Tulsa Revenge Killings


The shooter has been arrested … and, lo and behold, this was an entirely predictable retaliatory strike against the Black Undertow:

"Today is two years ago that my dad has been gone shot by fucking niggers"

Note: The shooter appears to be of American Indian ancestry. The African-American who shot and killed his father is serving a six year sentence.

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  1. This is not, perhaps, what the Professional Blacks were expecting.

    They wanted some Lilly white non entity with no past, instead of a slightly unhinged Punisher type with an axe to grind.

  2. Apparently, it’s news to our enlightened overlords that not all Latinos are named Gonzalez and not all Indians go by Running Cloud.

    Remarkable people, our rulers.

  3. The Cherokee out there are often quite obviously blackmen.

    I would like to see a picture of his dad. Might be quite interesting to see.

  4. Comanche oops.

    Well now the mugs will throw the Indians under the bus. Just wait and see.

    So much for the faux outrage about the Englishman/Yankees conquering the dear sweet oh so innocent Indian. Now all Natives are YT. It’s official. As well as Hispanics.

    Why can’t blacks fuck off back to Africa? I’ll personally pay for a family to relocate.

  5. Niggers commit violence against whites constantly only becuase they are white.I spent 5 years in prison for a non-violent drug offense 20 years ago. I am college educated and and have no vested interest or inherent racial predjuce against blacks but I can tell you from personel experience that they are a stupid and violent people,who are the worst racists there are in this country,they hate white people…..literally.They blame all their problems on the white man.Funny ,you never hear any thanks for the half million whites who gave their lives in the civil war fighting for their freedom.

  6. The killer of his father only got 6 years? Wow! I didn’t realize murder drew such light sentences.

    Hopefully this brave who did something perfectly understandable will also only get 6 years. I hope he goes for a jury trial, and I hope the jury tells the prosecutor to get bent and votes him not guilty.

    Killing someone who purposely murdered a member of your family is justified, as far as I’m concerned.

  7. 6 years for murder.

    The kid should have waited another two years when the trigger puller came out for his eye for an eye moment.

    Now he’s fodder for Al Sharpton.

  8. Caucasians, Indians, and Hispanics.

    TNB makes such strange bedfellows. Notice how the blacks keep widening the circle of who is white? Eventually the definition will be “whoever is better off than me.”

  9. I believe part of these black on white crimes are psy-ops directed from the top, Eric Holder. Obongo is a just puppet who likes being the limelight, but the rest of his day is smoking cigs and watching basketball.

    The real set of power IMO is Valerie Jew Bitch Jarrett and Moochelle.

    On another note, you know we always hear how the white man is disappearing. I’m not buying it. I see white women in the south all the time with little white babies and one in the oven.

    Is it possible that the US Census stats have been co-opted and there are more of us than we think? What a great way to demoralize whites and tell them they’re slowly dying and we’re now a minority.

    A lot of idiotic white folks in the midwest and south claim they’re a little bit Indian. I say bullshit. I say most of them have NO Indian blood and they’re only saying that to suck ass and hate their own white race.

    So I think there is more white folk than we think.

  10. Ms Oakley,

    One of the shooters is clearly a bit Injun. More proof that all you need to do is avoid the groid.

  11. Kievsky writes:

    “Killing someone who purposely murdered a member of your family is justified, as far as I’m concerned.”

    Jack Ryan responds.

    But the early evidence indicates that this half White shooter just randomly targeted Blacks who had nothing to do with this father’s murder. This is not honorable conduct and it certainly doesn’t help our cause. There are so many very evil Black criminals someone like this could target, instead it’s the easy, cowards way.

  12. Very interesting theory about the census numbers, Annie. We know they manipulate the census in all kinds of ways to get the social engineering results they want. Undercounting whites could certainly be a part of that plan. We know the leaders of the multicult like nothing better than reciting the supposed fact that whites are soon to be a minority — because they know it is a bludgeon against white hope and optimism.

    The bastards have no idea how to tell truth.

  13. I write off these killings as the inevitable result of being FORCED to live among each other.

    The multicult simply means we are eating each other alive.

  14. ‘Warrior Gene’ Linked To Gang Membership, Weapon Use

    ScienceDaily (June 5, 2009) — Boys who carry a particular variation of the gene Monoamine oxidase A (MAOA), sometimes called the “warrior gene,” are more likely not only to join gangs but also to be among the most violent members and to use weapons, according to a new study from The Florida State University that is the first to confirm an MAOA link specifically to gangs and guns.

