DeBow’s Review on African-Americans (1860)


Here’s a link to a funny article from DeBow’s Review called “Free Negro Rule”:

“We are in search of a moral, happy, and voluntarily industrious community of free negroes. We prosecute the search with some labor and pains, because the results should, with reasonable and philanthropical men, have much influence on their opinions respecting the nation of blacks in our midst. We suppose no such community exists upon the face of the earth. We have not found it in Hayti; it is not in Jamaica, and we search for it in vain for throughout the British West Indies. . . .

Here’s an excerpt about the Black Undertow called “Free Negroes In the Northern States”:

“The fact is, the negroes in the North display their inherent characteristics of laziness, determined ignorance, sensuality, vice, filth, and improvidence – traits which disgust all virtuous and industrious citizens; and to charge these traits upon Southern slavery, shows a total misconception of the African character, which has been improved and elevated, as we have shown, by slavery in the South.

We will produce abundant proof in support of our statement, in respect of the viciousness of the blacks, and also facts to show that in all parts of the North the mortality among free negroes is more than double that of southern slaves, or even of the whites.

And first as to the viciousness of these people. Mr. Everett stated in a speech before the Colonization Society, in 1833, that while the free blacks of Massachusetts formed only about one seventy-fifth part of the population, yet one sixth of the convicts in the prisons of that State were of that class.

In a memorial presented to the Legislature of Connecticut in 1834, it was stated, that “from the licentiousness of their (the negroes) general habits, they have invariably depreciated the value of the property by their location in its neighborhood; and that from their notorious uncleanliness and filth, they have become common nuisances to the community.”

From the report of the Warden of the Connecticut State prison for 1838, it appears “that the number of blacks in confinement, compared with the whites, is ten or twelve times greater than is the proportion of black to the white population in that State.”

“In 1832, a colony of free blacks was expelled from Ohio, on account of their dissoluteness, and dishonesty, and misery, being considered in the light of vagabonds and nuisances. A college for free negroes was projected in New Haven about the same time, and the respectable citizens opposed and suppressed it, because the increase of that class of population was considered an evil.”

Here is another article called “Free Negroes in Hayti”:

“And, indeed, such were the expectations of the friends of the negro race. Let them be but once free, remove the depressing shackles of slavery, unbind their arms, said they, and soon we will see a race fully equal to the whites; agriculture will progress, commerce be fostered, and the cause of education and religion be advanced; Euclids were to spring from the mountains, Aesops and Dumas’ were to write verses and romances in the valleys, and the golden shores of the Artibonite were to witness a pastoral peace and happiness, unequaled in the happy valley of Amhara, or in the future Utopia of the Jesuits, on the banks of the Panara!

How have these expectations been fulfilled? What has been the results of this fifty years’ trial under circumstances the most favorable could be imagined?”

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  1. Everytime I read a summary, or an essay, or a diary – anything at all – whether it’s Roman Scribes, following an Army, or Arab slavers, or any-one who is not Black – century after century the observatins about the overall behavior of Negroes NEVER changes.

    All descriptions are completely interchangeable.


  2. Blacks literally are a transhistorical transcultural transglobal anomaly. Nature keeps trying to wipe them out, but we humans in our wisdom Keep insisting on feeding, clothing, housing and protecting them.

    No matter what disease mother goddess chucks at them, no matter what flood, famine, war…we just defy her will.

  3. Haitians still find a way to blame the whiteman. Yes. The current thing is to blame their poverty on the NGOs sent there to help.

    In a sense that argument has merit, but in the end the real problem is that at the end of the day the Haitian is still black. The Swede at the end of the day is a Swede. See the difference?

  4. Same problems today as 100, 150 years ago. Still our leaders lie and tell us – just do this, give them that, and the blacks will contribute to society. Same old, same old.

  5. Not sure if you are aware of this, but your last link, free negros in hayti, links to a page that is ver derogatory to the Celtic Irish istead of anyone black. Although I agree with the point, this does not support your point well. It makes whites look as though we are are fighting amongst ourselves. And of course we are still fighting disengenuois white liberals.

  6. John said….“Blacks literally are a transhistorical transcultural transglobal anomaly. Nature keeps trying to wipe them out, but we humans in our wisdom Keep insisting on feeding, clothing, housing and protecting them. “

    And we will keep doing so, apparently, until the world is full of blacks, and they hack us up with machetes. Planet South Africa.

    There were 50 million or less blacks in Africa in 1450. Since then, we have dispersed them across the world. Western medicine, agriculture and aid has raised their number in Africa to a billion. In 25 years, there will be 1.5 billion. Every time it rains a little less, they begin to starve and we send food. The next time it happens, they need a lot more food. And so on, and so on. We cannot stop ourselves.

    They will of course not stay in Africa, first overwhelming Europe and the Middle East, but arriving by the refugee boatload to the Americas as well. The are black communities already being established in China. What does a world with 5 billion blacks look like? How about 10 billion? Eventually, there will be no one left to feed them and nature will finally take it’s course. But civilization will be gone.

    This is the future ‘equality’ has in store for us.

  7. Was the white man literally just intended to be a pathfinder recessive gene pool? To hack out the wildness? Is that natures plan for what we have accomplished? To be swallowed up by the horde?

  8. Oscar,

    I know. If there is one country that could have avoided the post imperial guilt trip it was Sweden. But they just had to let the blacks in. Madness.

  9. Look on the bright side: they’re very good at yelling obscenities into a microphone. And some of them are also experts at throwing a rubber ball through a hoop.

    So they got that goin’ for them.

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