Confession: Media Manipulation In Trayvon Martin Case


The caption reads:

An undated photo released by the Martin family public relations representative shows Trayvon Martin, who was shot and killed at age 17. George Zimmerman, right, is pictured in this 2005 police photo taken after the now-28-year-old allegedly assaulted an officer. The charge was later dropped.

The Mainstream Media framed George Zimmerman as an obese criminal even though the charges against him were dropped and he is now in much better shape while using an outdated photo from the Martin family public relations representative.

Can you possibly get more blatantly irresponsible?

Note: George Zimmerman weighs 170 pounds. Trayvon Martin weighed 160 pounds. George Zimmerman is 5’9?. Trayvon Martin is 6’3?.

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  1. hell the media was manipulating things when they called zimmerman a White man. There would have been no story if they reported it as a mexican

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