How Does Union History Mesh With White History?

Who won the Civil War?

Kevin Levin has asked a rhetorical question: How Does Confederate History Mesh With Black History? That question is easy enough to answer.

There were no African-Americans in the Confederacy. Technically, there were no African-Americans in the Union either until the 14th Amendment overturned the Dred Scott decision in 1867.

BRA’s historians (to understand what we mean by “BRA’s historians,” browse the Civil War Memory website to see the deification of blacks) typically prefer to ignore the fact that many Northern Whites later concluded that they had also lost the War Between the States. The Union victory in 1865 set in motion the social forces that ultimately destroyed Yankeedom.

Angelo Guelzo writes in The American Interest:

“However, the most important change in the outline of the postwar American economy was organizational rather than industrial or agricultural, although once again it was difficult to say whether this was a loss or a gain. Before the Civil War, only about 7 percent of American manufacturing existed as corporations. By 1900, corporations accounted for 69 percent of all American manufacturing; between 1897 and 1905 alone, 5,300 small-scale farms were consolidated and reorganized into just 318 corporations; and just 26 trusts controlled 60 percent of major American industrial output.

Standard Oil of Ohio, chartered in 1870, was converted into a trust in 1882, by which time it controlled more than 90 percent of American oil refining. “Now,” warned James J. Garfield, who had ended the war as a Union brigadier general and who would be the second President to be assassinated in office, “a class of corporations unknown to the early law writers has arisen,” turned the Republican political slogan of “free soil, free labor, free men” into “industrial feudalism.” At the end of the war, “I found that I had got back to another world,” said the title character of William Dean Howell’s novel The Rise of Silas Lapham, who had survived a wound at Gettysburg.” The day of small things was past, and I don’t suppose it will ever come again in this country.

The Northern victors who inherited this landscape of loss came to despise their own generation as no other American generation since.

The novelists and poets cried out first, initially in pain but gradually in disgust. Walt Whitman  recalled with desperate fondness the nobility of the wounded soldiers he had met while volunteering in Washington’s wartime hospitals. But the vulgarity of the peacetime decades that followed filled him with horror. “Never was there, perhaps, more hollowness at heart than at present, and here in the United States,” Whitman complained in Democratic Vistas in 1871.

The results of the war had made people skeptical of noble causes, and wearily tolerant of stupidity, greed and fraud. Henry Adams, the grandson of John Quincy Adams and great-grandson of John Adams, was enraged at what he saw as the betrayal of the public trust his ancestors had handed down. Adams carried his contempt all the way to the desk of his grandfather and great-grandfather had occupied, that of the President of the United States and the generalissimo of Union victory, Ulysses S. Grant. “Grant’s administration outraged every rule of ordinary decency,” Adams complained; it was corrupt, visionless and helpless. Grant himself was “inarticulate, uncertain, distrustful of himself, still more distrustful of others, and awed by money.” He should, Adams raged, “have lived in a cave and worn skins.”

In addition to costing the lives of around 365,000 Union soldiers, the War Between the States created African-Americans and unleashed the Black Undertow on the North. In 1865, only 2 percent of blacks lived in the North.

The Union soldiers returning home from the Southern battlefields discovered that they had won the Gilded Age. The Yankees had liberated the African negro only to find out that they had lost their own freedom to a corporate plutocracy of millionaires that now owned Congress and the White House.

Here’s the abolitionist Wendell Phillips describing the Yankee’s lost idyllic rural civilization of New England:

“My ideal of a civilization is a very high one, but the approach to it is a New England town of some two thousand inhabitants, with no rich man and no poor man in it; all mingling in the same society … That’s New England as it was fifty years ago … the civilization that lingers beautifully on the hillsides of New England, nestles sweetly in the valleys of Vermont, the moment it approaches a crowd like Boston, or a million men gathered in one place like New York, it rots.”

During the war, Yankeedom had evolved from a racially homogeneous land of small farmers and artisans into a land ruled by the Robber Barons who imported millions of European immigrants to work as wage slaves in their factories.

Between 1880 and 1914, two million Yiddish-speaking Ashkenazi Jews arrived from Eastern Europe. When Lincoln was elected president in 1860, there were around 150,000 Jews in the United States.

Henry Adams would later lament, “We are in the hands of the Jews. They can do what they please with our values.” He advised against investment except in the form of gold locked in a safe deposit box. “There you have no risk but the burglar. In any other form you have the burglar, the Jew, the Czar, the socialist, and, above all, the total irremediable, radical rottenness of our whole social, industrial, financial and political system.”

Here’s another scene which vividly illustrates how Northerners came to regret creating the Black Undertow:

“On the evening of Saturday, October 24, 1908, Charles Francis Adams Jr. rose to address a distinguished audience gathered at the Academy of Music in Richmond, Virginia. His topic was the “Afro-American Race Problem” and the wisdom of Virginia’s policies toward it. In this regard, Adams and Richmond had a special historical connection.

