Black History Month 2012: Review: Viva Riva!

Viva Riva! heralds the cinematic return of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

In the American imagination, Detroit symbolizes the depths to which civilization under the Black Undertow is capable of sinking.

Black History Month 2012 has provided us with the occasion to take a step back and look at African-Americans in the wider international perspective of black civilization in post-colonial Africa.

There seems to be an uncanny relationship between parent and offspring. Patrice Lumumba’s Congo, Charles Taylor’s Liberia, and Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe are Detroit or Philadelphia on a much larger scale.

Notice the senseless violence that spirals out of control, the casual brutality, the corruption, the nepotism, the tribalism, the extravagance, the utopian visions of the future, the claim to racial victimhood, the low trust societies. Without exception, it is the common thread running through every African country we have studied, and it is what has ultimately hobbled each and every one of them over the last fifty years.

Viva Riva! is a critically acclaimed 2011 film that takes us into the criminal underworld of modern Kinshasa. It is the first movie produced in the war ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo in twenty years. The movie has been hailed across the world for “capturing the spirit of Kinshasa.”

Kinshasa is the largest black city in the world: 10 million Congolese are now crammed into the remains of Léopoldville which boasted a population of 500,000 when the Democratic Republic of Congo was granted independence in 1960.

By comparison, there are 590,023 African-Americans in Detroit which once supported 1.85 million people in 1950. Kinshasa has a homicide rate of 112 per 100,000. The homicide rate in Detroit is 34.4 per 100,000. In New Orleans there are 54.4 homicides per 100,000. St. Louis has 45.1 homicides per 100,000.

Set in the dystopian ruins of Kinshasa, Viva Riva! is the story of a Congolese gangster who has hijacked a truckload of gasoline from Angola and who is making a fortune for himself on the black market catering to a city suffering from a chronic fuel shortage.

The electricity is flickering out and Riva is on a drinking-and-whoring spree in the Kinshasa nightclubs when he falls for the love interest of a local kingpin who claims to be descended from the royal bloodline of the Kongo Kingdom. The Angolans are also chasing after him to recover their stolen gasoline.

Viva Riva! is sex, drugs, violence, and gang warfare … set to the beat and the backdrop of the worldwide capital of the Black Undertow. The only reason to watch this film is to climb Martin Luther King, Jr.’s mountaintop and take in the view from the absolute summit of black urban civilization after 52 years of freedom and equality.

This is a glimpse of what New Orleans or Atlanta would look like after White people. It is unclear why anyone would associate such a future with progress. Kinshasa and Port-au-Prince are what happens when liberals confuse progress with equality.

The takeaway lesson from Viva Riva! is that it was was freedom, equality, and democracy that transformed Léopoldville into this garbage dump on the Congo River. These ideals are grossly unsuited to the African character and forcing them on them always results in a predictable disaster.

Note: Viva Riva! can be watched in its entirety on NetFlix.

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  1. the similarities between detroit and the congo are more than genetic. Both groups have gone feral because they’ve bought into the jewish ideals of marxism/cultural marxism.

    Things are worse for negros in the congo because their isn’t a productive White population to prop them up, while detroit gets to bleed us dry through state and federal tax money. detroit “enjoys” the advantages of the modern world negros never created and cannot maintain. My guess is, detroit would turn into the congo damn near over night if White folks withdrew our money and have you

  2. “this is a picture of what Atlanta or New Orleans will look like after white people.”

    Nope, not quite: Congo hasn’t hit rock bottom (or AWP) yet. After all, apparently there’s still “gasoline”, and “trucks” you can put it in, and a few “roads” left on which to drive the “trucks”… plus these fabled things called “nightclubs”… all vestigial remnants of evil white folks. Give ’em another 50 years to achieve the true ideals of Negritude.

    Ah, Kinshasa! I know its University well! One of the jewels of global higher learning!

    The next time you drop by the world-famous University of Kinshasa (like one does), perhaps to attend one of their advanced lecture series in cutting-edge astrophysics, please give my kind regards to my old mentor, Professor Ngake Mboleze, chair of their legendary Department of Biochemistry, one of the true giants in his field.


  3. The department of neuro surgery is also a jewel in the crown of medical education.

    Dr G’Not Soexacto Nyfe. He’s a really sought after surgeon.

  4. The funniest thing is that all of these countries are generically referred to as “developing nations”.

  5. Hunter,

    I’m firmly convinced we are in the middle of the greatest war of Assymetrical Attrition ever fought by mankind. Every interracial murder, rape, take over of neighbourhood, halfcaste born is a small but significant defeat as bitter as Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow must have been for the French. To have seen my people go from a global collossus within two generations to an hysterical society condemning the likes of Emma West for simply speaking her mind, fills me with dread. So quick is the fall.

