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He’s starting to catch on … we’re the ones who assassinated the myth of Trayvon Martin. Ta-Nehisi Coates is starting to catch on too. Someone out there pissed in the punch bowl and changed the narrative.

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  1. Coates is such an intellectual coward. What a joke he is on the masthead at The Atlantic Monthly next to people like James Fallows.

    I left a few comments on Coates’ blog, and he answered one himself — to let me know I was banned for asking “why don’t blacks get worked up over black-on-white violence since it is much more common than the reverse”?

    Incidentally, I ran across this tonight.


  2. the new black panther party might not be having midnight rides and be pulling White folks out of the house, killing our families and raping our women but negros do that kind of stuff to our people everyday

  3. Ta-gyptian nsheit (AngloSaxon name) can go fuck himself.
    He’s happy to see white people get abused so fuck him.

  4. It’s so sad that whites cops and vigilant neigborly types are killing Americ’s future Pilots, doctors, engineers and rocket scientists–ending their awesome destinies. So sad.

  5. For the forum banner. May I suggest Malcolm Morley’s version of the School of Athens? It is a photorealistic appropriation of Raphael’s original. Except there is a disruption at the level of the head of the philosophers. Check it out. It’s quite funny. Very appropriate for for BRA.

  6. Its about time white folks wake up to the fact that blacks hate us. Their culture of failure is to much for them to bare and they need an outlet for the frustration. It took me a while to realize their pathological stupidity and evil but better late than never. Thanks for the good work.

  7. Fucking Stupid Niggers! They are asking for it aren’t they!

    Mr. Death? Paging Mr. Death! 24,000,000 dead niggers be needing a ride to the Bad Place! Come right away! They are Stinking up the waiting room!

  8. Check out ATL news. Tyler Perry is the latest racial profiling victim.

    Meanwhile no coverage of the GSU student attack hate crime.

  9. Negros aren’t upset we are poisoning the discourse, they are pissed some of us got the truth about trayvon and zimmerman into the public view

  10. WE are now the ‘leftist student radicals of ’68,’ folks.

    The ‘Establishment’ is now the Leftist Jews, Sodomite apologists, and the useless Negroes, who cannot and will not acknowledge that the rationales of the Whites in the South [before and after the Civil War] are now corroborated by DNA research, IQ testing, indisputable Crime Stats, and the “Trayvons” of the World.

    Whites no longer have ANYTHING left to prove. We were correct all along, and Nathan Bedford Forrest, George Wallace, Thomas Jefferson Theodore Bilbo, et al., are now the ‘pantheon of the NEW American Heroes,’ and Lincoln, Beecher-Stowe, Brown, the Scalawags, Jews, and Bolsheviks have been ‘de-canonized’.

    While this Restoration of the White Man may take decades or even a hundred years, the Saxon has AWOKEN.

    And, just think… all it took was some bastard commie miscegenated egotist of a whoring slut mother, becoming Nigger-in-Chief, to get us to this place.

    Along with the most unlawful, blind Att’y General this country has ever known…..

    Thanks, Guys. You opened White People’s eyes, and it’s now just a matter of time before you are all returned to the plantations, where you belong… in Africa.

  11. Gawd o’ Mighty, Fr. John! That was the most profound bitch-slap of truth Ive seen on any comment board in months.

    We have already won the battle. The smoke still hangs over the field…and many do not realize it…but the tide has turned in this war and in this nation. Now is the time to emulate Stonewall Jackson and attack at every sign of weakness. Draw the sword and throw away the scabbard!

    Trayvon is their Gettysburg, and payback is a bitch in heat.

  12. Yes, Denise, amen. It is gonna be a long, hard slog. But the end result is beyond question. Now is the time to fight like we have never fought before.

  13. Then the left half of the white bell curve goes on his threads and shrieks “nigger.”

    HW types till his fingers are bloody, and has just about made a bible out of the failures of intergration, racial equality. But the anti-whites throw the ball of blacks acting like blacks and off we run to bark “nigger.”

  14. I think we should emulate General Lee in speech and manners. We already have that template to work with, and should come quite natural to most of us to revere that form of classical gentleman. There is nothing wrong with calling a (cough, forgive the saying) spade a spade. I also understand the need to vent, but we have a higher calling than that. Im as guilty as any other of debasing my speech (I work in the oilfield…yuck) and manners when I am angry. We can and must do better if we are to win hearts and minds to the cause. Truth is on our side.

    Ducit Amor Patriae

  15. I agree EH I spew invective all too much myself. My point being is that the Super Zip anti-whites throw the ball and off we go, chasing till we are exhausted, but we never challenge their taboos.

    The Super Zip anti-whites just love it when we bark “nigger” or try to answer them with 10,000 word essays on crime. That way they never have the ruling taboos challenged.

  16. Good points. This is the first time I’ve ever seen the anti-whites lose in my 30 years on this earth. The first breach of their walls has occurred.

  17. Eric Hale: Your comment released a chain of thought that has been trying to get out the way a sneeze tries to get out.

