foreign wars” and “foreign aid to Israel” are annoyances, but they are life threatening. OTOH, the swelling mass of illegal aliens have already destroyed California and now they are overrunning Texas and Florida.

    Meanwhile, as Texas has been hit harder by illegal immigration than any other state in the past decade, Ron Paul doesn’t want to build a border fence because to do so would be “authoritarian.”

    Do we really want someone with such a blinkered perspective in the White House? His own state is being destroyed by illegal aliens and Texas voters consider immigration by far the most important issue in the state, but Ron Paul would rather play patty cake with a bunch of kooks in the libertarian movement than win the Republican nomination.

    Herman Cain 2012! Moats with alligators and laser beams! That will keep those illegal aliens who don’t happen to be working for me currently out!

    I voted for Ron Paul in 2008.

    In hindsight, I should have voted for Tom Tancredo or Duncan Hunter. After Ron Paul failed to win a single Republican primary, he moved to the left on immigration. If he had campaigned on immigration in 2008, he would have had a shot at connecting with a larger constituency.

  11. Kroll,

    Actually, I put “dothead” in quotation marks because we had this debate last year before you showed up on this website. At the time, I supported Nikki Haley (and took some hits from WNtards doing so)

    Guess what happened?

    The “dothead” Nikki Haley signed the Arizona-style immigration law and the Voter ID law in South Carolina. OTOH, the White Democratic governors of Missouri and North Carolina vetoed the Voter ID laws, and the White Democrats in the state legislatures in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Virginia killed Arizona-style immigration laws that had been passed by the other chamber.

    The “dothead” Bobby Jindal signed the E-Verify law in Louisiana. In Arkansas, the White Democrats in the Arkansas House killed a bill that would have banned in-state tuition to illegal aliens.

    WNtards are stupid enough to believe that Gov. Arnold Schwarzneggar of California was better than Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina because he was White. They probably also believe that John Paul Stevens was better on the Supreme Court than Clarence Thomas or Rick Perry (who opposes E-Verify) is better than Bobby Jindal (who signed E-Verify).

    I only wish you were here last year.

    Does anyone here remember how furiously the WNtards argued against me for supporting “Republicans” in the Deep South? The Republicans took power in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina and passed laws that succeeded in driving out illegal aliens.

    Alabama now has the toughest immigration law in the entire country. Illegal aliens are fleeing Alabama en masse. The Alabama immigration law is paving the way to setting a new Supreme Court precedent that will enable other states to pass similar laws.

    Guess what?

    Greg Johnson now has $16,000 dollars. Harold Covington has a year’s worth of podcasts and a new fantasy novel. Alex Linder’s VNN Forum has accumulated thousands of more spam comments “naming the Jew” to absolutely no effect.

    But, I am proud to say, the fucking illegal aliens have been raptured from the trailer parks in Alabama, and I don’t see nearly as many of them around here anymore. If it takes a negro or a “dothead” to do the job a worthless White liberal refuses to do, then that’s perfectly fine by me.

  12. anna says:
    October 19, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    anna says:
    October 19, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    Anna, will you marry me?

  13. It sucks that Ron Paul has to be so bad on immigration because he scores highly on other issues.


    To know what is wrong with the Federal Reserve, one must first understand the nature of money. Money is like any other good in our economy that emerges from the market to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers. Its particular usefulness is that it helps facilitate indirect exchange, making it easier for us to buy and sell goods because there is a common way of measuring their value. Money is not a government phenomenon, and it need not and should not be managed by government. When central banks like the Fed manage money they are engaging in price fixing, which leads not to prosperity but to disaster.

  14. So who represents us?

    Who is the candidate that stands for whites have an interest too? Once again the selection is more about beating the rival than representing us and our interest. The mantra of anybody but Obama is the rallying cry just as anybody but Clinton before it. The GOP/right continues to elect the GW Bushes of the world and acts like it is doing something because it beat the democrat.

    ‘Politics is about compromise’ and so is our demise.

  15. Hunter,
    Yeah, it sucks.

    Still, I’m trying to get my head around this. The Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air, which it gives to the banks to lend at interest. The Federal Reserve is astoundingly Jewish, as are the big banks.

