Black History Month 2012: The Bloody Birth of South Sudan

After eight months of independence, South Sudan prepares for war

South Sudan

Last July, the Republic of South Sudan was launched with much excitement as Africa’s 54th state and the world’s newest black nation.

The euphoric celebrations by the South Sudanese Black Undertow continued through the night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Omaha, Nebraska and Toronto, Canada.

After the First Sudanese Civil War and Second Sudanese Civil War which lasted for 39 years and cost roughly 2 million lives, the South Sudanese diaspora took to the streets to scream “Free at Last.”

South Sudan will soon make its debut near the rock bottom of the U.N. Human Development Index. 83 percent of the population is illiterate. 90 percent of the population lives on less than $1 dollar a day. A third of the population survives on food aid. There are less than 100 miles of paved roads. The infrastructure built by the British now lies in shambles after decades of civil war.

There is nothing stopping South Sudan from becoming the richest and most self sufficient country in East Africa but the backwardness of its own population. It is 10 percent larger than Kenya, but 80 percent of the land is arable in South Sudan compared to 20 percent in Kenya. Yet only 4 percent of South Sudan’s arable land is cultivated by its own people.

South Sudan parted ways from the north with 75 percent of Sudan’s oil reserves and most of Sudan’s arable land. Now that the harsh economic reality of South Sudanese independence is being felt in Khartoum, Sudan and South Sudan are clashing along the border and war seems to be imminent.

On January 20th, South Sudan shutdown oil production because Sudan was siphoning off and selling oil from the pipeline that runs through the north which is its only export route to the Red Sea. 97 percent of South Sudan’s national budget comes from revenues from oil production.

As Sudan masses troops along the border and begins air strikes, the U.N. Security Council is expressing “deep and growing alarm with the rising levels of malnutrition and food insecurity” in the region and calling on both countries to allow U.N. personnel to deliver relief supplies to civilians affected by the conflict.

There is also the interesting question of the 500,000 South Sudanese who are still living in Sudan whose citizenship has been revoked and who must leave the country by April. It is logistically impossible to transport that many people to South Sudan in a little over a month.

The creation of South Sudan effectively put the south under the rule of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement which fought against Sudan for decades in the Second Sudanese Civil War. The fighting has continued between Sudan and SPLM guerrillas in the border states of Blue Nile and South Kordofan. Sudan has accused South Sudan of using oil revenues to finance the insurrection.

As we celebrate Black History Month 2012, South Sudan has decided to use its Doomsday Machine against the north and its own population by taking the bold step of shutting down oil production. It will need massive foreign aid from the West to compensate for the lost $650 million dollars in oil revenues per month.

How are the U.N. relief supplies supposed to get into South Sudan though without paved roads and with Sudan blocking humanitarian assistance from reaching the area? South Sudan appears to be hurtling toward an inevitable Ethiopia-style war and famine with Sudan.

In the last eight months of independence, South Sudan has also gained a reputation for Liberian-style tribal genocide, ethnic cleansing, freedom of the press, and violence against U.N. peacekeepers. In spite of spending $6 billion dollars on U.S. foreign aid to South Sudan, DWLs have only succeeded in ushering in another inductee to Black Africa’s honor roll of failed states.

South Sudan has all the characteristics of another Darfur, Rwanda, or Liberia in the making. 2 million Sudanese have already died in two civil wars since independence from Britain in 1956. A third civil war over oil revenues seems to be imminent.

The bleeding heart liberals of the West have learned from the failure and collapse of every other African state (think Congo, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Somalia, Rwanda) in spite of over $300 billion dollars in foreign aid that has been spent on Africa since the 1970s.

Assuredly, when the next inevitable war breaks out and the already dire standard of living collapses even further, there will be “humanitarian” calls by DWLs to resettle the starving South Sudanese refugees in places like Omaha, Nebraska and Sioux City, South Dakota which will further exacerbate the growing Black Undertow problem in the Great Plains cities.

