Freedom Failed: The Reality of Vance County

In North Carolina, a 14-year-old boy defends his 17-year-old sister from the Black Undertow

North Carolina

H/T Lew.

The Black Undertow has reared its ugly head again in Vance County, North Carolina.

In this case, a group of four African-Americans attempted to burglarize a White middle class home in Henderson, NC that was occupied by a 14-year-old boy and his 17-year-old sister.

The polite teenage boy was armed with a shotgun and did what was necessary to defend the homestead and protect his terrified sister from the threat posed by real domestic terrorists.

Listen to the whole 9/11 call:

“Police in North Carolina revealed a 14-year-old boy shot dead an intruder attempting to break into his home while he and his sister were alone.

The teen opened fire with a shotgun while his 17-year-old sister hid in a closet as a gang of men attempted to smash their way into their home…

In the North Carolina incident, police said the 14-year-old and his sister were at home in the rural town of Henderson when four men tried to break into the house. . .

Michael Anthony Henderson Jr, 19, was shot dead.

He staggered away from the house and collapsed where he was found by police.

His brother Seneca, 20, and one other man Andrew Terry, 23, have already been charged in the case.

Police are still searching for a third man named as 21-year-old Jatwaun Davis.

Investigators released a 911 call with the teen calmly describing how he shot the intruder.

In the call, the teen, says: ‘I just shot the man. He came around the corner. I shot him. He broke the whole glass out (of the back door).’

He continues: ‘I don’t know how many it was (who broke in). Just one came around the corner. I got one more in the chamber. I’m going to shoot again,’ the boy said.

‘Do not, while I’m on the phone, do not fire that firearm, OK?’ the dispatcher says.

‘What if another one comes in the house, ma’am?’ he asked.

‘Let me know, OK, if you see anybody. I will let you know (when a deputy gets to the house),’ the dispatcher responded.

As the boy and his sister waited for deputies to arrive, he told the dispatcher that he was ‘perfectly fine’, but his sister was ‘really shaken up’.

The boy even asks about the condition of the intruder.

‘He’s still outside. He’s unconscious. I’m not sure if he’s still living or not,’ the dispatcher said.
‘They only found one outside. Are you not sure how many it was?’

‘I’m not sure how many it was, but when I shot, I didn’t hear anybody running,’ he said.
The teen’s sister is earlier heard on a call to an emergency dispatcher saying someone was banging on the door trying to get in.

She tells the operator she is hiding in a closet but that her brother has a gun.

Police said the teen will not face any charges for killing Michael Henderson on December 29.

Under North Carolina’s Castle Doctrine Law, homeowners can use deadly force if they fear their lives are in danger.

The family has declined to comment since the shooting.”

Michael Henderson, the African-American who was shot and killed in this home invasion, has previous criminal charges stemming from trespass, assault, and property damage. Andrew Terry was wanted for a November burglary in another Vance County home. Seneca Henderson and Jatwaun Donkes Davis have since been arrested.

Is this just an isolated incident? No, when I first heard about this story, I wasn’t surprised at all to learn the home invasion had occurred in Henderson of all places. While violent crime has declined statewide in North Carolina, it has soared by 16.5 percent in Vance County, which elected its first black sheriff in 2006.

In this Black Undertow city of 16,100 residents, 59 percent of whom are African-American, there was a drive-by shooting in December, an African-American murder victim was found in a field in September, an African-American was charged with 84 counts of burglary in June, and nine African-Americans were arrested in May and were charged with 350 felonies in connection with 27 home invasions in Henderson.

Back in 2009, the New York Times interactive foodstamp map showed that 40 percent of African-Americans in Vance County were on the EBT card. That was a statewide highwater mark in North Carolina at the time that was tied only by Scotland County.

Vance County is where Eric Loznicka was lynched by a Black Undertow mob last March while he was on his way to pick up a snack for his son at Burger King:

“They’re running up the street saying they’re going to kill everybody,” one caller said.

“Something really bad is going on here,” another caller told dispatchers.“Somebody’s getting hurt really bad.”

“I haven’t been able to sleep very well,” witness Cindy Harris said. “It’s the worst thing I think I’ve ever seen, just a brutal beating.”

“They pulled him out of the car and pushed him down and continued to kick him and beat him and just smash his head down in the cement,” Harris said. “I couldn’t do anything to help him. I couldn’t get out of my car for fear, but I just couldn’t leave him there alone. I couldn’t leave him. I was constantly blowing my horn thinking that maybe it would scatter them and they would leave him alone. I called 911 immediately.”

