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  1. The Trayvons are using a variety of debunked Talking Points.

    It’s quite fascinating the degree to which the press are constructing a lunatics brief.
    They really are a pack of howler monkeys. I didn’t fully understand the depth of it until I saw the the HD version of the Police Garage video. They are rabid. No lie is too much for their precious Trayvon.

  2. I am going to enjoy yur critique when it comes btw. Cataloging the deception by the press is going to be hard because you are so spoilt for choice.

  3. I commented on that article and got called a racist, by a white racist. What’s the world coming to?

  4. “I wonder if it was Denise?”

    Doubt it. Denise would have run him over, not had “choice words”.

  5. LOL! The woman in Chicago is not me – but she’s my “Sister in Spirit “! Thanks for thinking of me, guys. And YT – yer righter than right. See what I mean about knowing how to deal with them. She’s a 36 yr old woman – and when she wqent AFTER him, and told him off – he backed right down. You have to make judgements according to the situation. Had he had a gun, or been in a pack, it would have been a different matter. But you CAN make them obey you.

    It’s 2AM. I’m heading to bed. I was watching “Shaun of the Dead” with the Hubster tonight, and I had to do a few things, so of course I had to check in. I have TONS of stories to tell, of lessons learned in Philadelphia, et al – but I must get to bed. I’ll tell a short one, for YT – when I lived in Killadelphia, I noticed that idle Negro males would jump in front of cars. on busy streets, to make the drivers stop, and possibly cause an accident. I mean Girard Ave, or Broad Street. I used to drive GREAT BIG OLD bombers – great big HUGE American cars, made mostly of metal, that were more than able to take the abuse of city life, and potholes, etc. I never used to bother with “nice” cars – what was the point? One Christmas, EVERY “nice” car in my neighborhood was broken into, or damaged. (FYI – every-one knew it was invading Niggers, wot done the damage) – except mine! HA! Anyway – my cars were like urban tanks. I get one for a few hundred dollars, and then drive [it] til it almost fell apart.

    When Nigs used to try to pull their jump in front of Whitey, and Cause an accident game – I’d AIM for ’em. It was always obvious when they were about to jump in traffic – they’d hang out on the sidewalk, and look for likely “marks”. I’m certain I looked perfect – a smallish White female (and I looked like I was about 12, when I was in college) all alone in a big car. There would always be 2 or 3 doing it. The first few times it happened, I was just scared, and surprised, and relieved I didn’t hit any-one. I have good reflexes – so I would swerve, but I never hit another car. After awhile, I realized that this was a game, since I’d see the same guys “playing”. So I began to AIM for ’em. I’d make ’em jump back. It was great fun!!!! Once, on Girard, 2 of ’em fell over backwards, nearly did get run over. Ahhh….good times.

    FYI – I’ve been listening to all sorts of wonderful music. To my lovely WN comrades, bon nuit!

  6. “http://americaswarchick.blogspot.com/2012/03/back-on-january-6-trayvon-martin.html”

    Until there is a link to this one it has to be assumed to be a photoshop. that image has been making the rounds.

  7. Rjp you could do a devious diary on DKos and map out an anti racist method of jury selection that excludes white middle age men. Then after it gets attention and praise say
    ” Second thoughts? That is actually Jim Crow jackasses!”

  8. the shitbag was looking to break into someone’s house, maybe do a little recreational raping too

  9. Denise — thanks for the link to the video. Very nice.

    It’s good that you found a way to deal with the fake car vs. pedestrian accident scam.

  10. Lilly ,

    You are welcome. I’m glad you like the music. “La Mer” is one of my faves.

    My time in Philadelphia gave me the best education possible…

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