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  1. Evolution combined with geography cut them off from the world. And goddamn white technology brought them to the Western Hemisphere (Slaveships). Our medicine and surgical techniques and farming skill fed them, our language and schools educated you. Jothana the white man you slapped around in class–his people made your world. Have some fucking gratitute.

    Otherwise you’d be in some slum in Kinshasa or Lagos. Well no some undeveloped mud hut in Kin or Ife.

  2. Where is that Rayon guy? The poor Negro MacDonald’s worker ex-con, who was assaulted by the Negress Lesbians?

    Rayon showed us the way, in how to handle a Jonatha style chimp out….

  3. Question being; Did that crazy jew Stephen Gould believe his own nonsense? Like Ygg said years ago, jews are terrified of Evolution, it is why they have gone to great lengths to try and subvert it into magic thinking nonsense like Boas, Gould and the big hitter for scams Jared Diamond.

  4. If this was a white student it would have made the national news but because it was a feral boon it will not be. She is part of a protected class that will be encouraged to continue with this aggressive, savage behavior and physical abuse toward whites. Those white guys would have been completely justified in hitting her back or forcing her to the ground.

  5. Gem – I felt the same way. FYI – had I been in that room – I would have clocked the sow.

    Gem – I’m 5’3″. I’ve made great big Nigger bucks, on the verge of a chimp out, obey me. It’s all in the body language, tone of voice, and eyes.

  6. John, you asked what can be done.

    1. Eliminate democracy. The franchise must be weighed according to the amount of taxes paid. Not only is it just but it will also greatly reduce the political influence that blacks and Hispanics have.
    2. Stop subsidising blacks and Hispanics through free education, health care, welfare and etc.
    3. Strict law enforcement but provide a escape hatch of minorities through self-deportation without the right of return. How many prisoners will choose serving 20 years for drug trafficking when they can not serve a day so long as they leave the South. Several African countries offer citizenship to American blacks. Hispanics would obviously return to their country of origin. The reduction of of the prison population through self-deporters will allow longer prison sentences for violent offenders.
    4. Obviously tight control of the border through militarisation and surveillance of the border through satellites and drones.
    5. Absolute legal protection for the freedom of association. If a firm doesn’t wish to hire minorities or serve minorities then they should have that right. After all no one forces homosexuals to eat at Chick-Fil-A for instance.
    6. Stringent enforcement of immigration laws against employers who hire illegals.
    7. English as the official language for all government.
    8. Expedited citizenship for white Southerners living outside the South. Basically so long as they do not have a virulent communicable disease they have citizenship.
    9. Streamlined citizenship for non-Southern whites particularly those fleeing persecution in Africa.
    10. Favourable tax treatment for marriage and large families. Southern whites need to have large families.

    Any other suggestions? The idea is to free the South of unwanted racial minorities but to maintain world opinion. South Africa could not stand alone against world opinion and neither could the South.

  7. I know we all love are “all is lost” “woe is us” prattle, but that crap is for entertainment at best IMO.

    If any of you still believe there is something called “anti-racism” please I implore you to explain it in detail for this redneck.

    The Left is going full out “racist” these days. They say anything or allow their chimpout enforcers off the leash all you have to do to cut it down to size is lable it “anti-white.” The left’s power over whites is ending this nonsense about a non racial utopian future is ending, and the left is doing our work for us.

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