“The next thing I saw was this gentleman that had been beaten running in front of his truck and this guy was telling him to get in my truck,” Harris said.“He jumped over the bed into the truck, and they were pulling at his leg trying to get him out of the truck and the gentleman just took off.”

The Confederate history buffs reading this website will recall that Vance County was named in honor of Gov. Zebulon Vance, the Confederate Governor of North Carolina, who was a thorn in the side of President Jefferson Davis throughout the War Between the States.

Like Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens, Zebulon Vance was imprisoned in Washington after the government of North Carolina was violently overthrown by General William Tecumsah Sherman in May 1865. In 1876, North Carolina was “redeemed” from the Republican rule when Vance was reelected Governor.

Vance later became a U.S. Senator and opposed the Federal Elections Bill of 1890 in Congress which was the last gasp of federal civil rights legislation until the Civil Rights Act of 1957:

“The policy of subjecting the intelligence and property of the South to the control of ignorance and poverty is not a new one. It has been tried. To the candid man who really desires the welfare of his country, the experiment resulted in a failure so disastrous that he would never desire to see it repeated.

The carpetbag rulers were infinitely worse than the Negroes. The evil propensities of the one were directed by intelligence, and the ignorance of the other became simply the instrument by which the purposes of the white leaders were carried out. The material and moral ruin wrought under this infernal conjunction of ignorance and intelligent vice was far greater than that inflicted by war. The very foundations of public virtue were undermined, and the seeds of hatred were thickly sown between the races.

In this great struggle to escape Negro rule and restore our State governments to the control of those who made them, and whose ancestors had established their principles in their blood, we had both the aid and the sympathy of Northern Democrats everywhere. We had neither from you.

You did not even stand by with indifference. You upheld the party the party of misrule and ignorance in every way you could. You kept the Army of the United States in the South to overcome the struggling whites as long as you dared. You sorrowed when the plundering of our people was stopped, and you received to your arms as martyrs the carpetbag fugitives expelled by the indignation of an outraged people.”

If Zebulon Vance were here with us today, would he be arguing with Yankees about the existence of “Black Confederates,” or would he be writing for this website? What do you think?

The candid man who truly desires the welfare of his country and sees the Reality of Vance County in the year 2012 is forced to conclude that Southerners were justified in disenfranchising and restraining the Black Undertow. BRA is a disastrous failure and civilization in North Carolina is under assault because Northern liberals like Brooks D. Simpson are still taken seriously.

In this great struggle to overthrow the Black Undertow and redeem the State of North Carolina for posterity, the aid and sympathy of the Northern White man will again be indispensable. No more lynchings on the way to Burger King. No more home invasions while mommy and daddy are at work. No more White women driven off the road, raped, and beaten to death with a baseball bat.

Freedom failed … the financial and moral ruin wrought under this infernal conjunction of ignorance and intelligent vice that we call “free society,” the world of BRA that Martin Luther King, Jr. saw from the mountaintop, can no longer be tolerated in the North or the South.

Note: In The Color of Crime: North Carolina, we learned the Black Undertow is responsible for 47.8 percent of homicide, 44.5 percent of rape, 88.7 percent of interracial rape, 75 percent of robbery, 51 percent of aggravated assault, and 47 percent of burglary in North Carolina.

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  1. One reason why this gets so much airplay in the U.K. (and the comments on the article there confirm this) is that the Brits are sick and tired of being unable to defend their homes, property and persons with deadly force. They can at least take vicarious pleasure is watching how the U.S. (for now) still enjoys this right.

  2. This fucking country…

    We inch closer to becoming South Africa with each passing day. And like the farm murders in SA, this attack would have undoubtedly resulted in the gang-rape of the girl in the house, probably her brother too, and finally both murdered and likely burned like the Knoxville Horror.

    This kid really IS a hero. Arm yourselves, brothers and sisters. Get your CCW, learn the laws regarding lethal force, purchase a good weapon, and PRACTICE. Often as you can.

    P.S. – For handguns, you can’t go wrong with Smith & Wesson.

  3. A young White man kills a feral negro, defends his family’s home and his sisters body… Hot damn! What a glorious story! That youngsters family raised him up right. God bless the young man and them that trained him.

  4. Did anyone think the 911 operator was a negro that was less concerned about the safety of the caller than about following procedure?

    Note to self: call 911 and put the phone down so I can use two guns on invaders.

  5. The wealthy but not too wealthy jew and white liberals are up on the bridge trying to steer the mighty ship SS Equality but the negroes are down below the water line disassembling the ship for scrap and crack pipes.

  6. I have decided on the new gun!

    With 19 in the clip, and one in the chamber, I am ready.