  6. Meanwhile in actual history…during flack history munf…

    I read in the news today that German scientists have mapped the entire genome of an archaic human known as a Denisovan. source

    I also read that the Russians concluded 20 years of drilling in Antarctica, tapping into a lake that has been trapped in darkness for 20 million years. source

    Another discovery this week revealed that a mild, painless electrical shock to the brain enhances learning.

    Astronomers discovered a ‘super earth’ in a life friendly zone in deep space.

    And just since the beginning of 2012 scientists in Scottland discovered a vaccine for ovarian cancer. Another headline read, “DNA sequences from tumor cells can be used to direct the immune system to attack cancer.”

  7. Why any white American would want to see a disgusting film like this is beyond me. We have American blacks like Spike Lee who can make films that are just as disgusting as this trash! LOL!

  8. John I agree we are in the middle of a war. Right now it’s asymmetrical but it will progress to large scale and full time warfare. I believe it reflects the spiritual war between the Almighty God and the enemy of our souls. We were still a predominantly godly people 2 generations ago, when our people were still global colossuses. We no longer are that godly people, so we are no longer colossus.

    To my mind, the jews were the 1st ones offered God’s new deal; they rejected it and Him. When the early missionaries spread out to evangelize the world, Christ took hold in the West like no other places; He became our God, we became His people and God blessed us like no other people before us. The jews, children of the father of lies, are the earthly intellectual elite and general staff of the enemy. negros, mexicans etc are the useful idiots and cannon fodder, DWL’s are traitors to God and his people, fools chasing after false prophets & false profit. The kind Paul warned us about

    We will not be colossuses until we as a people return to God and His ways. And I mean the real, masculine God of the Bible, not the effeminate, feminine version DWL’s would have us believe in.

  9. @TabuLa Raza

    Hilarious video, ghetto rigging at its would be finest hour! If he ever gets it off the ground it’s a cinch he’ll be in black history month hall of fame.

  10. ” Kinshasa has a homicide rate of 112 per 100,000. The homicide rate in Detroit is 34.4 per 100,000. In New Orleans there are 54.4 homicides per 100,000. St. Louis has 45.1 homicides per 100,000.”

    Also it’s worth remembering that the lower US numbers are partly due to paramedics and better hospitals keeping wounded victims alive. The US numbers could easily double or triple if they had a Kinshasa level of medical facilities.

  11. I’d like to know the rate of attempted homicide in all these places–Kinshasa, Detroit, St. Louis etc.. The prior poster does bring up a significant factor of medical advancement in these places..

  12. TabuLa Raza: Excellent video on Black Congresswoman. Check out Jeff Rense – What Tim is saying is science fiction Mind Over Matter. Tim Rifat is a trip—but part about Dr. Dee and Black Magic is really something….,. Also THE VATIC PROJECT has good info also. Hunter did great showing about Undertow……

  13. What is it about the modern consumer that they love these “triumph among the ruins” movies? Everything about the lives these characters endure is terrible, yet audiences want to romanticize it. “Oh, these boring and terrible safe, clean, stable, and efficient suburbs! I’d like to live in a postmodern wasteland of violence, despair, disease, filth and pointlessness.” Yeah… you go, suburbanite.

  14. maybe folks like ‘these “triumph among the ruins” movies’ because they’ve never experienced triumph or ruin or poverty in their own lives? I don’t know, either but it is something I’ve wondered about.

    one of the things I find damn near unbelievable is how many people think they will “rise to the occasion” with no previous history of doing so. In this case it’s going from couch potato to warrior king. Chicks have divorce porn, weak males with delusions of untapped greatness have disaster porn

  15. I just caught the tail end of “The Last King of Scotland” (Agggghh!!! That ugly vile Nigra BEAST was brutally torturing lovely beautiful blue eyed cute cuddly adorable I wish I was 17 again Man Candy James MacAvoy!!!! I could barely watch – he’s so pretty it hurts to look even though I know its all make-up!).

    ‘Zounds! The ONLY reason we know about Amin is because of Entebbe. Amin, apparently, is not *unique* – but par for the course.

  16. Denise,

    My dad was parachuted into Sinai with his regiment in the 50s to sort out the Egyptians. They demolished a number of Egyptian units and Eisenhower called foul. My grandad was involved in bush wars in the 20s in East Africa as well as India. Those were good times to be a European. Better days for Americans too.

    MacAvoy’s character was so naive about the devils.

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