Breitbart’s Obama Race Video


The fabled Obama race video that Andrew Breitbart vowed to release before his recent death will be shown on Hannity tonight on FOX News. In the meantime, a selectively edited version has surfaced on the internet, which shows Barack Hussein Obama leading a strike for diversity at Harvard in 1990:

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  1. If every White person would have walked away, there would have been about ten Black people left standing there. But they stood there thinking to themselves, “It’s so wonderful to finally see peace between Whites and Blacks, I think I’ll break into song; Kumbaya my lord, Kumbaya.”, while the Black people stood there thinking to themselves, “Yeah Whitey, pretty soon it’s gonna be on and we gonna own yo ass.”.

  2. I’m not sure exactly what damage those windbags at FAUX news believe this video is going to inflict on Obama… This country is so far gone that he could be caught on camera robbing a gas station and it would probably increase his approval among his white supporters. Why don’t they spend don’t they spend some time and effort investigating that hush-hush scandal of Obama sexually harassing ‘Harold & Kumar’ actor Kal Penn during his stint in the White House in 2009?

    Kinda interesting to see King Nigger back in his “student” days, though. He really was/is kind of a midget, huh?

  3. This will add up to a bunch of nothing, no matter how substantial and damning it might be. Everybody’s already taken sides.

  4. Presumiabky this is really about The bespectacled Mugabe looking gent with the negress who laughs repeatedly.

  5. Hunter,

    I think that Obama was being groomed for office, even back then. They never made him say anything radical at any point in his career. He was insulated and wrapped in cotton his whole life.

    Yet, he’s got a chip on his shoulder about YT deep down there in his heart.

  6. Lulz,

    Yep, the whiter portion of Harvard crowd there were evidently thinking something quite different from the blacks.

    “Isn’t he just like Oprah and Cosby?” “wow whataguy.”

    Every black there probably had a bongo soundtrack thudding in their lug holes.

    “payback’ll be bitch YT”

  7. John! Your posts are getting better by the day!

    I’m stealing that line. Changing “Black” to NigNog or Moon Cricket – but you have now Officially Arrived as a Full On Racist.

    I’m stealing your lines.

    If you can get over to the USA in MidSummer – I’ll introduce ya around….

  8. Hey – my [above] post does not contain the line I ented to steal from John – I kow not why – but this is the line:

    “Every Nog there probably had a bongo soundtrack thudding in their lug holes.”

  9. Barry Soteoro is related to Dick Cheney, and his CommieMommy was a Yid wot worked for the CIA – so yes – our Little Mulatto was being groomed, way back when.

    Have you see the stuff on the Net about Barry’s Tranny Nanny, in indonesia?


  10. I’m keeping my expectations low for two reasons.

    1) Andrew Breitbart likes to quote out of context.

    2) If video turned up with Barack Obama shooting White people in the back of the head while shouting “kill all the White people!,” the unpleasant truth is that White pathology is so pervasive most Whites wouldn’t care, and in fact a good number of them would probably defend him.

  11. What is with the:

    Hand in pocket.
    Hand out of pocket.
    Make point.
    Hand in pocket.
    Hand out of pocket.
    Make point.
    Hand in pocket.
    Hand out of pocket.
    Make point.
    Hand in pocket.
    Hand out of pocket.
    Make point.

    Is he doing an Otis Mathis? (Detroit school board chief resigns amid sexual harassment complaint and DPD investigation … ).

    I still don’t believe this clown is as intelligent as people think he could be.

  12. 2) If video turned up with Barack Obama shooting White people in the back of the head while shouting “kill all the White people!,” the unpleasant truth is that White pathology is so pervasive most Whites wouldn’t care, and in fact a good number of them would probably defend him.

    That’s how I see it in total, but I’m glad the video is out because we never know what bit of info will set which White man back on the right path.

  13. I’ve got something in my front pocket for you.
    Why don’t you reach down in my pocket and see what it is?
    Then grab onto it, it’s just for you.
    Give a little squeeze and say: “How do you do?”
    There’s something in my front pocket…
    There’s something in my front pocket…
    There’s something in my front pocket!

    Does anyone think that if video of Obama speakin himz mind did exist that our overlords would have even put him up as a false choice in 2008?

    If you still have any doubts that fox isn’t just another one of the actors in this puppet show we call a republic after watching this, then you are clinically retarded.

  14. Shapiro is a fellow Bruin. Never liked him much. Scrawny bright kid. Oil drips from his unctious pores with a stench. Still, the video does show O is a real piece of work. The friendly face of the black mob. He is your imaginary white friend…yep.

    I don’t really understand exactly what the motivation is for neocons in America. Dems and GOP will always fund Israel. There no difference.

  15. I’m sorry I missed the Hannity sequence. I think it’s going to be re-run later. It’ll be interesting to see ….were the Jews in Civil Wrongs being chided, or exposed, or lauded?

    And who told use to open up to The Nigra Bell? Hannity?

  16. I can see the broad outline here. Obama as the radical in sheep’s clothing.

    Yet what we really need is a white politician who will just say with a grin…

    “I’m the whitest guy in history, follow me”

  17. Final note on this video.

    Shapiro appears to be the pointman on this. It seems that he’s calling Bell a racialist.
    It’s perfectly natural for a black to favour a black. Conversely it’s perfectly normal for a
    white to want to support a white.

