Cruelty, Ta-Nehisi?

"Team George" responds to Ta-Nehisi Coates


Ta-Nehisi Coates writes:

As noted below, the attack on the memory of Trayvon Martin began with the exposure of his twitter feed, proceeded apace to the selective posting of pictures, moved with great energy to the faking of pictures, and has now found its natural terminus in unbridled white supremacy . . .

(1) The Mainstream Media drew attention to the Trayvon Martin case by framing the public debate in terms of an unflattering outdated mugshot of George Zimmerman and a flattering outdated childhood photo of Trayvon Martin provided by his family’s lawyer.

(2) There was no “faking” of pictures – the photo that surfaced in the blogosphere was of someone on Facebook claiming to be “Trayvon Martin” in another state – which, unlike the Mainstream Media coverage of the Trayvon Martin case, turned out to be an honest mistake rather than deliberate subterfuge.

(3) The “selective photos” posted by The Daily Caller and Klanklannon are the three photos that Trayvon Martin selected to present himself to the world.

What I forgot was that racists need no reason to justify themselves. They are what they their actions say they are.

There are plenty of valid reasons to doubt the Trayvon Martin official narrative. See the Jena 6, the Duke Lacrosse stripper, and Tawana Brawley. The involvement of Al Sharpton alone, who still believes that Tawana Brawley was raped, is sufficient reason to be skeptical.

But what, precisely, is the relevance of wearing gold grills? What, specifically, is the pertinence of having once given an obscene gesture? Why, exactly, does it matter that Martin’s imagination sometimes ranged into profane thoughts of sex and violence? How does any of this help us understand his killing at the hands of by George Zimmerman?

Soledad O’Brien is hosting a CNN townhall meeting this evening on the subject of “race” in the Trayvon Martin case. Organized Blackness is claiming on the basis of no evidence whatsoever that George Zimmerman is a “racist vigilante” and that his racial views are relevant to the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

There is more substantial evidence that Trayvon Martin is a “thug” than George Zimmerman is a “racist vigilante.” The source of this evidence is Trayvon Martin who presented himself to the world as the thuggish persona “No Limit Nigga” on Twitter.

Why is this relevant? As Pat Buchanan points out, African-American males between the ages of 16 and 36 are 2 to 3 percent of the population, but are responsible for a third of all crime in the United States. The “thug” subculture of young black males is even more radically overrepresented among violent criminals.

It is relevant because it explains why Trayvon Martin was so offended that he attacked George Zimmerman instead of answering a mere question and walking away from the neighborhood watch representative.

It does not–unless you believe that the fact that Martin once gave a middle finger to a camera somehow proves that he is the sort of person who would saunter up to a man who outweighs by nearly 100 pounds, summon the powers of Thor, deck the man with one-shot, and stove him against concrete.

George Zimmerman weighs 170 pounds. Trayvon Martin weighed 160 pounds. George Zimmerman is 5’9″. Trayvon Martin is 6’3″.

It is cruelty to sneer at the unguarded thoughts of dead children. But it is the specific cruelty of racism that prevents so many from ever seeing Martin as a child.

Trayvon Martin was a 6’3″, 160 pound, 17-year-old football player. He was barely a juvenille.

Ta-Nehisi Coates writes:

One meme which we’ve encountered in the comments section here and other places, is this notion that the media is using pictures old pictures to deceptively paint Trayvon Martin as a child. I can’t date every picture that’s out there. But we do have pictures of Trayvon Martin nine days before he was killed, out celebrating his mother’s birthday. Mother’s Day.

This is the photo that Trayvon Martin selected to represent himself on Twitter:

This is the photo that Trayvon Martin selected to represent himself on his inactive Twitter account:

This is the photo that Trayvon Martin selected to represent himself on Facebook:

Is this Trayvon Martin?

The one above is one you might select to reflect your message that Martin was, indeed, a child. This message is actually true. I guess you could accuse Martin’s parents of sinisterly selecting a photo which reflects well on their son. But what you can’t really accuse them of is intentionally trying to deceive you by lowering the kids age. There’s very little difference–if any–between that picture above and the one we’ve seen on protest signs everywhere. There are other pictures which do look much different–a fact which simply proves that Martin, like many homo sapiens, appears different when subjected to the instruments and angles of photography.

Why not use the images that Trayvon Martin selected as his avatars on social media websites? Why not use the images that Trayvon Martin found the most significant and representative of his personality?

It’s worth pointing that I have yet to see a single citation, matching age and photos, to back up the claim that we are all captives to dastardly manipulative plot. Even so, all it would prove is that we’ve seen a variety of photos of Trayvon Martin.

This is Trayvon 1.0 as he first appeared in the Mainstream Media:

I’m sorry that Trayvon Martin’s actual appearance obstructs your inalienable right to scandalize children. That you must are forced into cartwheels, and rendered ridiculous, all in the laudable quest to justify bias is the true tragedy, one which pales when compared to an actual death.