    Hunter, thanks again for these news items that are nothing less than “target practice reports,” as they should be called.

    When you act like a sub-humna, you will be treated as a sub-human- when you act like a ravening beast, don’t be surprised if you are shot like ‘big game’ for that is what you become. For even Jesus called those not of his race, ‘dogs.’ (and, for the record, Samaritans were like Irish to the Scots- i.e., near kinsman. So, no BS about ‘the foreigner as equal to the Adamite.’) To quote St. Paul, ‘how much more’ are those not even of our race, denied ontological equality before God? ….. Jer. 13:23- that’s how far.

    “Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, I will plead thy cause, and take vengeance for thee…” Jer. 51:36

  7. “Don’t fire the gun while you are on the line with me” should be replaced in their protocol with “You have a right to defend yourself”.

    The call shows how useless calling 911 is. The he/she on the phone asks pointless questions, then talks over the answer, then when he/she gets an anwer he can’t remember it for two minutes and asks a third time.

    You can tell the kids were raised the old-fashioned Southern way, because they politely tolerate this clown.

  8. Great job by the young man. I am always impressed by people who aren’t afraid to defend themselves with deadly force. I often wonder if I could do the same. When I play the scenarios out in my mind, I find myself questioning whether I have justification to take a life; that maybe if I hold back the situation could resolve itself without loss of life. I also know from reading that this hesitation will cost you your life. Therefore the mind is every bit as important to train as the body.

    I recommend this course, ASAP, to everyone concerned with self-defense:

  9. I don’t know for sure, but I think the line about not shooting the gun has to do with the dispatcher wanting to keep the kid from shooting a cop or paramedic. That’s a little outside my lane, so I might be wrong

  10. Couldn’t even listen to the audio—-

    The repetition of that near-complicitous-murderer who works for 9-1-1, telling young people NOT to defend themselves when THE PERPETRATOR ENTERING WAS KNOWN to have a weapon—-

    they should be charged with something— accessory or something—

    there must be something they could be charged with.

    Had the home been re-entered, a child harmed, there could have been a charge I hope against that worker.


    and yes @ …” You can tell the kids were raised the old-fashioned Southern way, because they politely tolerate this clown….”

    Ten to one, the young man lied when he was told not to defend himself, and did not put down his gun.

    The phone operator was just as bad as the perpetrators, imo.

    Also—- if she (he?) was not white— then it could have been Racism. Maybe it was a racist ploy, trying to help the intruders, who had been identified as black.

    Was there an investigation of these issues by the family?

    They call that part of North Carolina “Florida Part II,” b/c of the yankee destruction of it after 9-11, and due to the huge tracts of land taken for military and warehousing people and that stuff—-not a lot of creative energy left there.

  11. The kids also just want their granddaddy called. Despite still being under attack by a person with a weapon, they are concerned that their granddaddy be contacted and that he be protected from walking in on the scene.

    Sadly, these are the people who aren’t often part of the “system.” They don’t make their money off other people, often times.

    They sounded —very definitely— like locals, (southern and really from there) in an area that’s been “changed” — with thousands of yankee immigrants coming in only a five year or so period of time.

  12. Vance County is 50 percent African-American. These home invasions and burglaries are playing out across the Black Belt. The same thing is going on in Bullock County and Macon County here in Alabama.

  13. Yes WT – the 911 Nigger is trying to help her bruthas. Notice hwo the Niggerss referrs to the Dead Nigger as a “victim”. The EMPHASIS. The Sheboon sounds sarcastic, when she repeats that ther Nigger was shot in the stomache.

    Nine Eleven Nigger is probably pissed that the White kids are alive and a Nigger’s down. Did you hear that “Mmmmm…” when the kids says he used buckshot.

  14. Great story with a happy ending.

    Ain’t firearms great? Now we get the usual 4 off the street without the bitter 2 dead/raped Whites aftertaste.

  15. I listened to the entire recording and the Negress 911 operator did not sound sarcastic IMO.She just sounded like she was trying to calm the girl down and get info from her and calling her “honey” doesn’t sound like the speech of a hateful black either. Telling the kid to put the gun down (with a deputy approaching the house) is standard procedure for cops anywhere- the cop doesn’t know what could be coming at him at any moment and any person holding a gun in that situation is going to raise that cops pulse rate- there have been similar situations in the past wherein homeowners who have called the police have been mistaken for intruders and (wrongly) shot. Granted, telling him not to shoot again (as early in their conversation as that was) when both kids could still have been in danger was as wrong as it could be (again in my opinion) but I don’t know what the 911 operator’s training emphasizes in situations like that either. It may sound like I am defending the Negress here, but I am not. I am just calling it like I heard it in the recording.

