Supreme Court Takes Arizona Case


The news broke this evening: the U.S. Supreme Court is taking Arizona’s appeal over SB 1070. Elena Kagan will recuse herself from the case. The Supreme Court will hear arguments in April and will have a decision by July.

Note: I want to remind everyone here that over a year ago I predicted this would happen. I also predicted that other states in the South would pass copycat immigration laws.

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  1. “I want to remind everyone here that over a year ago I predicted this would happen. I also predicted that other states in the South would pass copycat immigration laws.”

    I recall that prediction.

  2. The law requires police to check the immigration status of anyone they detain and suspect of being in the nation illegally.

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea, if racial profiling laws prove an obstacle, to just go ahead and require cops to check the status of everyone they detain?

  3. my guess is the USSC will strike down Az law. Hell there ain’t but one WASP on the court, and well we know how that goes

  4. @Stonelifter

    Sonny, there are no White Protestants on the Supreme Court—it is composed of Roman Catholics & Jews.

  5. Border control is, under the Constitution, a federal responsibility. So it’s likely the SC will decide in favor of the DC gang….Fact that the feds are refusing to secure the border is irrelevant to this “legal” issue. The only way states will get control of their borders is via SECESSION from the DC gang. A SupremeCourt decision in favor of the DC gang will be one more reason for states to SECEDE from this destructive Jew-Globalist regime.

  6. Sadly, Southwest US is dependent on Mexican workers because Americans are too lazy and decadent to do the work…whitey needs to get his ass in gear before deporting his currently-needed helot class!!!

  7. Why do we keep up the charade any longer? When have the ‘Supremes’ EVER been a friend of the Founding Race, since the Warren court?


    If I can find a job in the south, I and mine are moving there, and working for secession. The Yankee Supremacists are the antichrist among ‘many antichrists.’

    How will Sonja “Sodomandgomorr” vote? oh, come ON…..

  8. Maybe HW will be right.

    But as others say, the Catholic Question has become very interesting. Will they vote Catholic/brown (pro-integration with their own ex-slaves from South of the Border) OR to uphold the possibility of states rights over the fed.

    Since the Hart-Celler, with catholic involvement, THEN Kennedy saga, then insisting papacy being acknowledged as a government in its own right by getting its embassy in washington in the 80s, and so on— through all this, there seems to be an awakening among them that maybe the great Empire Universality is not going to be best for their own families in the long run, and that, as much as they hate them, maybe Anglo-Saxons / protestants have a couple potentially good points and brain cells, after all.

    They will back Arizona. The climate’s changed.

    On t.v., when the WASPS were eradicated from the Supreme Court, they made a big deal out of it. For awhile on t.v., all wasps heard was the law would be Catholic and Jewish (some of whom talk openly about using the Court to Create the Social REality they wish, in other words, a dictatorship).

    At that moment, for some people, it became apparent they were in a Catholic-Jewish Dictatorship— just like how the communists and fascists always square off in Europe. –very foreign to many American minds, and their own reality about it and confusions, non-translatable.

  9. Hmmmm…I’m checking my Constitution for the Supreme Court’s authority regarding “judicial review”; I can’t seem to find any….

  10. The Constitution empowers Congress to define the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and all other Federal courts. Strangely enough, it has never used this power.

  11. I think the Supreme Court will back Arizona. Kagan recused herself as an excuse to stick around for the Obamacare decision. Obama wants Arizona to win to boost Hispanic turnout in 2012.

  12. I think HW is right about this. It will be difficult for the Supreme Court to oppose Arizona without breaking other aspects of the fragile state-federal law balance.

    In addition, the USA kind of has its back to the wall on this one. The states are broke, and they cannot borrow with the same reckless impunity that the Feds can. This means that they’re going to be slashing all kinds of sacred cows, especially those the Feds do not fully and wholly fund.

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