Sanford II: Two Black Teens Brutally Beat a White Man


Breaking News: CofCC has linked Sanford II to a radical black power cult, Nation of Yahweh.

Two black teenagers near Sanford brutally beat White man with a hammer

Al Sharpton is about to get struck by lightning.

The “50-year-old Winter Springs man” who was viciously beaten near Sanford by these two black thugs and who is on life support right now is a White man. The Mainstream Media is covering up the story.

Update: Yahaziel Israel is such a good boy. He is NUMB@ 1 NIGG@ on MySpace and Twitter. Kyle Rogers weighs in with a new article.

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  1. This is the true double face of evil in America. He looks like he’s about to fucking yawn . He knows he gets to hang out and lift weights and learn how to master ID theft.

  2. Do you have Negro Fatigue? You could be at risk. Chronic Negro Fatigue Syndrome (CNFS) is the great crippler of white people in America today. Know NF’s 12 warning signs. Please visit the Society to Ban Prejudice in Daily Life at

  3. That “How whites took over America” video speaks only falsity of the Natives, their culture, and of course of the country’s history. As I’ve stated in the comments, another example is necessary for their premise.

    and for you European tourists, take caution:

  4. The article I read earlier today stated they “then took him into the woods near Beardall Avenue and Lincoln Street, where they continued to attack him”.

    Is that code for “they sodomized him”?

  5. @susan lee

    Good. Then you understand when some of these filthy niggers abduct, rape, and brutalize YOU.

  6. Amen, Chis. The White National males I know, in PERSON, are the soul of courtesy, and decency. ESPECIALLY the Southern ones. They would not evver Trayvon any-one.

    Think of US, Susan Lee, when you meet up with your own Private Travon.

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