He had entered the city as it lay in flames on April 3, 1865. That was the day after “the night they drove old Dixie down,” when the Union Army forced General Robert E. Lee and President Jefferson Davis to abandon the capital of their Confederate States of America. Adams had been Colonel Charles Francis Adams then – the officer in command of the black troops comprising the Massachusetts Fifth Calvary Regiment. They helped extinguish the fire set by retreating Southern Whites, then joined the city’s freedmen in jubilant celebrations that peaked with the arrival of Abraham Lincoln himself the next day. Adams later recalled his Richmond entry “the one event I should most have desired as the culmination of my life in the Army.”

His desire was understandable. Adams was, as he told his Richmond audience forty-three years later, “an anti-slavery man from my birth.” He was the great-grandson of John Adams, who signed the Declaration of Independence; grandson of John Quincy Adams, who valiantly defeated the House of Representatives pro-slavery gag rule and defended the Amistad slaves before the Supreme Court; son of Charles Francis Adams, Sr., the U.S. ambassador who persuaded the British not to side with the Confederacy during the war. But as he often did in his later years, in 1908 this Adams rose not to praise but to repudiate “the hateful memory of what is known as the Reconstruction period.” The Yankee policies of those years, promoting African-American enfranchisement and equal citizenship, had been, he announced, “worse than a crime.” Henceforth, any solution to “the Afro-American race problem” must be “worked out in the South,” without “external intervention.” Blacks must not “ask to be held up, or protected from outside, in that process.

Everyone knew what Adams meant: the well-advanced process of defeating Reconstruction in the South by disenfranchising blacks and subjecting them to Jim Crow segregation laws should be accepted by the North, by all Americans. And although Adams said he spoke only for himself, he expressed confidence that the “mind of the North is rapidly crystallizing” in a “large and growing, and in the end most influential” consensus in favor of the views he advanced. A “great change” in public opinion and feeling, which he himself had experienced, had been “steadily going on for many years.” The “glittering” beliefs in “the equality of men” had come to seem to most Americans “strangely remote, archaic even.”

By the time Adams wrote those ugly words, Adams was, by his own report, “a changed intellectual and moral being.” His reservations about black equality had been enormously strengthened by his conversion to what he called the new late-nineteenth-century “scientific” worldview, massively influenced by Darwin’s On the Origins of Species and his The Descent of Man, published in 1871. This science had “broken down” the theory of racial equality, Adams said.

In its place stood the hard lesson that, due to “absolutely fundamental racial characteristics,” African-Americans could “only partially assimilate” and could not “be absorbed” into the white community on an equal basis. These conclusions were reinforced, by examples of black misconduct in Hayti and Jamaica,” as well as by sad experience with the “promiscuous conferring of the ballot” in the United States. Adams was “glad to remember” that he had left the Republican Party when it supported disenfranchisement of men like Robert E. Lee and enfranchisement of blacks.”

Charles Francis Adams, Jr., the grandson of “Old Man Eloquent,” was consumed by doubt following Reconstruction that African-Americans were really his equals. His well known brother Henry Adams detested the Jews and the corrupt political and economic system that emerged in the Gilded Age.

The rise of Darwinism in the late nineteenth century created an intellectual environment in the North that undermined the theory of racial equality. Many Yankees like the Adams brothers concluded that freedom had failed.

This was the prevailing view in America from the 1890s to the 1940s. The Second World War against Nazi Germany, another ideological war against a racial regime, would have a similar destabilizing effect upon White racial attitudes in the Northern states.

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  1. Very good statement. A tragic loss of liberty for northerners as well as southerners, while an emerging corporate elite who bought substitutes and did not fight used the time to secure their advantage.

  2. @Hunter

    That’s a good lead in to the victory of the Boston-New York-Philadelphia metroplex and their banks and corporations over Jeffersonian democracy and ideals of the South.

    I am interested in the ownership of the Southern railroads prior to the Civil War.

    Railroads like the B&O would have been New England metroplex owned even though much of their track ran through Virginia and Maryland. But, I doubt that much of the Southern railway system would have been metroplex owned prior to the Civil War.

    You are catching my drift and I hope you are able to kick up some more info.

  3. Movements are monitored—so is blogs. A few tips on Agents and how they reveal who they are by their responces: 1.) Agents will often lack background info about the Cause 2.) Agents try to keep discussions and action unproductive and still….3.) they act like Zealots, but they dont have the fruit of it. They have passion but truly dont care. The Justice Department Agents are highly trained—-but if you got a keen perception—-you can smell the rats………………..In the future the Dry Bones will awaken and the Rat Agents will be useless. Traitors will get their just reward!!!!!! THIS IS HOW UNION HISTORY MESHES WITH TRUE SECESSION!!!!!

