Andy Hall’s Endorsement

The scalawag community is full of advice this morning


The self-hating negrophiles in the scalawag community have been offended by the content of this website.

They are not used to dealing with people who are familiar with Confederate political theory and who embrace the substance of the Confederate worldview while finding positive reasons to reject Americanism.

Scalawag in Texas writes:

Andy Hall March 25, 2012 at 3:56 pm

Oh, and while I’m giving away unsolicited advice, the Confederate Heritage movement should be very much more selective in who it allies itself with. Not everyone who claims to “honor” Confederate heritage is good for your movement.

You know the old gimmick, “six degrees of Kevin Bacon,” where you can link just about everyone in Hollywood to that actor in six steps or fewer? There’s something similar you can do with the Confederate heritage movement, but it’s more like “two degrees of white supremacists.” There are lots of folks within the “Southern nationalist” movement like the LoS and the SNN that are only a step removed from folks like Hunter Wallace, who in turn are (barely) a step removed from the folks at Stormfront. (Wallace links to all three, for example.) Even bloggers who claim to be “your voice in the SCV” aren’t above making the occasional race-baiting “joke.” Do you really think people like that bring anything useful to your movement?

These are not respectable people, no matter how many Confederate flags they fly. If y’all took as much interest in keeping your own house in order as you do in running the City of Lexington or the MoC, you’d be taken a lot more seriously.

That’s high praise coming from the scalawag proprietor of In fact, I am going to use that quote when I rewrite the About page. The Ta-Nehisi Coates fan club doesn’t like what we have to say here.

When I walk into a Confederate cemetery, I admire the men who are buried there, the sacrifice made by them for their racial posterity, and contemplate what I can do to honor and defend their memory.

My instinct is not to spit on the graves of my own ancestors. I don’t object to being labeled a “racist” or a “white supremacist.” I find the terms “liberal” and “traitor” highly offensive though.

Note: The SPLC doesn’t like us either. We’re the real deal here.

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  1. May I recommend the show Onedin Line? It’s a costume drama. Onedin was a shipping magnate who ran guns for the Confederates.

  2. Allegiance “to the movement” is emphasized several times in that quote. Yet, a selfless duty toward those who have come before, their history and their perspective is unworthy of attention.

    History as it was and some contemporary movement which serves as a modifiable interpretive layer through which to safely reenact select snippets of history are not at all the same thing.

  3. “Confederates” like Andy are nothing more than civil war “trekkies”. Adults who like form without substance.

    Please tell me the “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” was a joke.

  4. form without substance

    Bingo. Form is reliably safe like an otherwise beloved Hollywood star donning an SS uniform, or perhaps a blood drenched barbarian costume for a movie.

    Actors don’t really mean what they are representing. Selective, reinterpreted, and therefore disingenuous advocacy of the Confederate South is acting.

    In substance, “the movement” is essentially a fiction. Thus, Hunter’s rejection by the essentially fraudulent effectively passes the torch of Southerner heritage legitimacy to him.

  5. Oh yah…Andy Hall. I remember that one. It got all hissy over my “anti -Jooism”. Ha! These genetic defectives are obviously fags, who do not possess the courage to actually go out and get ass-raped by Big Strong Nigs.

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    Thus – Andy Hall is less courageous and honest than geniune Nigger loving Out homosexuals.

    Tsk tsk.

  6. Not “respectable,” huh? How quaint…

    Negroes are just what they are, a dangerous subhuman menace, but people like this Andy Hall character are the very real enemies of whites everywhere, especially with their Yankee-derived sanctimonious “holier than thou” posture. Of course, Andy Hall is holier than me, since I don’t worship negroes…

    What people like Andy Hall really want is that Southern whites should cease to exist as such. It must really frustrate their longing for genocide that we are still here. Sooner or later one party or the other must go.

    We’d love to keep our house in order, Andy. The first order of the day would be to remove the trash like you.

    Deo Vindice

  7. John – the BEEB has an official policy : BOC. Blacks on Camera. Were the Onedin Line to be remade today James Onedin would be cast with Idris Elba.

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