Oh, there is one last thing: it was the evil British imperialists who put an end to slavery in South Sudan when it was part of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan from 1899 to 1956. The BBC and CNN have shown that slavery was revived in Sudan in the mid-1980s.

OD commemorates Black History Month 2012 by celebrating the birth of South Sudan which is one of the few places in the world where you can purchase a black slave for $50 dollars in the 21st century.

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  1. There’s nothing stopping south Sudan from becoming the richest place in the world, except it’s chock full of niggers…

    We should have let the Janjaweed wipe them out. We can cope with Arabs. It’s not always smooth but the Arab is not irredeemably useless. They have Art, poetry and literature even a religion.

  2. I do wonder if this could spread to Egypt. In a meaningful way. Just divide up a country. No long term consequences there right? Surely? Khartoum will likely implode.

  3. The Magic of the Dinka
    White liberals love the Dinka. Let us hope that the billionaire basketball team owners and the basketball colleges don’t import Dinka prospects wholesale. Does Bill Gates believe that the Dinka are as smart as the Tribe? What do Bill Gates and Warren Buffett really think about the future of the U.S.A. and the white European races?

  4. Two million killed in 39 years of civil war? Bloody slackers. Can’t do anything properly.

    AIDS is also proving to be a disappointment.

    I know, let’s just stop feeding them.

  5. These posts are absolutely perfect. The implications of Mr. Wallace’s arc of argument are so clear and so obvious that even DWLs would have to squirm under the weight, were they able to see reality at all.

    The White man has NEVER, NEVER, NEVER mistreated blacks with as much consistency and violence as other blacks. And He never will.

  6. Dinka – First Year Book, What Is the What
    “What rules us now is a soft-headed, mushy, egalitarian, feminine sort of altruism, where we are more inclined to feed the starving picaninnies of Africa than to take account of the fact every picaninny who doesn’t starve to death now will grow up to breed more picaninnies.” – William Pierce Hardheaded Altruism

  7. We should have let the Janjaweed wipe them out. We can cope with Arabs. It’s not always smooth but the Arab is not irredeemably useless. They have Art, poetry and literature even a religion.

    don’t know many hajjis do you

  8. I wish Kartoum well in thumping the Southern niggers.

    I think we have again been conned into supporting a bunch of cannibals instead of backing the one (however debased it is) civilizing hope (Arabs) that existed there.

    Morons. The West is full of morons. This will turn into a replay of Zanzibar with a ten fold body count. Mainly of dead Arabs.

  9. Have you fellows seen “Lord of War”? The main character is an independent gun runer. He sells all sorts of weapons to African cannibals. The gflaick is supposed to engender a DWL “Oh the horror! It’s his fault for selling tthem guns”” – but the narration makes it quite clear, regarding African mayhem, that is can’t be prevented and it’s useless to try.

    The retardates of the West will keep funnelling assets to the cannibals until there’s nothing left.

  10. you only think arbs are civilized because you haven’t spent much time around them

    I’ve got years of working in the middle east and they are barbaric that would happily do to us what negros do to us when given a chance.

  11. It’s horrible that our government confiscates our money to send to these people, but our government does a lot of very stupid things.

    It is even worse that churches who should know better send the aid that allows this type behavior to be propagated and the horrible suffering continues generation after generation. It sounds brutal,but if left to their own devices they would soon lose the capability to wage war on a large scale as the population is reduced due to these conditions and like of food and money.

  12. Better than blacks? YES. Arabs are not a cancer.

    Btw I grew up around Pakis so, you tell me what I know eh? My sister teaches in Dubai. I know ’em well enough. At least a deal can be struck with an Arab.

  13. Would Africa be better off if it were entirely cleared of niggers? Yes.

    We stabbed the Afrikaaners in the back. America told the Brits Portuguese and French to leave Africa. Now the only other group with the balls to hold their ground the Arabs just got themselves cut out– by well meaning evangelical christian zionist nigger lovers.

