7 Black Teens Accused of Hate Crime in Videotaped Attack on Latino Boy


It appears that 7 more of Obama’s sons have committed a hate crime against a Latino boy in Palmdale, California:

PALMDALE, Calif (KTLA) — Seven black teenagers are facing assault and hate crime charges after allegedly attacking a Latino youth as he walked home from school.

It happened around 4 p.m. March 14 near Cactus Middle School in the 3200 block of East Avenue R-8.

According to investigators, the 15-year old victim was approached by a group of up to 10 male black teenagers who challenged him to a fight, said.

“The suspects surrounded the victim and began punching him while several other juveniles watched,” according to Deputy Robbie Royster of the L.A. Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

The victim reportedly fell to the ground while trying to defend himself and the suspects allegedly continued to beat him “by punching and kicking him in the face and head,” Royster said.

The victim was eventually able to get away, but was later hospitalized for multiple head wounds, including shoe impressions left in his skin.

The victim is also undergoing surgery to repair several of his teeth which were kicked out during the attack.

Detectives were able to identify the alleged attackers from a video of the assault, which was posted to YouTube.

The video has since been taken off of YouTube by the person who posted it.

Naturally, the Mainstream Media and SPLC are all over the story … just like the previous two hate crimes this month involving the Black Undertow in Kansas City and South Carolina.

Note: Oh wait, it turns out that the Hutaree Militia and Trayvon Martin weren’t who they were made out to be. I’m as shocked as you are.

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  1. Once the Zeta type gangs crank up the war machine I doubt there will be a black in

    They can’t have blacks around interfering with smooth business transactions.

  2. It’s a shame the boy wasn’t armed with an Armalite. Getting teeth kicked out is no fun.
    If he had such a weapon and used it to defend himself–perhaps killing half those cowards–would reverend Al have gone to Palmdale to protest the injustice of the shooting?

    It’s a serious question now, because the blacks have figured out a gaping hole in the law. Attack in a pack, organize via cell phones, attempt to kill with kicks. Then disperse quickly. Hide behind a wall of no snitchen silence.

    A law ought to be passed that black teens cannot group with more than two together. Chimpout always ensue. They are feral beasts.

    This was just another Knockdown King.

  3. Blacks are taking liberalism out back and shooting it or at least kicking it to death. What are the libs going to do create a 3000 mile wide police state?

  4. who cares? The victim was no kin of mine and damn near as likely to set on a White kid as the negros

  5. No loss then Stonelifter. Same with Z. If he’s vindicated hurts blacks, if he goes down he’s Hispanic.

    Heads we win tails no cost.

  6. Nowhere near as likely, Stonelifter. I’d much rather we’d remained a 90% White country (preferably more, even), but liberals decided that the country needed to commit suicide by immigration. That said, as propensity for barbaric behavior goes, Hispanics are not in the same league as feral blacks. Blacks have a short window in which the climate for their acts of depravity are hushed up by the media, and where Whites are too cowed by the fear of being labeled racist to fight back (or the fear of being sent to prison where they’d be outnumbered by murderous rapists and animals… a legitimate fear). Hispanics are not cowed by those things, and Blacks savagery does not go unanswered by them, which I respect. I also expect that as Whites percentage of the population continues to decrease, and the shear amount of injustice and violence against us continues to mount, Whites will eventually have no choice but to close ranks and fight for our survival. At the same time, Hispanics percentage of the population will continue to grow, and they do not like Blacks, and will answer an eye for an eye (or worse). This short lived heyday, with a Black in the White House and another as head of the Department of Injustice, and where the media covers up their manifold crimes will not last. This country is going to be a real tinderbox within 15 years, and I think Blacks will fare the worst of us all.

    There’s a reason that Blacks have moved out to Lancaster/Palmdale, and it’s that Hispanics have kicked their asses out of Compton and other longtime Black strongholds.

  7. The boy was attacked by school there was lots of traffic and adults walking by and on their cars. Can you tell me why no one did anything? Adults need to be responsible, I dont care if it was your kid or not but take responsibility and call the cops. Or try and break it up, the boy could have died with everyone around turning their head the other way.

  8. breaking up a fight is a good way to get hurt. No one is obliged to get hurt saving another man’s get. That”s muddled leftist thinking at its core; we must sacrifice for those not related to us. Pure horseshit

  9. Tania says:
    The boy was attacked by school there was lots of traffic and adults walking by and on their cars. Can you tell me why no one did anything?

    Stonelifter says:
    “breaking up a fight is a good way to get hurt” Yeah, that’s true.

    I say Tania is right. I would have found one or two men to back me and waded in no way would I stand by and let such a viscous attack happen in front of me. I’ve broken up gang fights (never again I hope 🙂

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