Tim Wise’s New Book: Dear White America

Tim Wise pens a new love letter to White America


Tim Wise has penned us a new love letter: Dear White America: Letter to a New Minority.

The book was published in January without much fanfare. I’m left wondering if it includes his thoughts on White senior citizens that he published in the wake of the 2010 midterm elections.

The Truthout interview seems to indicate that Wise has reverted to his usual disingenuous arguments about the need to set aside racial differences to create a multiracial egalitarian utopia with a more equitable distribution of wealth.

He is making the pitch to the idealism of ignorant and gullible Whites who are unfamiliar with the history of such failed experiments in Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. There is no hope for us “nostalgic white folks” who are “deeply committed to whiteness.”

Toussaint L’ouverture’s 1801 Constitution for Saint-Domingue was the first constitution in history to prohibit racial discrimination and envision a race neutral colorblind society. In 1804, Jean-Jacques Dessalines ordered the extermination of the Whites of the “Republic of Haiti.” The last remaining 3,000 to 5,000 Whites in Saint-Domingue were massacred and their property was confiscated.

The 1805 Constitution of Hayti banned Whites from citizenship and owning property and declared that Hayti was henceforth a black republic. The Haitian flag was created by Dessalines who ripped the white out of the French tricolor and stitched the red and blue back together.

There is no such thing as “white privilege”: blacks create inferior societies because they are an inferior race. In West Africa, the Lebanese merchants are the market dominant minority. In East Africa, Asian merchants are the market dominant minority. In the United States, Korean and Pakistani merchants are often the market dominant minority in black neighborhoods.

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland are not at the top of the U.N. Human Development Index because they are oppressing the blacks in their midst. Ireland, Hungary, and Poland rank “very high” in the U.N. Human Development Index (above Portugal) even though these countries have no history of imperialism in Africa.

The racial inequality in the United States is just an effect of an inferior race living among a superior race. It is replicated in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, South Africa and everywhere where blacks are to be found living among non-blacks. The universal pattern suggests a biological rather than an environmental cause.

Racial inequality follows blacks like their shadow because it is a reflection of their behavior. It is a product of their lower intelligence and lower conscientiousness. That’s why its most extreme manifestations are found in places like Detroit, Haiti, Somalia, Niger, and the Democratic Republic of Congo where blackness has been left alone to realize its full potential.

What can be done about racial inequality?

1.) Since the 1970s, the West has squandered more than $1 trillion dollars on foreign aid in sub-Saharan Africa.

2.) Haiti has been transformed into a “Republic of NGOs.” Billions of dollars of foreign aid were spent in Haiti before and after the 2010 earthquake.

3.) The Whites were driven out of Haiti, Zimbabwe, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Asians were kicked out of Uganda by Idi Amin. In each case, the result was an economic disaster.

4.) Integration failed to eliminate the racial gap in test scores in American public schools.

5.) Democracy has failed to uplift blacks to equality.

6.) In Africa, blacks have experimented with liberalism, socialism, communism, anarchism, capitalism, one-party states and multi-party democracy, and have failed to achieve equality. Independence has been tried. Colonialism has been tried. The U.N. has intervened in African states on countless occasions.

7.) White guilt has been tried. It doesn’t matter how guilty Whites feel about blacks or how much they are willing to do for them. Decades of social programs based on White guilt have failed to realize the long sought goal of racial equality.

8.) Black children have been adopted into White households. That doesn’t work either.

Tim Wise doesn’t have a solution to racial inequality because there is no solution. If there was a testable social program that could achieve racial equality like the Manhattan Project succeeded in splitting the atom, it would have been implemented years ago.

It was easier and cost much less for Americans to put a man on the moon. It was easier to land a probe on Titan or send Voyager 2 to the edge of the solar system than it is for black people to achieve racial equality with the assistance of the federal government.

The only thing that is really accomplished by constantly telling black people that they are our equals and that White people are responsible for racial inequality, and then watching as blacks fail to achieve equality, is to stir up a pathological hatred of Whites and encourage violence against us.