Actually, it is biased to describe Trayvon Martin was a child when he was a 6’3″, 160 pound, 17-year-old football player.

If I have in any way, contributed to your travails, I hope that some day you will be wise enough, or simply human enough, to forgive.

Did you watch the video?

Note: The only “cruelty” here is Al Sharpton and the Mainstream Media fomenting a 24/7 lynch mob against George Zimmerman and his family, which has already generated thousands of death threats, and threatening “civil disobedience” to bully law enforcement officers and influence the course of a criminal investigation.

Witness: Martin attacked Zimmerman:

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  1. The sanctimoneous drivel. It’s unbearable. It’s not even liberal any more it’s just naked “hate whitey” mobbishness.

    A 6’3″ football player can easily outfight a 28 year old man
    who is six inches shorter. The punching range of the Trayvon must have outdistanced Zimmerman by at least as much.

    Have these boneheads ever watched a real fight? The big man almost always wins and knows he can win. Only Zimmerman had a lethal backup.

  2. 8 inches shorter. Christ.

    More than I thought. That’s a tremendous advantage in a fight. Especially if you land the sucker punch.

  3. Hunter do you have links to the facts of Martin and Zimmerman’s height and weight?

    I heard 6 ft 0 – 6ft 3 for Laytron Martin, the police report being the stats most cited.

    Both lying Joe Scarborough and Ta-Nehisi are still claiming Zimmerman was 100 lbs heavy than Martin – that would put Zimmerman at ~ 260 lbs. He looks about 175 lbs in the police video.

  4. If he was working out, and he looks like he was fit at that moment…he could not have been much more than 190 lbs.

    5’11” and 182 requires a lot of gym time. The little Z looked very fit in the video. Which adds other wrinkles, but it does show up how much the press fuck up details.

  5. @baldowl I don’t think your helping with that and if any of the primates catches on to that one you might be having your home address tweeted out too, and speaking of going to hell I am pretty sure it’s eternity in a lake of fire behind jokes like that. Not funny.

  6. For what it’s worth, I thought it was pretty funny. Who’s that weird girl with braces in the background?

  7. Again, the nearly two-week gap between the capping and the Jew-MSM version of the Event is highly significant. It took the Tribe just that long to figure out how to slant it on behalf of their Black group-entitlement stooges, and in order to cook up more anti-White violence. And but for the ‘net and sites like HW’s, they’d have gotten away with it. The violence will happen anyway, of course, but now more and more Whites know the drill.

  8. nevermind, nevermind, I clicked on the wrong link. I be mofugin TIRED n shit, it be 3:45 am heah. Nowhum saying my nigga? Sheet.

  9. ” But what, precisely, is the relevance of wearing gold grills? ”

    I’ve grown damn tired of this attitude. Its all over. “Don’t you judge me!” I see it with hippies to goths to racial group differences. Face, neck, hand tattoos and tramp stamps to grills and hoodies. How dare you stereotype them! How dare you profile them even though they’ll turn around and stereotype you without a second thought.

  10. The point about the football video is to show by a similar event how stupid the claim of Martin being unarmed really is. At that football game a white ref made what was perceived to be a bad call, thus “disrespecting” the black team. Then a “teen” football player with all his low impulse control on display flies in and tackles the ref, knocking him violently to the ground.

    If the ref had been unlucky he might have struck his head on the ground and suffered a serious brain injury. The attack on Zimmerman may have looked somewhat like this. Martin felt disrespected by Zimmerman’s questions about his presence in the gated community. Not having the empathy to understand Zimmerman’s concern about the rampant property crime in the gated community, Martin, as coached by the MSM and cultural marxists, takes it as a personal affront, charges Zimmerman and knocks him to the ground. Apparently Zimmerman was stunned by the first blow fell to the ground and may have struck the back of his head.

    In any case, the “unarmed” meme neglects the typical brutal nature of these attacks and what is at stake. These aren’t semi-stylized white man’s fights where two combatants dance around each other, cursing until a few blows fall and then others rush in to break up the fight before someone gets seriously injured. No, many of these attacks are stomp-downs where some unlucky victim is beaten to the ground and then his head is attacked, frequently by kicks. The victim often suffers serious brain trauma as a result. The brain trauma may cause loss of memory, poor motor controls, seizures, reduced cognitive ability, etc. So some white when confronted by such a situation has to realize just what is at stake – he or she may wake up days later out of a chemically induced coma with his his or her injuries resulting in lifelong complications. So the meme of “he was unarmed” is totally misleading as to what is at stake in these violent encounters.

  11. How DARE this fat-lipped faggot (he just ‘looks’ gay) preach a moral sense his kind don’t even possess!?

    How DARE this denizen of Africa presume that he is a Caucasoid Human?

    How DARE we be insulted with pious platitudes that have no more reality, than Jesse Jackson’s credentials as a ‘minister’!?