  4. Good article, Hunter. One of your best, in my opinion.

    One of your readers, John Thomas, breached a subject that has weighed heavily on my mind in recent days. Big Brother is watching.

    The government has recently passed laws that will make it possible for the U.S. military to take American citizens into custody and hold them indefinitely without trial if they are suspected to be terrorists.

    Just who are those terrorists? Most of the people who have been arrested for planning acts of terrorism in the past two years were harmless dumb-asses who talked tough on jihadist sites and were subsequently approached and entrapped by the feds.

    Lots of federal lawmen are all dressed up with no place to go and they are going to have to invent some bad guys if they want to keep getting a paycheck.

    Who would make better patsies than us good old boys who believe that White people should have more control over our lives, surroundings and future. Janet Napolitano already prefaced their next war on terror when she announced that White middle-class males posed the greatest domestic terror threat.

    Now would be a very good time to follow our mothers’ advice and stop talking to strangers. Feds infiltrate by busting one guy and get him to set up his old and trusting friends. Keep that in mind.

    I’ve always considered the conspiracy theorists to be a bunch of half-baked assholes, so I really regret having to sound like one, but I believe that now is a great time to stay aware of everybody and everything around us.

  5. So when did America not suck?

    Before 1860.

    Prior to 1860, the South had been the dominant section in the Union. Far from being destructive to the North, the dominance of Jefferson’s “Democratic-Republican Party” and Jackson’s Democratic Party had preserved the North as a racially homogeneous land of small farmers and independent artisans and craftsmen.

    Jackson, if you remember, had killed the Second Bank of the United States. The Democratic Party had defeated the Federalists and held back the Whigs and their agenda of corporate welfare, centralization, and taxpayer subsidized internal improvements.

    Indeed, right down until 1860 a Northern White man could live out his entire life without ever paying income taxes to the federal government or having any interaction with the federal government aside from the Post Office. As late as 1865, only 2 percent of the free black population lived in the North, which is what allowed a naive culture of sympathy for blacks to develop there.

    The “Slave Power” had (1) kept the government as small as possible, (2) kept the blacks in their place and out of the North, and (3) thwarted economic consolidation for over half a century. The first and third reason explains why the Republican Party was created out of hostility to the South.

    The secession of the South changed everything. It was the South that had always held back the political forces in the North that always advocated the consolidation of both the government and the economy.

    The North emerged from the war totally dominated by Big Government and Big Business. Wall Street emerged as another big winner presiding over a consolidating national capital market.

  6. Playing Roots – the Universty of Marylandis advertising online classes in “cyber-security”. ‘30,000 jobs are coming!” they herald.

    The commercials depict a swarthy “White” (?) man, wearng a suit and glasses, working on some type of chart. Then a picture of a light-skinned Negro male appears – the Student, busily workng a keyboard in front of a monitor – who will be the future “cyber-security” expert.

  7. The South will Rise Again! Its already started with the Anti-Immigration Bills in Alabama and elsewhere. The Kenyan Pretender is the best friend the Pro-White Movement has ever had! Never before or since has anyone so clearly demonstrated the Obvious Inferiority of the black race as the current POTUS!
    Far Right Parties are the Future! With the Failure of Capitalism and the Fall of Communism, the Only Path Now is Fascism! Fascism is the Future!
    White Patriarchal Nationalistic Fascism will eventually Rise and the hated Evil Dregs and their Pet Diversities will be brought down Low! The day will once again come where America is over 90% White, and Run Completely by Men!
    The Enemy has Failed! Once again they have counted their chickens before they’ve hatched, and Whites now see exactly where their Infernal Plans are going! The Second Civil War will not be like the first one, this time All the Whites will be on the Same Side! The Losers will be their enemy, and will rue the day they were ever born…

    The Eye of Horus sees All.

  8. anyone else ever notice how quick “they” are to use military hardware and tactics on rural White folks?

  9. “The rise of Darwinism in the late nineteenth century created an intellectual environment in the North that undermined the theory of racial equality. Many Yankees like the Adams brothers concluded that freedom had failed.”

    Glad you’ve realized this.

