Black History Month 2012: Kin La Poubelle

From "Kinshasa The Beautiful" to "Kinshasa The Trash Bin"

Democratic Republic of Congo

Over the last 52 years, Léopoldville (now “Kinshasa”) has undergone the most extreme form of man made “climate change” anywhere on the planet.

This city which used to be known as “Kin La Belle” (Kinshasa the Beautiful) has been transformed by the Black Undertow into “Kin La Poubelle” (Kinshasa the Dump).

10 million Congolese are now jammed into a city that was built by the Belgians to accommodate less than 200,000 people. The Western principles of urban planning have been thrown out the window. The whole city has become a mountain of garbage where open sewers run through the streets.

In 1967, Mobutu Sese Seko made “authenticité” the official state ideology of Congo: the European statues of Henry Morton Stanley, King Albert, and King Leopold II were torn down, Léopoldville, Stanleyville, and Elisabethville were renamed Kinshasa, Kisangani, and Lubumbashi, and Congo was renamed Zaire.

Christian names were rejected in favor of African names, Western suits and ties were rejected in favor of African tunics, visiting heads of state were greeted by African drums and singing instead of the traditional 21 gun salute, the Congolese people were required by law to “mentally decolonize” themselves from Western influence.

“Authenticité is the realization by the Zairean people that it must return to its origins, seek out the values of its ancestors, to discover those which contribute to harmonious and natural development. It is the refusal to blindly embrace imported ideologies. It is, in short, the affirmation of mankind, in its place, with its mental and social structures.”

As we saw in Black History Month 2012: Rape in the Congo, “authenticité” has been a marvelous success: history has been thrown into reverse and Congo is returning to its old ways of cannibalism, gang rape, witchcraft, genocide, and slavery.

The garbage is piling up in the streets, the jungle is overtaking highways, the rail system has broken down, the roads are collapsing into sinkholes, the mines have collapsed, the factories are rusting, the currency has been destroyed, law and order has collapsed, hotels, schools, and hospitals are being abandoned, banking and credit are almost gone … it is a leftist dream come true, the “noble savage” in the Congo is returning to the “state of the nature” where Henry Morton Stanley found him.

OD celebrates Black History Month 2012 by exploring Kin La Poubelle and the achievements of black public administrators in the Democratic Republic of Congo which gives us a preview of what Detroit and New Orleans would look like if these cities were ever allowed to be authentically black.

Note: In the third video, you can see the resemblance between Kinshasa and Port-au-Prince. Most Haitians are descended from Congolese slaves that were transported to Saint-Domingue to work on sugar and coffee plantations.

In the fourth video, you can see the recent riots by the Black Undertow in Matonge in Belgium, which is the Congolese slum quarter in Brussels. The power of race can be seen in their ability to reproduce the same conditions in Kinshasa, Brussels, Port-au-Prince, Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans, and Detroit.

This is a theme which we are going to start hitting harder in coming months: African-Americans, Haitians, Afro-Brazilians, and Congolese are the same people. Haitians and African-Americans are drawn almost equally from the same sources.

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  1. This Bhm series is simply brilliant. It ought to be published in hard copy, with footnotes. It’s almost a conference paper. You can scour my déclassé rants off your boards as well. You’ve created a gem here.

    “Keeping It Real: Contemporary Global Black History”

    that’s my suggestion for a title.

  2. “Port-au-Prince looks and smells like a dump — because it is. … Even earthquake shelters are next to mountains of garbage … You will see everything here except for a scrap of human dignity.” — Paula Newton (youtube video “Haiti buried under trash!”)
    Paula Newton is a Canadian liberal or ultra-liberal, but she can’t change reality. In the video “The view from a Polish deli”, we see how the media deceives whites into focusing on white immigrants instead of non-white immigrants. Also note that non-white E.U. citizens can enter the U.K. and vote in British elections even though they are not U.K. citizens. The liberals by means of easy amnesty for illegals play a similar game in the U.S.
    “Two countries have an earthquake … but you can predict how the people react.” — ramzpaul
    Jews, Moslems, blacks, cultural Marxists, and amoral international capitalists are on track for destroying the White European races and Western civilization in about 40 years — WNs need tactics and strategies that can actually work. The Whites in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, and Australia need to carefully the situation of Whites in South Africa and Christians in Egypt and the Mid East.