  16. ‘Do not, while I’m on the phone, do not fire that firearm, OK?’ the dispatcher says.

    ‘What if another one comes in the house, ma’am?’ he asked.

    ‘Let me know, OK, if you see anybody. I will let you know (when a deputy gets to the house)

    I don’t care if there were cops and paramedics were on the scene; the 911 operator had no business telling him not to shoot when she had idea what threats he or the sister were facing. I don’t think the 911 operator wanted to protect the intruders, however. Her concern was probably for the cops. The cops always put their own safety first. It’s one of many reasons you can’t rely on the cops for protection. There were several cops on the scene at Columbine who stood around with their thumbs up their asses while kids were being murdered because they did not want to put themelves at risk.

  17. I won’t split hairs over procedure.. In the end, it was a righteous victory for white people, innocence was saved, and at least one filthy, rapine, subhuman NIGGER got sent to hell where he belongs. That’s about the best we can ask for in times like these.

  18. 9-11 is government-sponsored dial-a-prayer.

    Here’s a link to a horrific crime story from the District of the Congo where diversity in the police department prevented an effective response to a home invasion by diversity in the streets. The upshot was a major court case in which the judiciary formally ruled that the police have no duty to protect you.
    WARNING: reading this case will make a normal person angry.

  19. @Lew

    Very nice. I’m more of a revolver guy, but you gotta love the concealability and ammo capacity of those M&P’s.

    BTW, my link is bad. It was for the S&W model 627 ‘Pro Series’. Anyone in the market for handgun, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

    It’s an awesome value for what you pay (ignore the MSRP; dealer prices are generally lower) and an 8-shot revolver chambered for .357 magnum is about as formidable as you can get.

  20. Can the heroic young man who bagged a buck somehow be persuaded to artificially inseminate 10,000 White women?

  21. He’s 14. I’m pretty damn sure he’d being willing to inseminate 10,000 White women the good ole fashion way

  22. I hearby bestow upon that brave young man the first annual Rorkes Drift Award for defending his home and loved ones against rampaging niggers.

  23. Good story. But, I hope this Southern White teen doesn’t shoot a blue eyed White guy from Wisconsin who comes to date his sister.

  24. “Can the heroic young man who bagged a buck somehow be persuaded to artificially inseminate 10,000 White women?”

    Take out the artificial part and I’m sure the 14 year old boy is game.

  25. “….I don’t care if there were cops and paramedics were on the scene; the 911 operator had no business telling him not to shoot when she had idea what threats he or the sister were facing…

    Well… IF THE TWO kids had been killed by one of the perpetrators re-entering the home, THEN the whole thing would be a real issue.

    If your kids are killed BECAUSE a 9-1-1 operator TELLS THEM not to defend themselves, and under fire, and in confusion, they trust an “authority figure,” then what?

    This is a deep problem in child rearing—- in a normal society, “authority” (including simply other adults, “your elders,” CAN be respected, listened to.)

    Previously, in many southern communities (NO MORE), the people who lived there really were extended kin. Other adults were like extensions of one’s own parents. As much as some PTB would like that to be the “tone” of their society with a couple whites sprinkled in (maybe just to defend them against charges of total genocide), it does not work, and this 9-1-1 operator is why. The person has no interest in the life of the kids.

    Denise is right, the Operator refers to the perpetrator as “victim.”

  26. Happy ending that is for sure. I am just waiting for the NAACP and the Rainbow Coliation to come marching through the streets in Vance to demand “justice” for the killings.

  27. Stupid fucking 911 operator!

    “Put your weapon down! I will tell you when the deputies are in the house”

    WTF! She should be saying “Keep the weapon in your hands until I tell you the deputies are in the house”

  28. Dixiegirl – The Negress EMPHASIZED the word “victim”. She was PRETENDING to care aobut the White kids. I have worked next to Blacks for years. I know their vocal tones, and inflections. I know when they are putting on the “I am a a Professional, you Honky Cracka!” routine. George is clueless.

  29. The vast majority of breakins in this country occur to empty homes, something to the tune of +90%, and for this very reason. They in all likelyhood did not have mere property theft on the agenda, or they’d have picked a different time.

  30. I find this entry rather amusing as all the parties, the 14yo and his sister, the 4 thug negroes and the dispatcher are black. listen to the audio of the 911 call and you can clearly hear the young man is of african american descent. now hopefully this doesn’t sway your opinions of this young man in his action based on the color of his skin, I would hate to think that racism is thriving here in Dixie

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