  10. Hunter- reading this history of the Adams Family (why do I think, ‘Gomez’?) made me remember why Charles Darwin ACTUALLY wrote his books:

    “It was noted in a comment on this latest column, that Darwin- the ‘arch-enemy of conservative Christians’ and, of course, the friend of the ‘atheist evolutionists’ – was, actually, not a rabid atheist, but was another sort of rabid fool – a died in the wool Abolitionist! “Darwin’s starting point,” they write, “was the abolitionist belief in blood kinship, a ‘common descent’ ” of all human beings.” –

    As I noted in my blog,

  11. Robert Bolivar DePugh was way ahead of his time on intelligence. Blueprint for Victory, Deguelo Report and his Minuteman Newsletters were full of info on how The Feds and our enemys work. Ever notice this—-Frank Weltner, Martin Lindsetdt and Robert DePugh were all from Missouri. You know what the Feds did, framed them for child porn, etc. Planted pictures and etc, a real dirty trick…..The dirty tricks are endless. Terrible Tommy has good info—the 5 Words. Since World War 2 the Justice Department has had a Training School—-were they train all their Agents on all facets of White Movements. They read all the material, books and go thru extensive training. When finshed Training, these paid Agents are sent all over USA, to infiltrate and gather info on persons, etc. Some of the Agents are given money to set up Organizations. CONTROL, MONITOR AND NEUTRALIZE. The Organizations that they set up look real, they let them get big, then they decide its function has been fulfilled, its time to close it down. They do this to dis-spirit Whites. The FBI, Mossad, CIA and Countless other Regime Agencies all work together coordinated. The Hate Crime Cops is another one. STAGED EVENTS ARE SET UP TO! Remember Patty Hearst and the SLA, at the same time Col. William A. H. Williams had the American Revolutionary Army, One, extreme left wing, the other extreme Right Wing, they wanted to check and see how the populace would respond. This test occured in early 70s. We do not know how many Staged Events have occured. We not know the full envolement, extent and role they have played. Alot of people will be surprised when they learn that alot of so called leaders are really working for the enemy. They look so real and legit it baffles the mind. I agree with Denise and how these Agencies have afirmative action and that is good for us. Remember how bad Hoover was with his all white FBI, now it is alot different now. They have the Drones and all this tech, but guess what——When the Dry Bones awaken it will be a different story. We all live to see that day come! Death the Haters, Destroyers and Phoney Traitors!!!!!!! Secession will be the fever that spreads!

  12. Yet, the anti-Whites intent on the GENOCIDE of our race have been operating out in the open for decades.

    How many of us ever call them on it?

    We are usually too busy looking for conspiracy theories and fail to see what’s right in front of us.

  13. I want liberty and freedom from government interference. fascism is neither. Trying to impose any more of it on us will end badly for someone

  14. Got this today from the compiler of an email list I am on, it is a suitable epilogue to his post:

    This will be my last mail with respect to the “World As We Know It”. Those that read my mail should have a pretty good idea where I stand. According to Homeland Security I am a potential terrorist. With the Senate Passing 1867 and the House signing on theirs (HR 1540) it goes to Bama. Word has it he won’t sign because it does not go far enough. It should be obvious where we are headed.

    The US has become a Police State. GOVCO is broke and clinging to power. Our form of Government has been hijacked and there seems to be very little if anything we can do about it. The Tea Party freshmen have proven to be a travesty in less than a year. The vision of Occupy Wall Street is certainly something I’m not interested in. We are trapped between Cronie Capitalist and Socialist ideologies. Both of which, are about stealing from the middle class. Free Market Capitalism is sadly not even a consideration. Those of us that provide the cash to maintain the illusion, do so at the end of a gun.

    I am of the opinion the Sovereignty of the United States could well be gone in less than 5 years. There is a reasonable chance melting it will be the way to seize it. GOVCO cannot make good on its Social Safety Net obligations and it will not back off of its Imperialistic Military Control. Our Military has become a mercenary force to be used as the Elite see fit. Eliminating non-producing creditors (now at a rate of 10,000 a day) may be a viable solution for GOVCO and National Health Care could well play a role. I fully expect IRAs and 401Ks will be taken. GOVCO is well aware of the at least $6t sitting there and is well aware he is in first position.

    Any who have not made preparations – you must – it could be extremely difficult depending on how it plays out.

    We’re not special – it has happened over and over thru out history.

    2012 could be a thing to behold.

    Good luck to you

  15. The federal beast will grow increasingly vicious as it reaches its inevitable collapse. The government currently has no allegiance to the American people as a whole, particularly white Southerners and they don’t really attempt to hide it any more. They are completely insulated from the people and completely tone deaf when it comes to the concerns of ordinary whites, whom they hold in the highest contempt.

    Any person with any degree of integrity must question this government and its continuing legitimacy, or lack thereof. When enough of us begin to doubt the legitimacy of this present system, no one will be able to stop the consequences.

    They can watch us all they want to, but they can’t watch us all.

    The bloated federal beast is soon to expire from asphyxiation due to its own ponderousness. Uncle Sam is now a morbidly obese, disease ridden, delusional gas bag. Even a crash diet won’t help now.

    Tomorrow is the anniversary of Fredericksburg. How fitting.

    Deo Vindice

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