The Other Sanford

The more things change ...


David Weigel, a Slate columnist who is known around these circles, investigates the growing racial tension in Sanford:

“Holiday lowers his voice, even though there’s not really anyone in earshot. “S—’s gonna go down if they don’t arrest that guy.” What does he mean? “Rodney King s—.” …

Holiday had been right about the tension. One of the first people I meet scans me up and down and looks at my notebook. “Write something down for me,” he says. “Get the f— out of here.” He’s an exception. The people stopping and shopping in the late afternoon are reluctant to talk, until they get a few sentences in. And then it sounds like they’re picking up on a monologue they started weeks ago, stopping to take breaths.

Jamelia Jarrells and Jakivia Franklin talk about the killing as customers stroll in and out of the convenience store where they work. There’s no air conditioning, and the door’s constantly open, so most of the lights stay off while the fans stay on.

“I thought Zimmerman should have been arrested that night,” says Jarrells. “Regardless of the fact of whether or not he thought he was defending someone, he killed someone. Even if they arrested him, and he got out that same night, I think people would have felt better.”

…“If I shot somebody who looked like you, or you, shit, I’d be on death row.”“If he was a white 17-year-old,” says Jarrells, “he wouldn’t have been shot.”

Rashid Abdul Rahman, a retiree, chimes in. “Since we’re in central Florida,” he says, “and there’s so many movements coming through here, it’s going to be OK. If we was in California, they’d be burning this up.”

Burning what up? “The city!”

The “shit could go down” as early as this evening, this weekend, or early next week. The Florida special prosecutor is on the verge of making her decision.

Note: Chauncey DeVega of “We Are Respectable Negores” writes, “The Conservatives who instinctively rally to defend George Zimmerman are actually the intellectual and emotive kin of racist White populists who lived centuries before. In all, matters would be much improved if the reactionary Right owned their philosophical and intellectual wellsprings in the hanging tree, chain gangs, and press gangs of post-Reconstruction America.”

Thanks for the graphic. We are proudly laying claim to these “philosophical and intellectual wellsprings” here. We are going to spend the rest of the month examining the true philosophical and intellectual underpinnings of Southern civilization.

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  1. Are these chimps more courageous, more aware than we are? We are warriors on the net, how about real life? Heads down in humiliation while niggers (and their ass kissers) rejoice…

  2. XYZ, it’s a question of who has the most to lose. If we Whites fight back, take to the streets, or even defend ourselves, we have everything to lose: our privacy, our livelihoods, our property, our lives. Any White man who gives the trayvons what they are asking for will be vilified by the Media Complex, hounded by the Civil Rights rabble-rousers, investigated, detained, and likely prosecuted by the Law, and in general stripped of everything he holds dear. Look at the way that fat asshole Zimmerman is getting it. A 100% clean shoot –nand the poor bastard has to live in fear the rest of his life!

    Sure, a hero does the right thing and takes the punishment from the Bad Guys with a smile, but most Whites can’t afford that kind of heroism. That kind of heroism is for those with little to lose — the young and single. I personally can take anything the Enemy can dish out, but do I have the right to ruin my kids’ childhoods and futures for the sake of “the cause”? What am I supposed to tell my young children when I go to real, no-shit prison for shooting some charging apeman? “Suck it up, kid, Daddy has to play hero now”?

    White people have families. When we do the right thing, they pay the price. We have everything to lose.

    The Negro, on the other hand, has little to lose. He can attack Whitey at will without fear. If Whitey shoots him, he dies, and his shitty life is over. Win. If he somehow survives and gets arrested, he gets turned into a hero-martyr — legal bills paid by White liberals in politics, heroic image carefully constructed by White liberals in the media, civil rights and hate crime charges against me pressed by White liberals at the state house and the courthouse. Win. Who’s going to prosecute a Negro for hate crimes if I get attacked? Who’s going to go to bat for me in the media if I defend myself? Who’s going to cover my legal tab if I dare fight back?

    NOBODY, that’s who. Negroes can do what they want because White, liberal America will always fight their battles for them. I can beat a Negro in a street fight, but I can’t beat the media, the government, the academic establishment, and the ten million idiot teenage girls on Failbook who will pounce on me if I do. One “N-word”, one finger lifted in self-defense, and they will take my kids’ world apart.

    So I do what I can: I snipe at the enemy from concealment here on the Internet. For now, that’s the only tactic I can afford. Some day, when my children are grown up and capable of taking care of themselves, the gloves can come off. Until then, it is up to the young, single, childless White men and women to fight the battles I can’t.

  3. I’ve been wondering why they would release this on a Friday evening instead of say, a Monday. My thought was if you are worried about safety, you would want to release the info on a Monday, because people would be working and would not have time to cause havoc. Then I realized this is “white” thinking. If you are Sanford, you want to release this info on a Friday night because Niggaz ain’t going to give up a perfectly good weekend to march in the streets. Rioting is only good if it’s an excuse to skip work.

  4. My understanding is that the grand jury convenes Tuesday. The Florida special prosecutor will finish her investigation and make some kind of announcement before that.