    I know the pitfalls of Arab, Turkish, Pakistani and Persian muzzies. I just prefer them to cannibal blacks. That’s all. Americans WTF do you even want?

    The nigger menace just keeps growing and growing meanwhile.

  14. I’m not sure about enabling chaos in Africa is good.

    1. Since independence they have had chaos. And their population has quadrupled. They are not killing each other off fast enough for that desired outcome.

    2. Everytime they have a famine, caused by war 100%, bleeding hearts send money there.

    3. Everytime they have a war Europe accepts refugees and so does South Dakota.

    I say reoccupy them, cull their population under an imperial mandate and replace them with white settlers.

    Gun running makes them multiply.

    3. Everytime

  15. @Stonelifter

    There are lots of Lebanese Muslims in Detroit, and they don’t cause any trouble. I’ve known many while growing up, and believe me, they hate niggers as much, if not more, than we do. We have lots of Chaldeans here too. They’re Catholic, and while they also despise niggers, the Lebanese Muslims are better behaved in general. So go figure about that.


    Yeah, I’ve seen Lord of War. The tragic younger brother reminded me a lot of my uncle David. He had a problem with drugs as well, and died young. And my mom’s father was into building and shooting guns, too. Kinda sad, but it was a good movie. Spot on about the niggers and their internecine brutality for pleasure.

  16. Chris 313 – The Lord of War was SUPPOSED to be about the evil CREATED by the “villian” Orlov. The protagonist. He is an a-moral …..I don’t know what to call him. in some ways is is a John Galt realist. He’s supposed to serve as the stand-in for “Western exploitation” of those poor innocent Children of Nature Darkies, who never would do terrible things were it not for the malificent influence of White Debbils.

    The movie it too well-written, though, to serve the political ideologies of the filmmakers. The Africans are depicted as they are. Savage brutes, GLORYING in power, and bloodlust. The arms dealers are cynical and utterly selfish but dry-eyed realists. They are Material Men, men without countries, and the serve a purpose, as the last ecen of the movie makes abudantly clear.

    John is right about their profession – they ennable chaos, and the mayhem and worfare just comes BACK to the West. The dewey-eyed DoGooders, and the coldly imperialistic Military/Govm’t Overlords work hand in glove – altough the Do Gooders are too stupid to understand their role.

    I wish the Western Governments were working for the West, but they are not. The Western Gubmint Officials are Men and Women without Countries, as well – just addresses. If they were working for Blood and Soil – they would get RID of racal aliens, and take over the continents.

    Alas, we are ruled by Jews, and their Jew-Think Shabbos Golems, and we are slated for oblivion. Not their Dark Pets.

  17. Indeed, you can just ignore liberal type arguments and proponents by simply going beyond their assumptions.

    I laugh at famine footage now. I’m suspicious of good intent. More willing to accept naked colonization and imperialism–At least it is honest.

  18. @John

    Well, colonization and imperialism are partly responsible for the straits we’re currently in. I’d be happy with good old- fashioned isolationism.

  19. Americans have that wrong. We Brits, Belgians, French, Portguese were thrashing the niggers in their nests. Once we stopped and evacuated (under American pressure) the nogs were free to infest the motherland.

  20. One must also ID the USSR as a protagonist in decolonization.

    If the cold war had been thought out with an eye for the 21st and 22nd centuries, the US and USSR would have agreed to western Europe keeping the black under the thumb.

    Instead the petty squabble turned into a massacre of whites and a decay in civilized standards. Marx himself cheered on European expansion into Africa. Marx was himself anti-nigger. He used the word all the time.

  21. At least a deal can be struck with an Arab.
    the koran only allows those “deals” to last 10 years; in that time hajjis are to retool and get ready for war on the non believers. They are also allowed to break the deal and launch a sneak attack when ever they are ready.