    Hunter has been printing a lot of thought provoking quotes and speeches from Confederate heroes that fit my way of thinking so closely that it never occurred to me that those are the words of the guys that lost. Damn good verbiage from great men, but not the words the words of victors.

    While we definitely need to know the thoughts of the giants who led the South, we also need to familiarize ourselves with the rhetoric and tactics of the men that won the war.

    I read several years ago that New York would have fallen early in the conflict were it not for the intervention of the Russian Navy, which scared away our allies. At that point, if New York had been taken, the rest of the North would have soon followed.

    How many other turning points didn’t go our way?

    And how about the Civil Rights Movement? Where did we do wrong in that battle? What did the niggers and their Jew handlers do right?

    I believe the reason we have niggers shoved into every aspect of our lives today is positive proof that our leaders lack the underhanded, conniving skills needed to win against the carpetbagging Yankees who have us on a straight path to Idiocracy.

    We need to do something about that. We need to learn the Sheeny tricks that defeated us in the past and use those tricks on THEM.

    When I as younger, I was known as a competent brawler. Every move I made that helped me win I learned from having it done to me.

    We’ve had our asses kicked often enough in the last 150 years that we should have learned a lot more moves than we’ve been demonstrating. We need to work on that.

  18. Fr. John,

    So true about being the “New Left.” Although our position comes from restructuring the culture, not tearing it down. It’s so funny to see these Boomer Jew Hippie Scum and kollege SWPLs defending the government’s position. How uncool can you be? You get at ’em and there comes a moment when they realize – holy crap, I’ve become everything I detest. I’m defending the Government!

    They are finished. Totally finished. I think this will change faster than we think.

  19. If we have won affair Trayvon then it is because we no longer cede them the notion of moral superiority.

    As we say at BUGs, “‘Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White and nothing more.”

    For decades when the anti-whites screeched “racist” off we went chasing balls thrown to distract us or we went full shriek “nigger”, “kike” ect ect.

  20. @Eric Hale;

    You want to see the war being won, in LIVE ACTION, go check out this video and the comments stream. It’s only been up for about 24 hours, and getting ready for “virality”.


    The “War” is no longer fought with knives and guns, it’s word-weapons which destructure enemy discourse hegemony. Watch it being smashed: Live!

  21. Even though he might be persona non grata Parrot came up with a very good observation about the white anti-whites, they are less likely to feel “white guilt” nowadays instead it is “white pity” for blacks. But I would like to add that the white anti-whites are a bit sadistic (to other whites) to say the least in their efforts to keep on top of the Democratic money laundering outfit.

    If blacks are taking liberalism out back and gang raping it, then white liberals are taking out their “moral superiority” and aborting it.

  22. Effing NPR Terri Gross. They are talking about Somalia with Thom Geitlin. Why are they so rough?

    Well Terri, go to Loop in St Louis, Inner Detroit, Sanford.

    Same black people it’s no mystery. Please let’s not take refugees.

  23. And how about the Civil Rights Movement? Where did we do wrong in that battle? What did the niggers and their Jew handlers do right?

    1) We allowed tenure. Then they held their values in check until they were granted tenure. They were wolves in sheep’s clothing. We need a crop of pro-conservative values educators to enter into these institutions as “Liberals” ….. playing the role until tenured.
    2) We allowed them in the schools. The children in the indoctrination training academies brought the values homes, especially to the mothers.
    3) We paid them to teach us their values by watching their television PROGRAMMING. (You could have had two negroes sodomizing each other in the sand behind Pam Anderson’s bouncing breasts on Baywatch, few would have changed the channel. I would argue that the only thing that has reversed some of the damage of TV is the internet. Yes, despite what is available via on the internet, it allows people who hold common values, values considered inconsistant with the current societal values, to come together and form a force against further deterioration.)

  24. “We allowed tenure. Then they held their values in check until they were granted tenure. They were wolves in sheep’s clothing. We need a crop of pro-conservative values educators to enter into these institutions as “Liberals” ….. playing the role until tenured.”

    That’s why I said what I did. WE need to SEE OURSELVES VICTORS. We have had the Jewsmedia tell us the lies that Whites are a) not the Chosen People (like THEY are? Puh-leez!) b) we are the guilty ones (Blacks are, and in this Holy Week as I have written on my blog, the Jews are guilty of Deicide – forever.) and most important,
    c) All men are created equal. Cambria will not yield has been writing white hot columns lately, and all of them point back to the ‘White Man’s saviour’ and the knowledge that Christendom needs to be religiously, racially, and culturally unified.

    For, once we do that, we WILL TAKE BACK WHAT IS OURS…. AGAIN.

    I truly believe that the Obamantion is cracking at the seams. When Barack dares LECTURE the Supremes about their job, and says ‘If you don’t pass MY legislation, you are induling in ‘judicial activism,’ the Alinskyite Jew/Bolshie has ‘tipped his hand’ … as they ALWAYS do. From being the ‘ostracized,’ we now have books lauding ‘The Jewish Century.’ From ‘po’ black folk,’ we now have a PRESIDENT OF THE UNION.

