Al Sharpton Speaks At Trayvon Martin Rally


Al Sharpton demands “justice” for the hooded thug Trayvon Martin who violently assaulted George Zimmerman and attempted to beat the neighborhood watch captain to death in his own community for the crime of asking him a mere question.

Note: This is not an April Fools’ joke.

In Black Run America (BRA), the President of the United States claims the hooded thug as his own son, and the virtuous citizen is condemned as a “racist vigilante” by the liberal media.

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  1. Axed him a question Hunter. Big difference. It was a big Viking Battle Axe.
    And it made the aspiring pilot’s Heid hurt. All those firing synapses created to get
    the brain to come up
    with a good cover story for casing the joint. Be Ray cissss…

  2. Another irony is that the cops appear to have recommended a manslaughter charge. So I do not understand why the blacks have taken the leap to surround the PoPo Station.

    The lawyers higher up looked at the evidence and concluded that Z was actually defending himself. Case closed.

  3. The pan of the crowd midway through the top video doesn’t show “thousands” of protesters as the MSM reported, imho.

  4. In Black Run America (BRA), the President of the United States claims the hooded thug as his own son, and the virtuous citizen is condemned as a “racist vigilante” by the liberal media.

    In Jewish/Black Run America, the leader of the New Black Panther Party told Blacks that if you want freedom “you gonna half to kill some crackas! You gonna haf to kill some of their babies! Let’s get our act together!”

    These same people are protected by Eric Holder and Jewish media. Ultimately, they are protected by Barack Obama himself since Holder takes orders from Obama.

    The NBPP, other radicals and the black gangs know that the authorities will never lift a hand against them as long as they’re assaulting Whites.

    Thus, we have a very clear idea of what will happen when blacks start rioting. Blacks at all levels will be able to kill and attack at will worrying about any authority trying to stop them.

  5. In a general Riot the cops will be overwhelmed anyway.

    They are just garbage men in the end.

    The National Guard will come in handy though if there is a Republican governor.

    Otherwise it really will just be a matter of barricading streets and setting up perimeters
    complete with armed rooftop OPs.

  6. Wait a minute. I thought the NAACP denounced Mr Sharpton? Yet I see him at the podium with the NAACP emblem prominent.

  7. OT but have you read Abundance by Peter Diamandis?

    He’s a a biologist/Aeronautical engineer and MD. He’s predicting a potentially limitless future for everyone.

    He has a vision for the poor: clean water, more food, more education.
    “Life with possibility for all.”

    I just don’t see him taking the black into account. Africans will drag us down.

    It’s the N factor.

  8. Same place the pope does: People.

    I just don’t get how 2 billion blacks can possibly support themsves without whte commercial farmers, engineers and chemists.

    Their proportion of the world population doesn’t seem sustainable. Haiti lives on welfare. So does Congo, so does Detriot.

    Diamandis is really bright but he’s ignoring the N factor.

  9. I recommend ‘Hold Back This Day’ to describe the consequences of a world without whites. Over population then mass starvation is the consequence.

  10. In the past, rioting niggers only had to worry about cops and National Guard troops who weren’t even allowed to use rubber bullets on the cocksuckers. It’s going to be different this time.

    I know guys that run gun shops in Texas and Kentucky and they say that most of their gun sales over the past few months have been to White people who don’t even know which end the bullet comes out of. They all ask for a gun that will stop an intruder.

    I wish we could thank all of the race realist sites like OD, SBPDL, CofCC, American Renaissance and the many others for all of those brand new open eyes, but I don’t think that would be accurate. Almost all of the credit should go to our dark little brothers who, by just being themselves, have shaken lots of Crackers from their propaganda induced slumber.

    My brother-in-law in Forsyth County Georgia told me the other day that the gun training ranges in that area are booked solid for months in advance. He said that the Yankee transplants are starting to sound just like the natives. That old joke about shooting “cans” is making the rounds among them like it was brand new.

    If you live in a nigger-infested neighborhood or a first ring suburb, move now. If you have money in stocks, move all of it to the stocks of utility companies that serve civilized areas. Either that or Treasury Bonds or gold. Wall Street will lose half its volume, or more, by the time the smoke clears.

    We will see mass graves in or around every nigger-infested city in America before the ball falls in Times Square again. Use your head right now and you won’t end up in one of them.