Of course that’s the whole point for Uncle Tim.

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  1. So, presumably we can expect to see him banned from MSNBC, just like Pat Buchanan? Aren’t these issues “not fit for national discourse”? Oh right, they only aren’t fit for national discourse if you say that the decrease in the white percentage of the population is a bad thing.

  2. I’ve noticed a huge emphasis lately on the “inevitability” of the white decline. Someone who holds all the cards doesn’t spend all their time convincing their enemies they will lose. I smell a bluff. Either that or it’s pity; the smiling doctor who speaks in soothing tones as he administers the final lethal dose. However, I’ve never known a jew to show pity, or feel sympathy. So I am going with the former.

  3. Wise is a Neanderthalic Jew. Note the sloping forehead, the elongated nose, the lidded eyes, and the protruding lips in the side photo. Archetypical physiology of the hating race.

    Since their only claim to ‘superiority’ is their lying assumption that Evan-jelly-goos believe them to the [sic] Chosen People, their panic mode leads them to stir up the other failed non-Adamics to nothing less than genocidal revenge fantasies, as your blog has so carefully chronicled, time and time and time again. Truly, as St. John Chrysostom said, “God hates the Talmudics.”

  4. Truly these people are insane. They try to force equality to happen.

    If Romney were to simply say:

    I’m the whitest guy ever with a wry smile, quote the harvard grad
    who called him that. He might actually win.

  5. That’s why Romney was set up as the:

    “whitest guy evah” by the press.

    Sets up a convenient narrative for when Obama wins.
    No one notices in all of this that blacks vote as a racial block, while whites still vote ideologically. Once whites actually wield power as a cohesive unit the pogroms will start.

    When I am in my 50s, I anticipate it happening all over America and Europe.

  6. Tim Wise puts the psychopathic mind set of the White Geno-ciders right out in the open.

    Promoting Negro equality (something the Geno-ciders don’t believe in either) and massive non White immigration into White countries and ONLY White countries are simply the means to the Final Solution to the White Problem.

  7. If white people were racially motivated, they would vote in a 90% for a white supremacist party. Not divide along class lines, philosophical lines, or be interested in the charisma of any particular leader. The voting pattern would be as predictable as
    sun rising. Or sun setting. Blacks would live in Soweto like slums and be Ostracized from all walks of life. Wise is such an asshole.

  8. Always name the Jew–they are not like us, they are NOT white and they don’t want to be, except when it comes to nominating us for hated minority status. Everytime you get a chance, name the Jew. Point them out in the media to friends and family and even co-workers. I do all the time, not rudely, but gently. This sounds minor, but it is a major heresy. Jews go to great lengths to stay hidden from public view, blowing their cover drives them nuts.
    Also, Hunters excellent research is invaluable if discussed at the appropriate times at home, work or out with friends. I would dare say that through his posts we know m0re about real African American history than 90% of the population. Share it!

  9. BUGs has dominated that truth out thread. Yes I know we are all supposed to sit around and moan about the inevatability of the demise of whites. But even the SWPLs there are a confused lot, read their posts and read anywhere that BUGs finds the anti-whites, the typical white lib still believes in “equality”, and they are quite disturbed at what the genociders want for whites.

    The sands are shifting beneath our “elites” feet, and I don’t think they have a clue what is coming, they think Fluke is real I call BS.

  10. Yesterday Zerohedge had as a feature article something printed up and probably not by mistake the story about the black couple who live in a huge house and have never made a payment. First I ask why they chose a black couple to be featured and who (maybe Denise would know) made this decision since our “elite” basically censor black social pathology?

    Anyway the response was 965 comments which is huge and they ran the gamut from the “sterilize the blacks” to “I hate the establishment” libertrian there is no such thing as race BS.

    Point being is while our “elite” Fluke us to death the real anger builds in people with high IQs.

