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  1. RE: Santorum article

    I thought it was worse than it was because when I read it when it came out Santorum still had the air of the Golden Boy, even though he had lost the election.

    Is it possible that Santorum could take the nomination because Americans miss the beautiful days of the neoconservative revolution? Well, nobody ever went broke betting on the political naivete of the American people.

  2. RRS – No! Looks great…..What a WONDERFUL idea! I only have to wait 6 more years????!!!! YAY!!!!

    I’ll bet they make the Nazis the bad guys though.


  3. Denise — you mean you didn’t see the trailer, with the black guy trumping the Nazi in computer science?

    Technically it’s a funny joke: the space-Nazi, who’s been cut off from earth developments for decades, refuses to believe that something as small as an iPod is a “computer” — he points to a wall-size HAL-type model and says “ZIS is a computer!” In a neutral zone that’s hilarious, but of course the filmmakers have to spoil the joke by making the inevitable black guy the herald of advanced technology… The equivalent of making some five-foor obese diabetic mestizo the avatar of throwing a rubber ball through a basketball hoop.

    Anyway, what’d ya expect? In a world packed to the brim with non-white villains, our filmmakers boldly reach for… fictitious antiquated space Nazis. Who could have guessed?

  4. If I remember correctly, Santorum was routinely named the Dumbest Member of the U.S. Senate during his tenure. And, when Santorum dared to say something negative about sodomy, homosexuals introduced the term “santorum” into their filthy patois. Look it up.

  5. Hard to believe, that Rick “the Mad Bomber” Santorum, former attorney for the World Wrestling Federation, who wants to bomb Iran, has won four Republican primaries so far.

    Keep an eye on this Roman Catholic backstabber & Jew suck, he may be the Republican candidate.

  6. Santorum was routinely named the Dumbest Member of the U.S. Senate during his tenure

    By who? The Washington post? The more the left demonizes a man the more likely he is to be our man.

    Not that I’m a Santorum fan, but lets be careful on our intell sources and how we form our opinions

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