    Chay of the field. Animals. I deny them human existence. They revert to that prior example (animals), just as soon as things don’t go their way within the narrow confines of their ‘one standard deviation below normal’ minds. Unlike REAL Human beings, [White Men] whose altruism and sense of justice presumes a man innocent until PROVEN guilty, this “Liberian Lynch Mob” are merely apes gone mad, and should be caged.

  12. If the libtards didn’t want Trayvon “No Limits Nigga” Martin exposed as a lowlife, they shouldn’t have turned over his rock.

    If the libtards didn’t want Whites pointing out that Black mean IQ is approximately 1.1 standard deviation lower than White mean IQ, they shouldn’t have turned over the rock of equalitarianism by asserting racial equality, and blaming Black outcomes on White racism.

  13. I’ve grown damn tired of this attitude. Its all over. “Don’t you judge me!” I see it with hippies to goths to racial group differences. Face, neck, hand tattoos and tramp stamps to grills and hoodies. How dare you stereotype them! How dare you profile them even though they’ll turn around and stereotype you without a second thought.

    Amen. Everyone wants their cake, and eat it too. Actually, it seems like they want to have their cake, and eat it, and screw it too:

    1. Cover themselves in piercings, tattoos, grills, and other vandalism, to signify how much cooler and better they are.
    2. Forbid anyone from criticizing their Vandal fashion sense, disregard for norms, pointing out their ineligibility for normalcy, etc.
    3. Un-forbid anyone from 2, so they can play the persecuted Vandal Christ victim role.

    It seems to boil down to a desperate need for attention, any attention.

    I’m reminded of a line from Beetlejuice: “while I myself am strange and unusual.” Being genuinely my own person, I’ve never needed to wear strange shit, or do strange shit to my body, to feel unique. I’ve never felt the need to do anything to feel unique. Hell, I’ve never felt the need to feel unique.

  14. How dare you profile them even though they’ll turn around and stereotype you without a second thought.

    Exactly. You’re the mindless conformist fundamentalist Christian bigot hater conservative; never mind the fact that you actually hold opinions that you own, that you came to by trampling flat the collective wisdom of the authorities and your peers.

  15. The weird girl in braces is featured in Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video. I figure something like belongs in Trayvon’s hell, although he’d probably still try to score with her.

  16. @Svigor
    Maybe the liberals wouldn’t have to be forming petitions and rallys against Zimmerman if the racist, backwards police sent a homicidal expert to the scene instead of a narcotics expert. It was a clear case of a cover up. Zimmerman had no marks or bruises on him. If Trayvon “attacked” him, why didn’t he pull his gun out before Trayvon did anything? He obviously had no problem delivering a fatal blow over a scuffle.

    Maybe African American tension is high because of all the racial profiling still done to African Americans. Especially those who travel in rich neighborhoods. or ignorant, racist comments like your own. The problems arise from such ignorance, corruption, judgemental thoughts, and cowardliness.

    It’s pathetic how they’re playing on the gangsta card. So what if Trayvon dressed in gangsta style. He’s a young, American minority in a country were corrupt cops racially profile and harass citizens without the slightest penalty. Oh and forget about all the white and other minorities who dress like thugs or goths, they all must be guilty of violent behavior because they dress like that. Unless they’re Zimmerman, then it doesn’t matter if they have mugshot pics(something Trayvon doesn’t have) or fatally shoot someone without evidence of being in a life or death situation. Not that’s there’s any investigation, anyways. The cops are too busy sending narcotics experts because they believe the 1/2 Peruvian 1/2 Jewish guy over the black guy. The black guy, who even dressed like a thug looks sweet, cute, and innocent. Someone I’m sure any girl or boy(black, white, Asian, Peruvian, Jewish, Native American, Eastern Europen) would be lucky to date or be friends with.

    Fuck all of you racist, hypocrites! Fuck your conservative, backwards asses! Your country will crumble under your ignorance you YOU will suffer at the end! What comes around goes around!

  17. @ me too: Zimmerman is no scrawny guy who couldn’t fight Trayvon off. And I think we all forget Zimmerman had his Pajero tool, the gun. Even if Trayvon “attacked” Zimmerman, could’ve pulled his gun out if “his life was in danger”. But it makes no sense for Trayvon to attack Zimmerman if he was annoyed with him for suspecting him, especially after Zimmerman already called 911 on him for just being black. Trayvon would probably be yelling but he wouldn’t assault the guy and look guilty when the police were on their way. There was absolutely no reason to shoot Trayvon, fatally unless Zimmerman’s life was in danger. And there was no injuries on Zimmerman to prove that! Not to mention the software detected that it wasn’t Zimmerman’s voice. Zimmerman was told not to go after Trayvon and Trayvon probably couldn’t have known Zimmerman called 911 on him. So why would Trayvon attack him?

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