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  1. Afternoon all.

    There is something mighty percoolier brewin’ in Saint Louie.

    It’s one of the last Metro cities in America without much of a Mexican Barrio too. It’s like a time warp to the 60s or 80s if you like.

    Additionally the mayor is a pussy. He’s a major weakness.

  2. Maybe we in time can start finding these thugs social media outlets and start asking them and their “peeps” their racial views.

  3. The trayvons etc are dripping with animus for YT. It’s not even about being agent provocatuer. It’s just a matter of exposure.

    His chums are all still crowing about the case. They will blow the case for the State.

  4. The mayor there can’t be worse the mayor of Duluth MN. He wants to build a highspeed rail nigger express train between Duluth and the Twin Cities to help make Duluth more “accessible”.

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