    Man, if I could print money out of thin air, lend it out and collect it back plus interest, I’d own everything, including the politicians and the media, too.

    IF we elected Ron, and IF he were successful at getting the right of money-creation away from the Jews, would that not go a long way towards us American-Americans getting control of our country back? And if we had control back, wouldn’t we be able to quickly and easily institute Operation Wetback II?

    Immigration is a HUGE problem, true, but it’s still at this point an eminently a solvable one, requiring ONLY the political will to do what’s necessary. It’s the Money Power that stands in our way. If we could manage to disable the Money Powers, wouldn’t deporting illegals then become as easy as pie?

    There are only 2 real questions here, that I can see:
    1) Can we wrest the control of the money supply away from the (Jewish) Banksters quickly enough to get it done before the demographic swamping by the mestizos overwhelms us?
    How much time have we still got?


    2) The Banksters aren’t going to give up their power easily. Can Ron get it done before he gets a bullet to the back of the head?

  16. I understand the Ron Paul supporters devout loyalty to their candidate and to so many of his monetary and foreign policy issues.

    But we simply can not enable any supposedly White American political leader to be anti White, or clueless about the live or die issues of mass NW immigration, NW murder and rape against our people.

    There are many reasons Ron Paul fell down in to this race denying Libertarian/Constitutionalist cult – we don’t have time to go in to all the reasons here, other than to warn readers that this terrible cult ensnares many high IQ Whites – and it’s only Whites that fall down in to this terrible race denying Libertarian cult.

    Here’s Ron Paul in 1988 (running for President and he’s still running for President) responding to the desperate plea of a regular White American in California reporting that his community and his/our entire civilization are being destroyed by the 3rd world immigration invasion across our Southern border.

    Ron Paul responds saying that the 3rd world immigration is “good for America” and any problems associated with the invasion of tens of millions diseased, hateful NW 3rd worlders is caused by too much government regulation of the economy and the US having too many guns on the Southern Border, restricting the free flow of commerce and people.

    My hope would be that a modern day folk nationalist hero like Romanian hero Count Dracula – Vlad the Impaler would have been on hand then to impale the traitorous Libertarian idiot RP on wooded stakes through his anus, but that didn’t happen. So we’re stuck with RP doing this open borders, raceless Libertarian/Constitutionalist nonsense 14 years later.

    The solution is not to get angry or give in to despair, conspiracy theories etc – just do the person to person contacts with Ron Paul supporters (lots of them here on and explain that you like lots of RP’s positions but he must change his positions on immigration. He’s got to do better than F on immigration, otherwise the entire country will turn against him and not only will he not win the GOP nomination, he will not be invited to the debates to share his economic words of wisdom.

    The good news is that Ron Paul supporters have produced solid new advertisements saying RP will now secure the border, oppose all amnesties and end birth right citizenship and there is talk that Pat Buchanan will be sought to work on the R.P. campaign – we all know Pat is the best.

  17. the fucking illegal aliens have been raptured from the trailer parks in Alabama

    I thought only Protestants believed in this Rapture.

  18. barb,

    (1) Here in the South, we simply cannot afford a huge swelling Hispanic population given our demographics, which are bad enough with the growth of the black population, so immigration has to be our top priority.

    (2) The Federal Reserve is a problem, but if Ron Paul was seriously going to “End the Fed,” then Congress is the proper place to do this. Realistically, you can’t “End the Fed” without the support of Congress.

    (3) We should continue to support efforts to “End the Fed” within the House and Senate.

    (4) Ron Paul will never win the Republican primary. If he can’t win the support of the Tea Party, which put Rand Paul in the Senate, then there is simply no way he will ever be president.

  19. I still hope that RP would ‘wake up and smell the spics’ or something, but he continually derails on the most fundamental element- of being the WHITE MAN’s ‘Great White Hope.’

    I have been leery of John de Nugent and his aspirations/dreams for running for office, precisely because his Christian upbringing was cultish (He was raised JW) and he now sort of believes in Reincarnation.