    It was reported exactly two nights ago that he decision was about 48 hours away. So does that come tonight or tomorrow? I doubt it would be on Easter.

  5. @Robert Pretentious Name: You are a sell-out. In this society to have anything you have to have already sold out. You’ve already compromised on many occasions with liberalism – every time you agreed with their platitudes, shunned a traditionalist, or, like some I know, married the enemy. So don’t lecture us. You are making the argument of the COWARD. You should look up the founding fathers. They had the most to lose, and many of them lost everything even though their side prevailed.

  6. @Admirer @Robert Oculus III

    I think you’re a little hard on R O III. Actually I was thinking he had put it all very neatly down. Frankly, I think it is a stretch to compare our current status with the A. Rev. There were MANY leaders from all walks – politicians, military men, and a large overt and ready to go populace. We have nothing of the sort today. What is our friend R O, or myself for that matter supposed to do – lose our livelihood, wives, families, walking space larger than 8 square only to gain absolutely nothing by it? You’re talking crazy stuff. I thought he was actually giving you what you expect of us by saying he was biding his time until many fewer people dependent on him would be hurt by anything proactive that he would do. For this rational and determined stance you call him a coward. Man, you are a ball-breaker.

    If we can’t treat one another better than this then forget about it. It is way past time for Whites to end an emptiness of affection for one another let alone a contemptuous. I believe the masters of the A Rev were, as a rule, empathetic and regarding of the rank-and-file. How about showing some leadership in this regard as well instead of just beating the hell out of someone who is on the very same page as you for COL?

    Alright, Admirer – let me have it now.

  7. @John

    It is Whites who are still in charge. They still call the shots in the interest of BRA. Their perfidy, cowardice, greed and every other swinish trait is as much on display as all the Negro degeneracy that we are witness to day-in-and-day-out. Just look at these self-satisfied Republican sell-outs for the Pres. sweepstakes. These pandering whores will continue BRA as is with perhaps a few sane economic tweaks. And we’re forced to vote for them while holding our stomachs. Nice country, America.
    It is the hwic that is standing over us with the big stick.

  8. It’s guys like Admirer that supply the cannon fodder for the wars that allowed BRA to become what it is. What good is dying young when other (white) people depend on you for the race you loud? It really sounds no different than dying for “the union” or sacrificing for “the greater good”. Fuck the white race, fuck America and fuck this nation. Whites are suicidal. Traditional white/christian/conservative culture may be something to risk life and limb for, but not the white race. Similarly, dying for the founding fathers sounds no different than dying for Mao’s revolution as neither advanced either cause. It just means one less person around to pass it to another generation.

    RO^3 has it right: the only thing that matters in the long run is survival of the genes. That is the meaning of life. That is the prime directive.

  9. Chauncey DeVega of “We Are Respectable Negores” writes, “The Conservatives who instinctively rally to defend George Zimmerman are actually the intellectual and emotive kin of racist White populists who lived centuries before. ”

    That’s excellent, thanks for the compliment, Chaucey!

  10. “Zimmerman is white and Hispanic….”

    If I go back to the first time I ever saw a picture of Geo. Z. I was immediately aware that I was looking at a genuine rock-and-roll Mestizo from Chihuahua Mejico.

    It was also immediately obvious that Big Media had lost all touch with reality. Or more accurately had lost all restraint and were going straight for the White jugular. Contempt for White America has passed Negro-ball for the Great American Pastime and the Zimmerman incident was the laughing-at-you flip-off. Calling this guy White was so brazen that even I couldn’t quite believe they were going to go there. But there it is. What else is next? Will they announce to us that that Korean in Cal. was a White shooting up that school? If he is Asian-octoroon we’ll soon learn he’s…White. After all, it’s an easy call.

  11. Hunter “It was reported exactly two nights ago that the decision was about 48 hours away. So does that come tonight or tomorrow?” may mean two business days, and Friday was technically a holiday.

    Denise, as RO3 states, he has a lot to lose, so don’t be too hard on him. He must protect what is his, and his family. The costs of living in Central BRA AmeriKa are high. Most people don’t realize that the cost of living in some rural Appalachian, mid-west, or mountain state with a 90%+ caucasian population is very low when compared to an Illinois, Ohio, Florida, New York, or California. — One thing I hate is the small city newspaper classifieds no longer exist online, you just get transfered out to a Monster or some other site which makes it very hard to research — especially if you are looking for farm type property. — There is a lot to be said about the improvements in Quality Of Life when the wife no longer has to work, when dinner doesn’t get delivered, when kids can and do walk to school, when streets have a yearly “Block Party” that isn’t something that could get out of control, when the work commute is 10 to 15 minutes, etc, etc,. That’s where I am headed when my time here is done. Hell, I would have bid on Buford Wyoming had I heard about the auction earlier – I wouldn’t have won though. But that’s my dream.

    As for “Jamelia Jarrells and Jakivia Franklin …. the convenience store where they work. There’s no air conditioning, …. , what do they sell? Soft Skittles, limp chocolate bars, soppy Chili Cheese Fritos, watery slushies, and runny ice cream cones?

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