  11. Mr Wallace, I haven’t decided if there’s a biological reason for black inferiority yet, but after seeing the shocking amount of Black violence in Peoria, Il, where I live, and the stories I see on this site and others, I have come to acknowledge that as a people, Black are incapable of long term civil behaviour. You are right, they are an undertow that drags every thing else down. Oh, on the biological angle, could you please recommend some books and articles by people who have studied this in a scientific way?

  12. Here’s to hoping good ol’ Timmy meets Lady Justice in the form of a hangman’s noose in a public square for all to see.

  13. So, has Tiny Timmy changed tack? He used to be Tiny Tim “White Like Me/Nobody Here But Us White Folks” Wise, and now he’s Tiny Tim “I’m Writing A Letter To You Crackers” Wise?


    Anyhoo, he’s a Jew, so no surprises are forthcoming from him. Not for the Jew-Wise, anyway. And what an odd physiology on that man; I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a man with hands that small.

  14. For the uninitiated: understand that Tim isn’t White, doesn’t think of himself as White, and that his “Whiteness” is a pose, an infiltration technique, and that he actually hates White people…and everything he says and writes starts to make perfect sense.

  15. I offer to buy this Wise guy a one way ticket to Kinshasa. On the condition that he never return to a majority white nation. Chances are he’ll get machete’ed in a month anyway. But the offer stands.

  16. There are two theories that explain the nature of blacks: egalitarians argue that their environment has held them back, hereditarians argue in favor of biological racial differences.

    Just from deeply researching the history of blacks, I am positive that the hereditarian explanation is true. They mysteriously reproduce the same conditions found in Congo and Senegal in Haiti and Detroit and Brazil and Belgium.

  17. I’ve noticed a huge emphasis lately on the “inevitability” of the white decline. Someone who holds all the cards doesn’t spend all their time convincing their enemies they will lose. I smell a bluff.

    Some mix of bluff and pride before the fall. They’re insecure. Obama has been a disaster, and the rank and file are failing to fall in line behind Romney. What to do, what to do?

    Georgia just banned illegals from post-secondary education.

  18. How do you know the racialist explanation of blacks is correct?

    If racial theories about blacks are true, then you would expect to similar patterns emerge across cultures in different environments. You would expect to see Congolese in Kinshasa, Port-au-Prince, Rio de Janiero, New Orleans, and Detroit recreating similar conditions.

    You would expect to see the power of heredity triumphing over culture and the environment.

  19. “Once whites actually wield power as a cohesive unit the pogroms will start. ”

    I don’t get that at all. Haven’t we held power all along?

  20. Jeanne,
    No, we have not. Whites lost power sometime ago. IMO around the 1930’s. Please don’t confuse whites with the tribe. When the media whines and bitches about whites still owning the majority of the business (espeically banking and media) and political positions, scratching the surface will reveal they are actually not white at all, but another minority who often looks like us but collectively hates us and our ancestors.
    People like Tim Wise will see the future of our children destoyed, all the while acting like he’s onboard with us. But surpise! He and other members of the tribe will jump off our sinking ship like rats, grinning from ear to ear saying “I’m NOT white, I’m Jewish! Jokes on you, white boy!!!” as our children are left with no options but slavery or bloodshed in the very lands our ancestors settled and defended FOR US.

  21. “….I’ve noticed a huge emphasis lately on the “inevitability” of the white decline. Someone who holds all the cards doesn’t spend all their time convincing their enemies they will lose. I smell a bluff….”

    that meme is 3 generations old.

    In the 60s, it was “zero population growth” program, and telling farm kids they would “destroy the earth” if they reproduced, the earlier versions of the “carbon footprint” (read: you take up too much space). The farm kids, due to their enhanced connection with nature, had a hard time with it, imo. The land was their livelihood–so you can’t kill mother earth. But the “inevitability” was very strong in the late 60s, early 70s, for it being “the new brown nation.” Teachers told classrooms of white kids that they would not exist by the time they were grownups (and who would want kids who would have no playmates?).