    Their larder is empty, they’re running on fumes, and ‘polite discourse’ is no longer necessary. They have shown they are blood-thirsty PAGANS, the whole lot of ’em, and the “FINAL SOLUTION” for the ‘Great Society’ is an UTTER ROUT of the Bastards, once and for all.

    Israel did not do it in the O.T., and she never garnered her ‘peace.’ We engaged in a ‘compromise’ in Philly in ’76, and again at Appomattox in ’65, and again in DC in 1965, and where has it gotten us? John de Nugent is acting like he’s going to be the next Fuhrer of the Pennsyltucky Whites, Harold Covington is talking about the Great White Pacific NW, while Vermont is talking about secession.


    RON PAUL’S ENGINEERED DEFEAT IN IOWA, should have been the rallying cry that they will STOP AT NOTHING TO SILENCE US. The Race Riots worldwide, the Jew Banker Bailouts in the USA, Eric ‘my People’ Holder’s continued DENIAL OF HATE CRIME STATUS TO BLACKS for the very same crimes WHITES ARE CRUCIFIED FOR, and you think we still have time for ‘polite discourse’?

    The GOP Convention is coming up. We should storm the convention, and DEMAND OUR COUNTRY BACK< AND A CANDIDATE OF OUR CHOOSING, and tell this nancy-boy professional politicos to go back and never darken our door again!

    If we do not act like we have numbers behind us (remember the surge in gun and ammo sales- by WHITES- all last year?) and that we have teh MORAL IMPERATIVE FROM YHWH GOD ALMIGHTY, how the HELL are we going to do this after 2012?

    Do you want that FUCKING NIGGER back in office?
    DO YOU?

    As Patrick Henry said, 'Give me liberty, or give me death.' Our ancestors- our WHITE ANCESTORS fought and DIED for far, far, FAR less.

    What is your choice today?

  25. I reserve the right to call Trayvon “No Limits Nigga” Martin a nigger. Because that’s what he was. That’s what he called himself. To concede that right would be to concede the idea that Trayvon “No Limits Nigga” Martin was somehow superior to me in his rights, freedoms, and worth.

  26. Same here. I don’t care if it makes me sound like a cretin, or gives the left what it wants. I call a nigger a nigger because that’s simply what the fucking thing is. And however much they might affectionately use the word on each other, there is still no sharper cut inflicted than when a white man uses it to their face.

    We are modern people in modern times. As much admiration we may have for the manners of our forebearers, we need to be realistic about our own circumstantial dynamics and adapt accordingly. In other words, address the enemy in the tongue he clearly understands, however vulgar it might be, in spite of what our historical role-models would have thought of it.

  27. Re: “Nigger” – I use al types of terminology, in all types of settings. I am capable of tailoring my verbiage, and tone, to suit the circumstances. Some, apparently, lack the imagination, finesse, and vocabulary to do so.

    The word “nigger” is NOT sancrosanct. No – it’s not. [t’s] been artificially rendered thus, by our Hostile Alien Enemies, and (temporal) Would-Be Overlords – the Jews aka Hebes aka Kikes aka Hooknoses aka Oven Dodgers aka Christ Killers…you get the point,

    By DEPLOYING the word “nigger” in suitable situations ex. calling an actual Nigger a “Nigger” (Yes dear, there are Niggers), on removes the mystique of that accurate noun. We must use correct terms, when Naming. We MUST take back control fo the language. jews are MASTERS of verbiage, and manufacturing meaning, or changing meaning, to control the way people think about things. We must take that control BACK. The Bugsters are doing this, in a limited way. Hghly effective, at this stage of the game – get the meme out there – but we must ALWAYS advance. Push the envelope.

    Now that Whites are beginning to snap out of their collective evil enchantment, and the miasma is clearing – time to advance them to the next stage.

    Slurs, epithets, ect, serve to to create psychological boundaries. Us vs Them. If “they” are “niggers” – and niggers the just AWFUL – then We don’t want anythng to do with Them Niggers.


    NOT using the noun “Nigger” in an appropriate context deflates the “sacrality” of the Cultural Marxist Is Code for Anti White Sacred Diversity Liturgy. The tenemos – sacred boundary – that the Kikenvermi nhave constructed around that noun is broken.

    If you allow others to control your language – you allow them to control you mind.

    So – Nigger is absolutely appropriate verbiage. Noe everywhere – but under the correct circumstances.

    Deploy when appropo.


  28. Very heartening post and comments! A small but very solid victory! To echo a few previous comments: 1. Never cede the moral highground, as that is the first step to defeat. 2. This is about our children and grandchildren, who have been totally forgotten or disregarded since the so-called “Greatest” generation. 3. Never, ever fight on the enemy’s terms. For us, this means throwing PC out the window. PC was invented specifically to defeat us, let’s make a end run around it, or through it.

  29. Setting aside the nigger gibberish, what a disgusting, primitive accent. You just picture a violent, dumb ape-like creature sitting behind a mic and playing with his feces.

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