The Lost Cause: An Old War In the New South


This is some kind of new documentary that features Mark Potok sharing his thoughts on the Confederacy.

Update: Having watched the clip, Potok repeats the abolitionist mythology that “the war” was about slavery, when Lincoln himself said it was about “preserving the Union.”

If “the war” was really about slavery (the Upper South only seceded after Lincoln called for troops), then the differences between the North and South should have evaporated when slavery was abolished by the 13th Amendment in 1865.

That’s not what happened at all though. After slavery was abolished, Northerners like Adelbert Ames were mystified to find out that “the war” continued by other means, that the Yankees were more reviled in the South than ever before, and that the South was far more united after “the war” than it had been during and before “the war.”

“Brag Bowling, SCV member and Director of the Stephen D. Lee Institute, and Southern Poverty Law Center Research Director Mark Potok represent two sides of the contentious debate over a large and looming question: what was the Civil War really fought over?”

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  1. Kind of amusing how right on cue, Potok makes the comparison to the holocaust. Bowling could not be more right about the left’s strategy on this. Bowling comes off quite well here I think.

  2. Genocide is inseperable from the meta culture from a guy like Potok, from the Old Testament thru middle ages religous doctrine to the secular push to annihilate whites in the countries they have built it is nothing but genocide of the “other.”

  3. Jedediah – when I see a creature fomr Satan’s anus – you know – Potok – I don’t want ot vomit. I want to do something else.

  4. My cat was sick last night. My poor kitty had a bout of diarreaha. My cat’s foul refuse is cleaner, and healthier, than that vile excresence called “Potok”.

  5. Mark Potok wants to say that my white Southern people who disagree with him are racist. Well… the end of the day, after giving endless intellectual justifications for our positions, which his kind never want to hear and always discount; there is really only one thing left to say………..Mark Potok can kiss my white, racist ass!

  6. Wes- Don’t say things like that. As Jews are notorious for both being sanctimonious, (Having a ‘form of godliness, while denying the power thereof’) and also some of the greatest sexual perverts known to man (John DeNugent has chronicled some of this on his site, but a simple perusal of the REAL names of some of the ‘guiding lights’ of the porn industry, gay rights industry, lesbian authors/poets, etc. all are ‘of the tribe’) they might actually find your insult to be a pleasurable thing.

    That’s the problem with the satanic seed of Cain. They can only be gotten rid of, by being “Amaleked” out of a nation…..if you know what I mean.

  7. One effect of the way they go on s/a this, is that many people —the northerners and definitely the “newcomers” (about 120 million of them in the past 45 years)– can never understand how RECENT the war was. There are people alive whose parents fought. It is essential that northerners protect themselves from the REALITY of what they were a part of, not very long ago.

    How can you be “fellow citizens” with people whose land you took, homes you burned, cherished belongings you pilfered? Of course, the war can never be REAL, put in real terms, or personal terms, or for people whose parents fought to be interviewed, or for real slaves to have talked about slavery (the reality). The way they talk about the war, they make it seem like it was 800 years ago. And 150 years sounds long, but it isn’t. As said, people are alive whose parents fought. Many have oral traditions regarding those years (which is why they are still attacked).
    But without understanding the southern side of the war, how would you understand what they did with the country?

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