  22. There is always what we used to call the “Countdown to Extinction,” like in the papers. The year we will be extinct changes from day to day—- is it 2040? 2015? Oh no!– it’s not as was thought. Now researchers have changed it to… Keeps the main point very present— you are not desired to exist in what was once a country where you could reproduce, live, create, invent, etc.

  23. But nobody points out that’s the real thing—- not the free floating idea of when we will be extinct—- but that various groups LOVE to contemplate that extinction (otherwise, why would they bring it up everyday?)

    The whole thing hinges on this being as a statement of fact by an impartial party, and no one ever calls the speaker on it—- of course, WERE IT DESIRED that whites should exist, then disadvantageous policies/propaganda would end— so all the statement really does is expose the genocidal wishes of the speaker.

  24. Whites were in power in every Southern state until 1965.

    In 1965, the Whites in the North and West got together and voted as a supermajority to pass the Voting Rights Act. They were moved to do this because their magic black friend Martin Luther King Jr. had marched from Selma to Montgomery.

  25. Hunter,
    Your comment on the reality of negro biological inferiority is spot on. It’s not just the contemporary examples of African blight from Haiti to the Congo to Detroit, it’s the fact that observant scholars throughout history have noted the negro’s low intelligence, sense of rythm, savagery, poor impulse control, etc.
    Just read those medieval Islamic commentaries on the negro that you posted the other day. They read if they were written by 19th Century explorers. To think that the earliest known historical mention of Sub-Saharan Africans is an inscription by an Old Kingdom Egyptian pharaoh about forbidding the blacks to pass into Egypt! The negro is truly a blight upon the earth.

  26. Jeanne,

    When the English gear up for total war–TOTAL WAR– we will scour out every nest. Southerners probably the same. The French have that capacity too. It’ll be a sight to behold when the hand that is raised against the people is struck off.

  27. Tim Wise said in an interview the other day: “…Whiteness was really something of a trick, developed for the purpose of uniting otherwise disparate Europeans, first, so as to make the subordination of “non-whites” easier, but also (and importantly), to paper over the otherwise deep class cleavages that had long beset those from Europe. If the elite could make the poor Europeans believe they were members of the same “white” team as the rich Europeans, then the prospects for class-based rebellion would be dampened…”

    Reality check – it’s the elite (through industry, government and education) in modern times who have done the reprogramming trick to make whites of all classes believe in racial equality, the benefits of desegregation and “diversity”, and finally, the charms of race-mixing.

  28. Wise really doesn’t like Europeans of any class. Correction he hates ethnic Europeans. Both in America and in Europe. There is no “Dear” there.

    Wise is incorrect with his analysis btw. White American stubbornly vote on ideological lines. I’m amazed by how much efforts white Americans avoid calling a spade a spade and fly off into strange tangental philosophies.

    Wise would not like it if whites were to vote in the same way blacks vote today. If any population is racially motivated it’s the blacks.

  29. That jew Wise is a Hitler for the jews against the Whites. Next wise will be calling for ovens for us Whites.

  30. Some mix of bluff and pride before the fall. They’re insecure. Obama has been a disaster, and the rank and file are failing to fall in line behind Romney. What to do, what to do?

    It’s very simple. It’s psychological warfare. The easiest way to take the fight out of your opponent is to convince him he can’t win. Then he gives up without a fight.

  31. Where does Jew Wise live? Anybody know? I’d like to take him on a little tour of Detroit, but I don’t know how to contact him.

  32. Imagine a naked Jew Wise on the loose in Highland Park Michigan at about 3:00 in the morning.

    Ya ain’t gonna survive by playin’ by their rules!, eh, Mr. Tillman?

  33. He replies to polite emails asking real questions with a poxy lesson in grammar.

    He’s a complete pussy.

  34. Wise is an oil-driller? I could have sworn he was married to a white woman. I thought he said he lived in Louisiana?

  35. Is Wise a full Jew? I thought I read or heard somewhere that he is only a quarter Jewish.

    Full Jew or not, he clearly hates Whites.

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