  3. Ah yes, “authenticite” — a fine, _authentic_ African word, derived I believe from the Kuzunkuzi sub-dialect of Kamonga. This dialect, rich in subtle conceptual vocabulary, also contributed the old African word “irony,” with which Mobutu seemed strangely unfamiliar.

    Regarding Kin La Trine, please direct your fulsome congratulations to the world-famous University of Kinshasa, whose first-class School of Public Health, School of Architecture, and School of Urban Planning have each contributed so much to building the gleaming paradise that is Kinshasa today.

    And please give my fondest regards to my old mentor, Professor Mbongo Mbuti, author of the classic standard textbook “African Theories of Urban Design and Management: an Overview of the Nine Greatest Traditions,” now in its 14th edition, available from the Sh’kele Press, a venerable old publishing house in that printing capital of the world, B’Nkubi.

  4. The only thing that is holding back authenticité from being a complete success is the intervention of do-gooders from the western world. If the White folks who keep handing out gruel and government aid would quit interfering in the business of our dark little brothers in Zaire, authenticité would rapidly transform their world back into the habitat that Mother Nature created for them.

    As we all learned a couple of years ago when that chimpanzee bit off a woman’s face and hands in Pennsylvania, apes were never meant to wear clothes and live in houses.

    Authenticité would probably be a good idea for America.

    American Blacks are not inhibited by embarrassment, common sense or intelligence from revealing their true nature. If we would allow them to just be themselves, before long they would demonstrate through their actions that they were never meant to share a continent with White people.

    We need to let them off the leash.

    If the Negrophiles would push to eliminate the building and health codes which prevent Blacks in badly infested cities such as Detroit from fully devolving into the species that they truly are, before long the Negrophiles themselves would be calling for sturdy, well-guarded fences around such areas.

    Why stop at getting rid of building and health codes?

    Blacks do most of the murdering, raping, robbing and assaulting in America. They also steal most of the cars and sell a lion’s share of the dope. To me, that is a clear indication that the laws against those crimes place an unreasonable burden upon Black people because they are prevented by their genetic makeup from complying with the rules that humans create.

    The Negrophiles may eventually come to that same conclusion and if they do I believe it would be in our best interest to give them our full support in repealing all of those racist laws that keep a brutha down.

    Do that and within a very short time the evening television news will start sounding like Hunter Wallace wrote it.

  5. “Do that and within a very short time the evening television news will start sounding like Hunter Wallace wrote it.”

    it will happen i think sooner than later,

  6. “10 million Congolese are now jammed into a city that was built by the Belgians to accommodate less than 200,000 people”

    And I thought megacity one(Judge Dredd dystopic theme) was overcrowded at 3x capacity.

  7. @Conchobar

    Napolitano is the only guy on Faux News that I’ll bother watching, even if he does somewhat resemble an Ewok.

    I love how he put cops in the same category as bureaucrats. FINALLY. Somebody call’s the bastards for the petty, glorified hall-monitors that they are. One of the most sickening parts of that whole 9/11-aftermath hysteria-fest, was how the media broadbrushed all cops as “heroes”. Are you fucking kidding me?? Not that I have any sympathy for the nigger perp of the week who happens to get roughed-up by them, but anything they can get away with doing to a pavement ape, they’ll eventually do to white people. So good on Joe for saying it. My God, a judge that I actually have a little respect for?? These truly are the End Times…. Nah, on second thought, fuck that. I’m just getting older. (I turn 35 next week 🙂

    His best line of that piece was, “What if a government that dismissed us, could be fired?”. Fired. I like that. I would just eliminate the ‘d’ from the word. And I’m thinking really, really, BIG fires. Like, 1980’s Devil’s Night in Detroit style fires. You know, it’s been 200 years since 1812?