    Sadly it’s also natural (partly brainwashing) for a white to want to uplift a black. The problem is that it will only end in a Haiti Massacre or Rhodesian ethnic cleansing for the whites. This massacre of whites is the natural outcome of trying to uplift blacks.

  18. “I don’t see how any of this is as damaging as Obama’s association with Eric My People Holder.”

    Yes, and that goes to show why the commentators here saying that this will sink without a ripple are correct. Obama’s connections with Ayers, Wright, etc. have been made public ad nauseum. Those who care care, those who don’t don’t. Unfortunately, the time to have made an issue of all of this stuff was during John McCain’s campaign. At the margins, among whites who are becoming disillusioned with Obama and who are gaining racial consciousness maybe it will have some effect.

  19. It does however flesh out for anyone with eyes to see that Obama is the polite face niggers who want to disposses you then rob, rape and kill you off.

    He’s your imaginary friend.

  20. Barry Soetero proves fiction and fantasy can and does become real.
    Blacks or even half blacks do not need a portfolio. The average White american has a better resume that Barry. We can produce our birth certificates, school records through college graduation, our military service records, passports, and job history on a moments notice. Can Barry?
    Barry simply does walk on water. He has appeared from nowhere out of nowhere. His whole life is made up. It’s fiction. Who would have believed a story like this? Of course the end hasn’t been written yet. I’m sure though that several endings for Barry are in the works.
    “The Great Imposter”, “Catch Me If You Can”, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, those
    titles have all been taken. Humm. Maybe, “The Greatest Story Never Told”.

  21. “Derrick Bell believed that Whites and Jews would sell African-Americans to space aliens.”

    That is the worst idea ever for a science fiction story! Any race of extraterrestrials advance enough to travel from a distant world to ours would be too intelligent to want anything to do with our niggerds.

  22. Off topic.

    So a guy named Zimmerman, (that’s a quintessentially Scots-Irish last name, isn’t it?) the Neighborhood Watch guy in a gated community, shoots the Good Black Neighbors’ son in the chest, because he was jes’ walkin’ down the street with his Skittles and iced tea late at night.

    That’s the whole story, yep; that’s all the relevant facts; and you can be sure of that because you can trust that Yahoo would never leave out any pertinent details.

    So the only possible conclusion one can come to, as indisputably proved by the reality-based liberal commenters, is that there is a plague of dumb, redneck White American men running amok shooting negras in the Gated Communities cuz they hate ’em and they can get away with it.

    Obviously, what must be done to stop this plague is for Obama to be reelected and 40 billion taxpayer dollars be handed over to Jesse Jackson.

  23. I don’t know how the Jews feel about it, but I would sell Blacks to space aliens. Hell, I would give them one hell of a package deal.

    Therefore, because Bell was right, and because nobody seemed to give a shit about Obama’s pedophile mentor, his bomber buddy, his racist preacher or his transgender nanny, I just don’t think folks will get excited or angry about this FANTASTIC EXPOSE.

  24. I would PAY aliens to take them away. Like I pay the trashman through taxes. Forget the selling. No savvy alien wod be dumb enough to exchange Galactic Credits for such useless wretched beings.

  25. … There is a little known secret message on Voyager’s Golden Record:

    Carl Sagan included a recording that offers any alien who happens to intercept the spacecraft unlimited free Budweiser Beer (for life) to take the blacks off our hands.

  26. The sauce thickens just a bit.

    Obama used the Mugabe lookalike as his text in his “constitutional” law classes. So it sounds like Obama was an acolyte and disciple of Mr Bell’s propaganda.

    Now, this does make quite a serious case that Obama is hostile to whites. In a way that
    is quite open. He most likely browbeat students with this bullshit. I’ve seen it before. A
    black adjunct hijacked an art appreciation class and shoved YT’s nose in a black canon , while she spiked the actual western canon. The students staged a revolt in their evaluations and she was shown the door very quickly.

    If the students went through what I think they went through in his classes, one or two might speak up.

  27. And David Duke is still pillowed and is treated as an outcast by the jew and negro controlled media for saying he wanted his daughter to marry a white man. This nigger Harvvvaaard professor states as a philosophy he wants whites eliminated as a race. How can any educational institution be allowed to exist in this country which such racist as this man was teaching there. It must not be allowed.

  28. The most damning thing in the video is the damning of our white race due to all the white race traitors in this video. This will not hurt Obama in any way. If Jeremiah wright didn’t hurt Obama, what makes people think this will. I agree Obama could bring out whites and publicaly execute them simply because they are white and the press would excuse it.

    Our culture is entirely rotten.

    Just look how blacks get away with setting a kid on fire while using racial epithets and there is no hate crime.

    Doug’s solution, Bersa 380 with lots of ammo to shoot the parent of anyone nig nog that harms my family. Of course that will only eliminate one nig nog as the dad can never be found or identified.

  29. The scrawny bespectacled bearded types cheering the ethnic cleansing of their school are a sight to behold. Very true.

    My god can these chimps not see the end game planned for them?

  30. They couldn’t see it before they were declared bourgeois, so they won’t see it before they are declared racist.

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