    But he was a Marine, he is quite intelligent, he looks good, speaks both French AND German, has a vision, a plan, and even ten videos that outline his views.

    I wonder if I am missing something about him, that y’all could look into .

    Please, I am wondering if there is NO ONE who represents ME in this race, and we are still over a year and a half away from the reality of pulling the levers…..

  20. Hunter,

    I’m just leery of people making campaign promises because that’s how the wind’s blowing at the moment. What guarantee do we have that Michelle will *actually* build the fence?

    At least we know Paul means what he says about the Fed, since it’s been his issue for the last 30 years.

    Funny about the Tea Partiers. The Tea Parties were started by the Paulites during the last Presidential campaign. Hijacked, it was, by the Republicans.

    BTW, I’m not a slavish devotee of Ron Paul. I donated to his campaign in 2007, based on what Peter Brimelow said about him being in favor of national sovereignty, but I was ROYALLY ticked off when his latest book came out and Paul specifically embraced this b.s. that if the economy were good, no one would care HOW many Mexicans were here.

    I’m just trying to think what’s the BEST way to get our country back, in view of the candidates we have available?

    I like what Michelle says about building a fence. I just don’t think she’ll actually do it if she gets into office.
    I’m a woman, as you know, and a bit of a misogynist because I know how we are. I know how poorly women do, particularly feminine women, at sticking to their guns when the namecalling starts. She’s also probably going through menopause right now, which adds to the emotional lability. We need someone NOW who can take on the Jews in power, in order to get them out of our way so we can deal with the imminvasion, including get the darn fence built.. Right now, I suspect, they’ll eat her lunch.

    In ten years, she MIGHT be tough enough to be our Great White Hope, but right now I think she’s a cream puff, and electing her will just mean the status stays everso quo.

  21. barb,

    My impression of Michele Bachmann is that she really would build the fence. I don’t think Ron Paul would build it. I don’t think Rick Perry would build it. Mitt Romney might build it. Herman Cain would probably build it.

    In 2008, I was certain that Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter would have built the border fence. I’m not quite as certain that Michele Bachmann would build the fence, but from what I know about her, I am inclined to believe that she would.

    I don’t believe we are going to “take on the Jews” and win before we secure the border. It is not going to happen because securing the border has far more public support than cutting off aid to Israel or ending the Fed.

  22. Fr John – I don”t want to give bad impressions of fellow Whites, in “the struggle” – but John De Nugent is a brilliant writer. I’d be very careful about following his star, so to speak. If you you ever cut him off, while he’s standing in front of a mirror – well – you’d wind up in the ER, or worse. I like him – don’t get me wrong….

  23. Fr. John – DeNugent is sort of a real-world. short haired. American version of Lucius Malfoy. He’s much brighter, and more thoughtful than Lucius Malfoy – but in terms of *persona* – he’s Lucius Malfoy.

  24. barb says:
    October 20, 2011 at 9:31 pm

    “I like what Michelle says about building a fence. I just don’t think she’ll actually do it if she gets into office.
    I’m a woman, as you know, and a bit of a misogynist because I know how we are. I know how poorly women do, particularly feminine women, at sticking to their guns when the namecalling starts. She’s also probably going through menopause right now, which adds to the emotional lability.”

    LOL! Barb – let me take a moment out of the ongoing debate to note I love you! That assessment is GENIUS!!!! It’s true. It’s just the Gawd Awful truth.

    Woman are nightmares! All awash on a tumultuous sea of hormonal emotions. Most do not have the Right Stuff, when it comes to doing the right, Not Nice thing. I read a comment, somewhere, in my online travels, that noted that most arguments involvng groups of women always invariablly devolve into who is “nice”. Or “not nice” I wish I could recall the source -I’d like to give the fellow due credit. Women are so fascistic about “being nice”. They enforce social norms that have nothing to do with beneficial and rational public policy. Women infantilize EVERYTHING. They turn their feral Pet Darkies into substitutes for the children they never had.

