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  1. If I ever had my sorry arse hauled into court I’d die of shame. Absolutely die.

    Arrogant little bastard. No embarrassment at all in the little psycho.

  2. The judge is actually scared of this little nigger. Really. He’s talking to him like a babysitter would to a mischievous child – mild but delicate scolding. If I did something like that, I guarantee you I would have been tackled and zapped with a taser. Cops and judges are so terrified of niggers, it ought to be required procedure that a cop give a nigger a $100 bill upon completion of a traffic stop. Maybe that judge should have just offered to…well, I won’t get that vulgar. (Jack Ryan! Holla!)

    This video pissed me off, so forgive me for ranting, but I must go on–

    I’ll tell you, if the fabled “balloon” really ever finally does “go up”, it’s not just going to be white vs. nigger, beaner, gook, etc. No, these reptilian “public servants” who put on black cloth to cover their white skin, have made it clear which side they’re on. The Second American Revolution is going to savage….

    Rant over.

    Anyway, I kinda wish that nigger had just pissed on that judge’s face, if only to see the judge’s impotent, paralyzed attempt at “disciplining” the little spook.

    “The law” only applies to white people anymore.

  3. I don’t mean to sound like a dick, but niggers are not human – it’s as simple as that.

    Niggers are the cockroaches, they are the cancer of humanity.

    This assertion was widely accepted as fact a mere generation, say two, ago (see: “Le Tout Univers”, from 1964:


    Their brains are 120 grams lighter than the brains of other races. This explains the cognitive stratification that explains their bad behaviour and inability to adapt to the White Man’s Civilization.



    – Arturo


    ps: thank God for the internets !

  4. Titter, titter, titter: wasn’t it a treat to see the nice white ladies on TV chuckling about the Negro behaving as an animal?

    I’d have felt a whole lot better if either (couldn’t hope that BOTH would, could I?) if one jumped up with fire in her eyes and described exactly what most of us on here think of these feral and despicable animals.

    Oh no, they had to smile and titter about the immature colored boy that, in reality, they’re damned glad doesn’t live anywhere near their liberal neighborhood.

  5. I actually applaud the Nigger. He’s showing that his Monkey People can do anything, and he’s revealing the hollowness and fragility and illegitimacy of “the system”.

    The Nigger shows us the way.

    It won’t be long, now.

    Now do you suppose we can get The Great White Massa Brookie Simpson to tke custody of the Fine Mandingo? After all, the Nigger is just upset about the effects of slavery. The shackles cause a collective racial flashback, to de slabe ships, and de pla-tashun, and dat White Debbil Obuseeyuh’s whip, ‘n sheeyit. He an’t help dat he git so skeered he leak.

    Massa Simpson will provide education, and acculturation. It’s all about poverty, and lack of proper education.

  6. “Massa Simpson will provide education, and acculturation. It’s all about poverty, and lack of proper education.”

    The Libtards wail, “We must learn why he does what we think wrong, and change what we do that causes this!”

    The Conservatards cry, “We must teach him why what he does is wrong, and change what they do that causes this!”

    They are both full of shit.

  7. all we need to teach negros is to fear the White man. Everything else will fall in place once they learn that

  8. The Afrikans used to Wade in with truncheons. And bullets. It worked well until brits yanks forced them to give in.

  9. I was watching a “reality show. The owner of a pawn shop has a nigger female removed from the shop using a huge nigger security guard to kick her out. The nigger female drops her pants and urinates by the front door in the parking lot of the pawn shop. So this is really one of their minor ways of showing contempt for White society.

  10. Hey, that guy showed some manners: at least he pissed in the trash can, instead of on the floor, like a totally uncouth person wold do!

  11. I don’t mean to sound like a dick, but niggers are not human – it’s as simple as that.

    Your language could use some revision, but the essence of what you’re saying is actually more humane than what liberalism/conservatism offer us.

    Most American-Americans are stuck in “racial projection” mode. I.e., they interpret Black behavior the way they interpret White behavior. They should be doing something more like how they interpret chimpanzee behavior.

    Not that Blacks are chimps, but that any fool knows not to think the same thing is going on in a chimps head, given a particular behavior, that would be going on in a human’s head, given the same behavior.

    White people largely know not to project their own natures onto chimps (i.e., not to anthropomorphize). But they’ve been indoctrinated to project their own natures onto Blacks.

    This actually has some very adverse unintended consequences; Whites see Blacks as moral failures. This is obviously a big mistake. Just as the chimp chimping out in a cage isn’t a moral failure (just your typical chimp), a Black Blacking out in a ghetto isn’t a moral failure – he’s just your typical Black.

    Blacks are no more “broken” or “morally failed” than chimps are. The moral failure is ours – for allowing ourselves to be conned into the DWL delusion of racial equality.

  12. Concrete examples can be found in those Amren articles posted here (and elsewhere) recently, the ones by Whites with long experience with African Blacks. When a Black reneges on a promise, he isn’t guilty of the same sin as when a White man does – the White man expecting a Black’s promise to mean anything is just a fool. When a Black doesn’t apologize, he isn’t committing the same sin as a White man would be – he just isn’t as capable of remorse; the White man expecting such is simply misinformed, or foolish.

  13. Svigor wrote: “Blacks are no more “broken” or “morally failed” than chimps are. The moral failure is ours – for allowing ourselves to be conned into the DWL delusion of racial equality.”

    Exactly! They’re perfect exactly as God or Mother Nature (take your pick) made ’em. They’ve survived everything thrown at them, and they continue to breed and flourish.

  14. “Most American-Americans are stuck in “racial projection” mode.”

    I think that is especially true of white women who marry blacks. The woman has to imagine that she is in a normal marriage with a normal husband. For example, I don’t think that black couples normally hold hands in public. But mixed couple will do that, and it doesn’t look natural. It looks like role playing, as if the woman is trying to prove that she is in a nice, romantic marriage. She’s like a movie director: she’s cast a Black as her husband, and she has to give him good acting directions so he will look the part.

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