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  1. This man was mentally ill. This is not a race issue, except in that the jeering cameraman sounded black.

  2. Has posting daily records of their idiotic and deranged antics on WSHH become the sole raison d’etre for Negro existence?

    That woman and camera man don’t sound much better than Mr. Muh Dik. OMG. They do not belong in human society. Mr Muh Dik would be fine wandering around the African veldt, doing whatever feels right, without the horrific constricitons of law, civlized mores, and clothng.

  3. I agree Hunter. They are their own worst enemy because they can’t understand the repercussions of their actions as a group.

    You actually see crazies like this in Chicago fairly regularly. Saw one in Barnes & Noble the other day and told the person working in the cafe “I’ve seen her before, she likes to air her ass out”, the worker gave me a dumb look like he didn’t get it, and low and behold within 45 seconds she had pulled her sweat pants down as far as being seated would allow.

    Thing I don’t understand, isn’t he supposed to have a enormous knee length penis that all women desire?

  4. Biggest recorded penis is a white guy. 14 inches.

    He refuses to do porn. That’s integrity. He could retire off that asset.

  5. The tiny little negro brain in that simian skull is, as noted by early-century race realists, “less closely related to humans than to the higher anthropoids.”

    In a perfect world these apes would be the object of rightful pity; the problem is that with the Great Late-Twentieth Century Delusion, DWLs have been whispering in their tiny gorilla ears that they are equal to other races, perhaps even superior to other races.

    As a result negroes fail to behave in a properly humble way.

    I get no satisfaction making fun of a retard. But when that retard has moved into my house and copped an invader’s attitude, I develop contempt for him.

    Naggers !



    – crimesofthetimes.com

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