Freedom Failed: Black New Year’s 2012

Ambulance breaks down amid gunfire in Detroit on New Year's Eve

Is this Somalia? Is this Rwanda? The Blair Witch Project?

No, it is the Black Undertow in the “Free States” on New Year’s Eve, “letting freedom ring” with Brooks D. Simpson in the 149th year of “free society” in the State of Michigan.

In Actual Black Run Detroit, two paramedics sit in their broken down ambulance for an hour as African-Americans in the Motor City celebrate Black New Year’s 2012. The paramedics have been responding all night to multiple shootings. Ambulances are traveling from fifteen to twenty miles away because there are no units available due to the Detroit budget crisis.

Note: SBPDL asks the inevitable question, How Did it Come to This? WaPo Sheds Tears Over the Inevitable Collapse of Detroit.

In The Color of Crime: Michigan, we learned that the Black Undertow is responsible for 63 percent of homicide, 30 percent or rape, 70 percent of robbery, 50 percent of aggravated assault, and 31 percent of burglary.

Detroit EMS Rig Stranded as Gunfire Rings in the New Year:

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  1. If our ancestors hadn’t been too lazy to pick their own damn cotton, we wouldn’t be in this predicament today.

  2. Here’s how it all started:

    Read the article, then go on Google Maps and put Brewster-Douglas Housing Project in Detroit, MI in the search field. When you find the projects, look a few blocks to the west and check out the what’s left of the mansions between Brush and John R Streets. Drag the little yellow man down to the blue spots on Edmund Pl. Look at all of the empty lots all over the area. Those were once the homes of some of the first White Flighters.

    Anybody that doesn’t believe that Yankee liberals are responsible for Detroit’s Africanization still aren’t capable of seeing.

  3. N1ggers are a cancer of humanity. Similar to cancer, they must be forcibly cut out from the rest of the normal operating surroundings if one is to survive.
    Buy guns. If they chimp out on you, kill them. Shoot to kill.

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