  8. Re: The first video :

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  9. ps: from today’s post over at : a little early 19th-century race realism:

    From “Races And Immigrants In America,” 1907, by John Commons :

    “Although the negro races of Africa extend across the continent and from the Sudan to Cape Colony, yet the races which yielded the largest supply of slaves for America were confined to a narrow stretch of the Atlantic coast near the equator. For nearly two thousand miles from Cape Verde the coast of Africa runs southeast and easterly, and then for another thousand miles it runs to the south, forming the Gulf of Guinea, and from a belt of land along this coast practically all the negro immigrants to America have come. Here several large rivers, the Senegal, the Gambia, the Niger, and the Congo—furnished harbors for slave ships and routes for slave traders from the interior. Two circumstances, the climate and the luxuriant vegetation, render this region hostile to continuous exertion. The torrid heat and the excessive humidity weaken the will and exterminate those who are too strenuous; but this same heat and humidity, with the fertile soil, produce unparalleled crops of bananas, yams, and grains. Thus nature conspires to produce a race indolent, improvident, and contented. Seventy-five per cent of the deaths are said to be executions for supposed [Pg 40]witchcraft, which has killed more men and women than the slave trade. Formerly cannibalism prevailed, but it has now been largely stamped out by European governments. The native governments are tribal, and the chiefs sustain themselves by their physical prowess and the help of priests and medicine men. Property is mainly in women and slaves, and inheritance is through the female, except among the nobility of Dahomey, where primogeniture rules. Written laws and records are unknown. The people are unstable, indifferent to suffering, and “easily aroused to ferocity by the sight of blood or under great fear.” They exhibit aversion to silence and solitude, love of rhythm, excitability, and lack of reserve. All travellers speak of their impulsiveness, strong sexual passion, and lack of will power.[11]”

    h/t to M.G. over at Those Who Can See dot calm

  10. Well, it’z Friday, TGIF. And here is the nigger answer to Light My Fire- Time Has Come Today- The rare long version with video commentary of the sixties! The Chambers Brothers!! Get up and dance!! (1968):

  11. HW wrote, “Haitians and African-Americans are drawn almost equally from the same sources.” The African-Americans are perhaps 20 to 30% Caucasian on average with a significant admixture of genes from native American tribes. Are mulattos more dangerous to us than the fully negroid?
    “This is a global community — we need to keep engaged for the sake of freedom … We need to embrace other cultures and other races … You will not object to your genocide.” — ramzpaul They Live – Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch
    “… circumstances … produce convulsions, which will probably never end but in the extermination of the one or the other race.” — Thomas Jefferson
    “The worst thing about the present racial situation is the silencing of needed discussion … to the extent that blacks gain power in an institution or a community, that institution will begin to undergo decline, in some cases, a catastrophic decline.” — Lawrence Auster My Views on Race and Intelligence
    The preceding essay by Auster is a work of genius that should be brought to the attention all non-negroes. Auster and RamZPaul are valuable resources.
    If we don’t start waging an all-out propaganda war, then in about 40 years all of us will be like White South Africans are now.


    this is appauling. The writer is sympathetic to the blacks, but the dissonace is so great she does not notice it. It’s the 800 pound nigger in the room. Gurkhas were loyal. Sikhs were loyal. Maori utterly loyal. Nigs? They will stab you in back and blame you for plunging the blade in. And stupid white academics will dance around that fact like a ballerina.

  13. John wrote, “It’s the 800 pound nigger in the room.” Has John identified the fundamental problem within liberalism?
    “Liberals are seeking to escape the consequences of their own liberalism. … liberalism, an all-encompassing belief system that prohibits any rationality other than its own insane rationality, forces people to be irrational in order to fend off liberalism’s insane consequences.” — Lawrence Auster The Unprincipled Exception Defined
    Liberalism: People of different races and religions deserve equality and freedom.
    Less IQ’s Liberalism: People of different races and religions deserve equality and freedom — or they should be exterminated.
    Am I wrong? If you attempt to suppress people, then they will become angry and attempt to harm or kill you. If people are acceptable then accept them. If people are unacceptable then attempt to exterminate them in the most efficient manner possible. I say that all people are acceptable except for blacks, mulattos, and Moslems — but Jews above all because they are geniuses who want to exterminate White racists (and all White people as a consequence). IMHO conservatism is merely a holding action against liberalism, and conservatism becomes increasingly liberal over time. IMHO if you establish a White enclave, then the liberals will either federalize it or gradually erode it. My idea is to rid the world of Jews, Moslems and blacks and then gradually spread White genes by means of biotechnology. IMHO Jews use blacks and Moslems to destroy White people everywhere in the world. IMHO liberalism is an ideology for cosmopolitan merchants, cosmopolitan scholars, socialists, international capitalists, deceivers and manipulators. What do you think?

  14. To fear your own black troops, and not your white troops, must have been very enlightening for a generation of LT, Captains, Majors. The answer in the army is the same as civvie life. Stockade.

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