    Bachmann is a Jew worshipper long the lines of the ever -odious Glenn Beck. She’s not as outright mental as he is – I sincerely think he’s going to end his days crawling along the sidewalks of Tel Aviv, begging random Jews to allow him to fellate them – no charge – but she’s close. She wil not EVER “build the fence”. If she did manage to wriggle into office – the first Jew from Jew Command Central, that told her to allow every low-IQ non-White slave in, from anywhere – she’d personally go and collect ’em.

    She is not our Great White Hope. Neither is Paul – but he’s the best we’ve got.

  25. Hi, Denise,
    Love you, too, gal!
    (Isn’t it nice to be a White woman, that we can declare our love for our people, including the ones of the same sex, without people necessarily assuming there’s funny business going on? Now just if our men could declare their love for our people without Jews calling them Nazis.)

    I’m only half misogynist. As Christiane Northrup explained in “Wisdom of Menopause,” when the estrogen / progesterone cycle shuts off, the brain remodels. Within about 5 years after that last “monthly,” a woman can think much more coldly rationally than she ever could as a fertile, nubile young thing.

    But it takes 5 years. Michelle’s not ready yet. Don’t know if she ever will be, being Christian Zionist, but she’s certainly not ready NOW.

    That’s why Hillary is such a tough old bird. She’s not our friend, but give the Devil her due. At 62, she doesn’t dissolve in a flood of tears when the meanies try to hurt her feelings.

  26. Ha ha, that’s funny girls.

    I’m all misogynist. That means I want to wrap you both in fine linen until you can only half-breathe, and stick you in a back room to make flat bread. Ha ha ha! LOLzzizzozlzlzllzoz.

    preddy in purdah
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    imma bring u above the fray
    chastity and modesty, be thine
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    u aint goin free, dont even be tryin!
    yo bitch ass be in purdah 2 stay lozozozozozozoozoozo

  27. Hunter,

    Someone over at Chateau Heartiste asks,

    Vaguely related: I wonder what America’s biggest mistake was. The national suicide act of 1965, the 19th amendment, or simply importing slaves in the first place?

    You could make a decent argument for any of them, I think.


  28. uh,

    America’s biggest mistake was creating the United States. In hindsight, we should have rejected the Constitution of 1789 and created a decentralized Southern Republic. Dixie voted down the 19th Amendment and the Immigration Act of 1965.

    As for slavery, it was Yankeedom that emancipated the slaves, made them U.S. citizens, and then forced us at gunpoint to ratify the 15th Amendment to protect their “civil rights.” It was also their capitalist economy that brought the Jews here from Eastern Europe.

  29. Regarding the utility of a border fence: As the Army Corps of Engineers teaches us, any obstacle will only delay the advance of an enemy. To stop the enemy, the obstacle must be covered by fire.
    The border fence is a force multiplier, a means of allowing ten soldiers to do what would otherwise take 50 or a hundred men. They were very effective along the western borders of the Soviet Bloc countries, to name a recent historical example. A 15 foot fence topped with razor wire , patrolled by soldiers instead of police, would eliminate most of the incoming Brown Tide. Cutting off the freebies would take care of many of the refuse already here, leaving but a fraction for us to finally drive out by personal persuasion.

  30. How any white individual that racially identifies in any purposeful way can support Ron Paul is simply beyond me. Beyond his discomfiting oddness (minor) he is just plain anti-white. He is a soulless idealogue who FEELS nothing about a mosque at ground zero but curses those who are revolted and utterly disgusted by the enormity of such an outrage as Islamiphobes and haters. Isn’t this the kind of contemptible politico that would be strictly persona non grata on a site like this. Well, I would’ve thought so any way.

  31. I’m not sure what to make of Ron Paul. I don’t trust Libertarians on the economy or immigration. “Free trade” and open borders are the last things we need, and those positions are big among Libertarians that I have known. Is Ron Paul a Libertarian or a Republican? I don’t know. Even on the foreign aid issue, I have seen him play coy by claiming that Israel receives less than her Arab neighbors. It’s a pretty well established fact that Israel receives the largest share of U.S. foreign aid, and much of the aid given to Arab nations is given in order that they play nice with Israel–In other words, the money is another form of aid to Israel.