    Did you live among Paki’s in their homeland or yours? See they can be well behaved when in non-moslem lands. Inside their own land is different. Over here, bestiality is rampant; sex with young boys is rampant; the rich can have someone take their place in jail or other punishments; rape is the fault of their women and it’s the women who do jail time after their rape; they kill each other with gusto. I’ve seen them kill each other large scale in Iraq in 1990, and the current rounds of fighting in iraq and a-stan. and I mean women and little kids with mass rape thrown in. They did the same kind of things in the Balkans when I was there. They think very little of non-moslems and non-arbs. There are main stream moslem clerics in kuwait who preach that Whites should be taken as war trophy’s and used as sex slaves by moslems to keep young moslem men sexually pure for marriage

    do not base your opinion’s of moslems on their good behavior in the West.

    You cold also goggle the rape problems in Sweden and the like to see how they behave. Have you forgotten the hajji riots in France? Have you read the koran and hadith? Google voices of martyrs or go to jihad watch .org. Look at world history. moslems are commanded to wage war on non moslems until they dominate the world. They do that when ever the West is weak. They enslaves large numbers of Europeans for a long time til Jefferson stood up with them. And the White people who were enslaved were castrated or used as sex slaves. The White slaves were treated so bad there is no version of them in moslem lands like there is negros in ours.

    They are also not rational. They are proud they invaded and took over Christian lands like Egpyt, Syria,Turkey etc and at the same time call the Crusades to take back those once Christian lands evil. They will at the same time be proud of 9/11 and accuse jews of doing it

    Y’all need to get out more if you think arbs and moslems are better. I say they are worse because they have a moderately high IQ to use with their religion of hate

  22. Did I say they were a step above a black? Or did I say they were by bossom buddy?

    My ancestors trod on their necks for centuries. We subjugated and colonized them. America on the other hand publically claimed to be liberating them. Giving them democracy… Blah blah blah. We turning them into chai wallahs and punka wallahs and spitshine sepoys. There were never illusions of equality sold to Tommy Atkins As they sold Grunt’s in Iraq and Af-Pak.

  23. In 1956 or thereabouts a British force landed in Suez to beat the shit out of the Arabs. They beat them black and blue. Enforcing a bit of imperial order. Eisenhower called foul and chastised the Britih threatening a run on British currency. One reason we have a hard time keeping Arabs in line, aong with blacks, is that American presidents viewed the Last white empire we will ever know with irrational suspicion. America along with Europe is reaping the consequences of that suspicion. Sewers happy losing a hundred soldiers every year or so keeping Africa in good order. You won’t see the country lift a finger to thump anyone anymore though.

  24. iPhone changed my last sentence.

    The British were happy to lose a hundred soldiers a year if it meant that Brits could settle in Africa, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore (And often rule those places) think of those places as the forward defence of civilization along with America in it’s own way. Dixie was a white Empire within a “Republic”.

  25. don’t get me wrong. I have no beef with the British empire or their actions’ expect when they would try those games with my team. My beef is with the idea that some how dealing with hajjis is better than dealing with negros. It isn’t

  26. “Americans have that wrong. We Brits, Belgians, French, Portguese were thrashing the niggers in their nests. Once we stopped and evacuated (under American pressure) the nogs were free to infest the motherland.”

    Likewise we were free to be isolationist precisely because the British Empire existed.

  27. stonelifter identifies 2 of the main problems: “… dealing with hajjis … dealing with negros …” The other 2 problems: cultural Marxism and lack of a pro-White ideology with wide appeal Are whites brain-dead, or are they toiling under the Reign of Fear?
    “I may not have been the greatest president, but I’ve had the most fun eight years.” – Bill Clinton
    Does Bill Clinton indicate that the U.S. federal empire is soon to enter its Caligula/Nero phase? What are plans for dealing with the following problems?
    1) demographic implosion of Whites
    2) demographic explosion of non-whites (except for East Asians)
    3) racial mongrelization and anti-White ideology now ruling
    4) open borders and failure to deal with Moslem threat
    5) equal rights for blacks and failure to acknowledge cannibalistic genetic tendencies of blacks
    6) erosion of family values, work ethic, and pro-White attitudes among White people
    If cultural Marxist Christianity is not replaced soon, then are the White European races going the way of the Visigoths?

