Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

"The Great Emancipator" defeats a Confederate vampire conspiracy

District of Corruption

Are you kidding?

No, this is BRA: “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” is no less fantastical than “Django Unchained,” or the martyrdom of Trayvon Martin that Al Sharpton is ranting about right now on MSNBC:

“In 1857 Henry summons Lincoln to New York City. Here Lincoln and fellow vampire slayer William Seward are told that the vampires in the South intend to start a civil war so that they can conquer the north and enslave all humans of America. . . .

Lincoln’s election triggers the secession of the southern states and the start of the American Civil War. Early battles, such as the First Battle of Bull Run go poorly for the Union troops after they are attacked by Confederate vampires. Lincoln decides that the best way to defeat the vampires is to eliminate their food source and starve them out — to that end, he announces the Emancipation Proclamation and encourages the slaves to fight back against slave owners and vampires alike. This begins to turn the tide of the war. . .

The war ends with the South’s defeat. Lincoln receives reports that the vampires in the South are fleeing to Asia and South America in the wake of the slave system’s collapse. Happy for the first time in many years, he attends a play at Ford’s Theater, only to be assassinated by the actor and vampire John Wilkes Booth. Booth expects the vampires to rally around President Lincoln’s death, but instead finds himself shunned and hiding in a Virginia barn as Union troops arrive to arrest him. Henry arrives and confronts Booth inside the burning barn; it is implied that Henry is the one who kills Booth.

Lincoln’s death is mourned by the nation. His body is brought by a funeral train back to Springfield, Illinois, where Henry stands guard.

A century later in 1963, at Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial, both Abraham Lincoln and Henry Sturges attend and Lincoln writes about spending the previous night at the White House. Henry has used his powers to turn Lincoln into a vampire, believing that “some men are just too interesting to die”.

The reality of the U.S. military presence abroad can be seen here. As everyone knows, the real vampires in America are the Money Power headquartered on Wall Street who live in the Hamptons.

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  1. This is repulsive. But it does at least clarify how our enemies view our people. We are blood-sucking demons to them. We have to be eradicated. Things like this do have the effect of pushing more folks off the fence onto our side.

  2. “the real vampires in America…”

    Heh heh, yeah. “Abe Lincoln, Chhhosen Hunter” — that I’d pay to see.

  3. THE PEOPLE WHO _DON’T_ CONTROL THE MEDIA* : Hey, America! Look over there!
    STUPID AMERICANS: Where? What?!
    THE PEOPLE WHO DON’T CONTROL THE MEDIA: Look! Evil Southern vampires! Pay no attention to our teeth in your neck!
    STUPID AMERICANS: Wow, vampires are bad. They owned slaves.
    THE PEOPLE WHO DON’T CONTROL THE MEDIA: Yes, we do. –I mean, yes yes, they did! They were baaad! Now keep reading about Harriet Tubman, and then enlist in the military to fight our wars. …I mean, these highly just wars for democracy and human rights. You like democracy, dontcha?
    STUPID AMERICANS: Sure do. Democracy is great!
    THE PEOPLE WHO DON’T CONTROL THE MEDIA: Good goy! I mean, good boy!

    * — and if you say we DO control the media, you’ll be fired from the media. But not by us, because we don’t control anything!

  4. Off topic, but since there was no live- thread, I thought I’d pass along what I’m sure everyone had heard by now — Romney crushed Santorum in Illinois, and has established what some of the CNN talking-heads agree is an insurmountable delegate lead.

    And Gingrich still plans to keep going.

  5. Awesome! I love historical movies. They should turn it into a ride, so we can learn more about Amurrika!

  6. Can you imagine Hollywood making a movie about Jews as bloodsucking vampires or a movie that glorified murdering Jews like Django Unchained? No, as we often say here, this is BRA and that explains everything.

  7. Well it is a bit of fun on one level. Cap’n. John Carter, Cavalry Officer in the Northern Army of Virginia did have a cool leading role. So don’t be taking it too seriously. Dukes of Hazzard was also cool.

    I quite Enjoy seeing all the evil Brits in American movies. Jason Isaacs role playing a Banastre Tarleton-like Dragoon in The Patriot was the best part of it!

    Also Vampires are the it thing. Classy, sexy, ancient and eternal.

    Still it does show you what northerners think of all of you.

  8. Another successful sale of “vampire”/”ghost”/”zombie”/”magic”/”occult” fantasy to the lazy-thinking, apparently supernatural-believing “general public,” that also teaches them in the bargain a much more anti-our-cultural lesson than the recent version of Nightmare of the Walking Dead has been teaching them so far. To find this sort of thing “entertaining,” the audience must, I think, actually believe at least a little bit in such mpossible nonsense as “vampirism.” I do like GOOD science fiction and other literature and films that are PLAUSIBLE and moral that show, in the words of the Peripatetic, what CAN and ought to be.

  9. “Hunter Wallace says:
    March 21, 2012 at 3:04 am
    Can you imagine Hollywood making a movie about Jews as bloodsucking vampires or a movie that glorified murdering Jews like Django Unchained? No, as we often say here, this is BRA and that explains everything”

    I can imagine making movies like that.

    Why don’t we do it?

  10. Mosin Naggin’ – Tim Burton is doing a comedic verison of Dark Shadows” starring Johnny Depp as the vampire Barnabas Collins and I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT.

  11. John – Jason Isaacs is a Hebe. He cna’t give an interview without saying something along the lines of “I’m a Jew. Guess what – did you know I’m a Jew? An Askenazi Jew” He’s very funny – but he’s got an almost compulsion aobut citing his Hebish status.

    Daniel Radcliff is a Hebe, too.

  12. Helena Bohnm Carter is a Rothschild. I’ve always thought she looked like a troll. YEARS before I learned about Hebes. When I discovered she was a Rothschild – I knew “why” she’s in every bloody movie made in the UK.

  13. @Denise, John, etc.: Having an annoying day yesterday stuck indoors in GOOD WEATHER with required paperwork, hence the onset of a rare headache and the appearance of “naggin’,” even somewhat stilted comments here that were dashed off whenever passing the computer on breaks, more than needed to mention I’m not keen on this particular sort of fantasy. It’s true I don’t know much about this show and have never taken much interest in popular entertainment, but I did watch SOME of the show with my wife and it was not unbearable. Another good relevant thread, Hunter.

  14. I prefer war films personally. Based around real events. Like Zulu. Or Stalingrad, or Bridge Too Far or the Flashman Series of books by George MacDonald Frazier.

    Catch 22, ironclads, Das Boot, Sharpes Rifles, Last of the Mohicans, Great Escape. That sort of thing.

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