Why Don’t Black People Swim?

John Derbyshire: "Life is an IQ test."


Does anyone here want to take a shot at answering this question?

It sounds apropos in light of John Derbyshire getting slammed for bringing up biological racial differences in his article on The Talk (Nonblack Version):

“When 15-year-old DeKendrix Warner accidentally stepped into deeper water while wading in the Red River in Shreveport, he panicked.

JaTavious Warner, 17, Takeitha Warner, 13, JaMarcus Warner, 14, Litrelle Stewart, 18, Latevin Stewart, 15, and LaDarius Stewart, 17, rushed to help him and each other.

None of them could swim. All six drowned. DeKendrix was rescued by a passer-by.

Maude Warner, mother of three of the victims, and the other adults present also couldn’t swim.

The US has almost 3,500 accidental drownings every year, almost 10 a day.

But according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the fatal drowning rate of African-American children aged five-14 is three times that of white children.

A recent study sponsored by USA Swimming uncovered equally stark statistics.

Just under 70% of African-American children surveyed said they had no or low ability to swim. Low ability merely meant they were able to splash around in the shallow end. A further 12% said they could swim but had “taught themselves”.

Note: This would make a good numbered post at SBPDL.

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  1. Some folks say black women especially don’t swim because of their hair. Black hair treatments in salons and at home constitute a huge $$$ industry — and it’s logical to not waste $50-100 (just guessing) on a hair treatment to go for a swim. Maybe swimming is “white”?

  2. “I clearly “stumbled” upon this site accidentally–”

    Hi, there, cd. Welcome! Stick around; it’s Confederate History month. Don’t be TOO scared, because, if you dare — if you are not too SCARED — you are about to get an eduction you didn’t bargain for.

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    But in the end, you will be in possession of the actual truth. And — if you’re White — well, a fine and satisfying thing that is, indeed; totally worth it.
    Like Galileo before us: “Still, it moves.”

  3. Alas, this is what happens when shallow people enter deep water. It’s a perfect analogy to the social equation.

    Looking at those names, I’m inclined to think this episode was from The Onion.

    Ah, Doris Day. Beautiful music by a beautiful and talented woman from a comparatively beautiful time. Anyone who enjoys that type of music should be familiar with singers like Margaret Whiting and my personal favorite, Miss Perfect Pitch, Jo Stafford.

  4. Who named these children? They would have never been hired in corporate America because of the names given to them by their parents. Damn I cant stand ignorance. Its a tragedy that they all drowned how can parents go without making their kids learn how to swim. The same damn parents that never read to their children. I HATE IGNORANCE. Give children a normal name and teach them how to read and write with a meaning so they may have a future off the welfare program and eat without food stamps. Damn some people are just dumb.

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