    Maybe he has had to dance a bit to make it as far as he’s made it. That’s possible. But his playing coy is becoming a turn off.

  32. HarryO says:
    October 21, 2011 at 7:39 pm
    How any white individual that racially identifies in any purposeful way can support Ron Paul is simply beyond me. Beyond his discomfiting oddness (minor) he is just plain anti-white. He is a soulless ideologue who FEELS nothing about a mosque at ground zero but curses those who are revolted and utterly disgusted by the enormity of such an outrage as Islamiphobes and haters. Isn’t this the kind of contemptible politico that would be strictly persona non grata on a site like this. Well, I would’ve thought so any way.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    I understand your feelings as I have often had the same feelings. Libertarians are a strange breed – and since most Libertarians are White men, they are always going to be around us and they want to be around us. There are so many problems with this race-less cult – it’s not that they hate White people, as they are all White people (no other race goes for this nonsense), they have just gone to school and worked in places where racially conscious/loyal Whites are brutally abused and persecuted and race neutral, race denying Libertarianism is the only type of “Conservatism” that is allowed.

    Ron Paul suffered the added experience of facing near public banning for some honest comments about MLK, Black criminals in his newsletter from the 80s and 90s and it was his own Reason Magazine/Libertarian hard core followers that threatened him with “ex communication” in his 2008 GOP presidential campaign if he didn’t renounce these “racist comments”.

    Most White people over the age of 50 like being on national TV a lot, they like having their books reviewed and bought, they like receiving tens of $ millions of campaign contributions in “money bombs” and all the time their hard core supporters tell them how great they are doing, how they are the only ones speaking up for “liberty” and THE TRUTH – so any concessions made on racial issues, immigration are justified as being for the larger better good as they’re spreading the truth about Constitutional Law, honest money monetary policies and individual liberties etc.

    Our situation is that we must become as powerful as the Anti racists (anti White) who make public figures change denounce all pro White statements, thoughts. We have to make it so that the Ron Pauls of this world who receive grades of F from NumbersUSA on immigration and who support Muslim immigrants’ right to build mosques on Ground Zero and receive birth right citizenship for Al Qaeda clerics living in Yemen – we have to make it so that these anti White treasonous policies/statements are career killers. Not only will Ron Paul not get elected President of the United States with these anti White racial/national suicide polices/statements – they will not get invited to debates as crowds of White voters will riot, boo, throw rotten vegetables at such traitors. When our power grows enough on immigration (as it is doing) the Ron Paul’s of the world, will…


    Otherwise they will have to get jobs competing with illegal aliens harvesting crops.

    Please stop in at places like WWW. WhiteNewsNow and converse with the locals who are hard core Ron Paul fans and express your honest opinions that you like lots of Ron Paul’s positions except immigration and that is a deal killer. His supporters there are working hard for RP’s campaign to make necessary changes on immigration.

    We’re for


    White American political leaders are now changing all over our country, changing to take the pro White side – they had better change or they will be taken down.

    I hope that helps.

  33. Thanks Hunter.

    Will do. My article will be very complimentary of your beloved Southland:

    The North is a direction
    The South is a place – and a very special place for our people.

  34. I believe that Ron Paul is right. Fences will hurt Americans more than help them, because they will not keep illegals from south of the border out, but keep Americans who may want to get “da puck” out of Dodge locked in.

    The so-called “War on Drugs” is a fiasco. The best way to destroy the power of the drug cartels is to legalize all drugs and be done with it.

    The best way to get illegals to leave is turn off the magnets that bring them here. No social services should be made available to them and those treacherous Americans who are caught hiring or housing the should face severe financial penalties. If an illegal uses our hospitals, we need to find out who he is working for so we can bill them and then follow up with the necessary fines and liens against property.

    Once American employers see no benefit from hiring illegals, they won’t hire them. Once illegals see that there is no benefit to living here they will go home.

    If Americans who are opposed to immigration would just pull their heads out of whatever orifice they have the shoved up and start pushing the idea that is is wrong and evil for White employers to exploit cheap, Non-White labor and make them stop getting away with it, there will be no benefit to hiring them and that will be the end of it. JMO.

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