  28. The Royal Navy was a good sheild during America’s expansion westward once the Canadian border was agreed upon between the two.

  29. would that be the same navy that impressed our sailors and helped arm the indians against us….

    Personally I think cultural marxism is THE problem. Without that we’d have never strayed and we’d deal with negros, hajjis etc in a rational manner

    If things get to bad here, me and mine are going to Alaska.

  30. The Royal Navy kept all sorts of French, German and Spanish predators away.

    Don’t run to Alaska though. Just fight back as best you can. Isolationism is not gonna protect your family and property.

    It’s a shame you were deployed to Afpak and Iraq. It was a waste of effort. Don’t confuse those geopolitical game wars with colonizing.

  31. “would that be the same navy that impressed our sailors and helped arm the indians against us….”

    Yes it would be. While Jefferson sent Marines into Tripoli to get our people back, it was ultimately a british naval taskforce that put an end to the barbary pirates.

  32. iraq and the a-stan have been the adventure of a lifetime! I love being here. But I’m 48 and love the life. It’s better money and better living than my army days.

    Isolation will protect my people. Isolating them from TV protected them from all types of wrong thinking. Relocation to Alaska will do the same in a physical sense. Alaska is my fall back position. It’s White, mostly untamed and rich in natural resources. The type of jobs that can’t be out sourced. The sort of place White men thrive. Plus it has it’s own independence movement.

    I’d like to see White people turn things around here in the South. It’s the land of my fathers father going back to the days when people were unsure if we’d have a permanent foothold in the new world. My mother’s people landed in Va in the mid-late 1600’s. My father is quite literally buried in my back yard, and I’m happier on my farm then anywhere else. Men in my family killed indians, Brits and damnyankees to carve up this state. I love it here beyond words to describe

    I have 5 children, 2 grandchildren; three brothers with wives and kids of their own; and a disable uncle, his wife and two kids I’m responsible for. My family believes in patriarchy. If things don’t improve in the next 10 years we’re making the move. It’s not about me or my beloved forefathers. It’s about my sept.

    the British empire did what it did for the sake of it’s own people. I have no issue with their actions when it brushed up against my people. But the reality is, they were a pain in our ass and worked against us. It’s what nations do and there is good reason for White folks to have a grudge against the Brits

  33. Stonelifter -you are doing the right thing, whatever you do. You have an extended family. If your family is like YOU, then your are White and Southenr where’ere you land. It’s about values, and family. We NEED intact White familes like yours. If Alaska is the place for you to be, and your extended clan genetics survive and thrive when the Mainland USA devolves into the Congo, or Sudan – so be it. You establsh your clan’s turf – and ride it out.

    I never had kids, alas. I do have young ones in my family. I and my sisters will stay here and stick it out til the bitter end. I am presumptuous to impose, and request a favor from you – I ask is that one day, if I need to send my beloved young family members to your turf (and my young family members are innately racialist, BELIEVE me) and you hear a merry band of wise-assetted young Celts, yelling, “Stonelifter – we’re HERE!” – please show them around.


  34. Thank you Denise. If we as a nation ever turn into the congo, my family will be in Alaska; my rifle and I will be in NC

  35. Stonelifter,

    sept? My own goes back to Brian Boru’s brother. The Irish weave in and out of British imperialism as much participant and enforcer as anything else.

    Your people weren’t abandoned by Teach when he got rid of his Revenge of Queen Anne crew on Ockracoke Island were they?

    Someone Hasto have a foot in Africa keeping the black down. Be they Brit, Belgian, French or Portuguese.

  36. No, my people came here to conqouer a new world. The British ones to make money; and the Brits sent my Scottish and Irish ancestors to keep indians in check while the Brits made money

    I don’t think we need very many White men in africa or the middle east to keep them down. We can always bribe some skinny/ hajji to do it for us

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