  11. Sheeple Magazine has 12 year old Trayvon on the cover. “An American Tragedy”, it says. Disgusting. The piss stream media doubling down on the lie.

    Now would be a good time to call out the media. They were caught this time thanks to the internet. What about before the internet? What about Rosa Parks? MLK? Civil Rights?

  12. Print out decals with The teef of gold. Slap em on the People covers.

    The real No Limit Nigga ought to be known.

  13. “The real No Limit Nigga ought to be known”

    Maybe we should henceforth and forevermore refer to him as Trayvon “No Limit Nigga” Martin, just to get folks pointed in the right direction?

    And that surly negro thug couldn’t even write the expression he was trying to convey with proper grammar and without using ebonics (i.e. degenerate English).

    Just look at the variety of correct ways his net handle could have been written and still
    convey the same meaning:

    “Limitless Nigger”

    “Nigger without a Limit”

    “Nigger without Limits”

    “Unlimited Nigger”

    “Nigger Unlimited”

  14. Unlimited Nigga was the correct preferable form.

    Maybe the Airforce Academy would have set him right.

  15. “We not no thugs”

    The crowd wails: “yay-uh, Mhhh hmmmm, das righ”

    “We not no hoodlums”

    The crowd wails : “Ay-man”

    “We not no bums”

    And the crowd approves.

    “We not da ones walkin’ round wit guns, we da ones de-fendin’ owsevs”


    This crowd of utterly useless niggers, these fast-breeding hominid bacteria with their tiny simian brains in their half-human haids, with the dump-dee-doo soundtrack playing loudly, drowning out even remote displays of intelligence or reason, are like so much excess protoplasmic toxic medical waste dumped upon an otherwise healthy Planet Earth.


    How oh how is it possible to have half-humans living among us, who are able to monopolize the narrative to this extent?

    One Banana?



    – Arturo

  16. “Trayvon Martin gave his life for this cause…”

    OMFG…do you people run this crap through the bullshit meter before saying out loud?

    Martin “gave his life” for nothing more than a FAILED opportunity to punk out a mezito. Maybe open carry would be the next logical step to keep you apes in line.

    The rest of you had better take fair warning, the next lumpy little guy you step up to and ask “you gotta f$&#ing problem?”, might answer you with a smoking hole in your chest or face.

  17. Yes…the urban Hispanics, unlike all too many Whites, haven’t been at all pacified by the Jews. When the JeWelfare state dies, the spic gangs are going to do a massive cull on the urban Blacks. I think we have the beginnings of a (tactical) alliance here.

  18. “MajikFireHornet says:
    April 2, 2012 at 6:52 am
    Yes…the urban Hispanics, unlike all too many Whites, haven’t been at all pacified by the Jews. When the JeWelfare state dies, the spic gangs are going to do a massive cull on the urban Blacks. I think we have the beginnings of a (tactical) alliance here.”

    EXACTLY. Jews loathe Whites so much, that they don’t seme to understand that MOST people on the planet would rather deal with normal Whites, than with them ,or their pet Niggers.

    We’ve been remiss in not reaching out.

  19. most hispanics in this country are not going to be our friends. They have come to replace us and don’t hide the fact. It’s smart pool to have negros and hispanics fight each other, but I’d be real careful to make one a friend.

  20. After reading all of these comments, I have finally realized the extent of ignorance present in the United States. I cannot believe a racist white human can be generalizing nationalities and making assumptions entirely based on the color of one’s skin. Every nationalities has their benevolent group and malevolent group; there are White murderers, White peacemakers; there are Black murderers, Black peacemakers; there are Hispanic murderers, Hispanic peacemakers. I do not come here to insult nor disrespect Whites, but I do have to say, from my observations, I have never seen such racism present in any other “race” but White. Racism is derived from ignorance and a bad habit of assumptions. All of you would be surprised to meet a non-White family that is probably better educated, both academically and mannerly, than yours. Open your eyes…

  21. Let us pray for the racists that abound in our country, white, black, hispanic, and any other race. please let the hate go away amen.

  22. Zimmerman was charged and found not guilty in a court of law by a jury of all women. WOW! Never thought he had a chance, however, he was acquitted nonetheless. Al Sharpton is a racist thug and his followers are sheep. This is the USA, where even thugs and sheep have a say. The 1st amendment is alive and well. As for the other extremist groups that want to kill crackas and their babies, I say bring it on.

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