    Findings apply only to males. Girls with the same variant of the MAOA gene seem resistant to its potentially violent effects on gang membership and weapon use.

    Led by noted biosocial criminologist Kevin M. Beaver at FSU’s College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, the study sheds new light on the interplay of genetics and environment that produces some of society’s most serious violent offenders.

    “While gangs typically have been regarded as a sociological phenomenon, our investigation shows that variants of a specific MAOA gene, known as a ‘low-activity 3-repeat allele,’ play a significant role,” said Beaver, an award-winning researcher who has co-authored more than 50 published papers on the biosocial underpinnings of criminal behavior.

    “Previous research has linked low-activity MAOA variants to a wide range of antisocial, even violent, behavior, but our study confirms that these variants can predict gang membership,” he said. “Moreover, we found that variants of this gene could distinguish gang members who were markedly more likely to behave violently and use weapons from members who were less likely to do either.”

    The MAOA gene affects levels of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin that are related to mood and behavior, and those variants that are related to violence are hereditary. Some previous studies have found the “warrior gene” to be more prevalent in cultures that are typified by warfare and aggression.

    “What’s interesting about the MAOA gene is its location on the X-chromosome,” Beaver said. “As a result, males, who have one X-chromosome and one Y-chromosome, possess only one copy of this gene, while females, who have two X-chromosomes, carry two. Thus, if a male has an allele (variant) for the MAOA gene that is linked to violence, there isn’t another copy to counteract it. Females, in contrast, have two copies, so even if they have one risk allele, they have another that could compensate for it. That’s why most MAOA research has focused on males, and probably why the MAOA effect has, for the most part, only been detected in males.”

    The new study examined DNA data and lifestyle information drawn from more than 2,500 respondents to the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. Beaver and colleagues from Florida State, Iowa State and Saint Louis universities detailed their findings in a paper in the journal Comprehensive Psychiatry.


  15. @JackRyan

    It doesn’t help the cause? Well, no probably not, but at least I think it doesn’t hurt it.

    It’s not a straight forward James Byrd-style hate crime. Revenge is the motivation and that’s quite different. Any time they want to make this a classic “lone wolf racist killing spree”-style incident, all that has to be done is point out the dead father murdered by a black. In fact there’s something satisfying about pointing out, over and over, that a black killed his father. It’s deflating for them. They want the story to be about something else, not that.

    Not helping the cause, okay maybe not – but not hurting it either.

  16. A black killed his pop got six years for it too.

    That’s a laughable sentence for murder.

    Then his girl died. So he snapped. He’s also a Native American It deflated the idea he’s a YT Neo Nazi. He’s a product of the multicult just as much as Zimmerman.

    Facebook is pretty fucking handy.

  17. Multiculturalism had been torched over the last few weeks. The nogs want a war with Indians, Incas, Cubans, Mexicans, Asians and to Blame YT.

    Dumb, dumb, bastards. They know not what they do.

  18. The New Black Panthers are a joke, of course, but it is very instructive that their open call to race murder attracts no USG attention.

  19. KevinV says: The New Black Panthers are a joke, of course, but it is very instructive that their open call to race murder attracts no USG attention.

    That’s why it’s going to get so bad so quick.

  20. I wish this Indian Kid had put on face paint and a ribbon shirt when he went on the warpath. Too bad he was caught.

    I like American Indians. When they don’t play the victim, that is.

  21. I agree Kievsky. The kid ought to have waited for theat Nigger beast to be released, and than stalk him the FIRST NIGHT out. Deliver lead unto him.

    It does sound like he snapped. His Dad, and then his girlfriend.

  22. I’m at the point where…a dead nigger is a good nigger. I know their Jew-masters made them what they are today – stupid, violent, addicted to crime, drugs, gov’t and its handouts – but things are as they are. As for the killer, he should have fought it out when the PoPo arrived; now he’s going to get charged with first degree, hate-crimed, and executed. Overall, it’s clear that, when push comes to shove, we will have some useful tactical allies among amerinds, other asians, and some Iberian hispanics. Anybody and everbody except Jews/Blacks: the Devil and his tools.

  23. ““Gangbanger Gene”
    Don’t dignify the toerags with the honour of being called Warrior.”

    It was originally the thug gene until they discovered that thugs predominantly had it.

  24. “It’s not a straight forward James Byrd-style hate crime. ”

    James Byrd wasn’t even a James Byrd style hate crime. Word is he was ass raped in prison by niggers repeatedly. Apparently he was a non-racist before spending a few semesters at Nig U.

  25. Anybody who tries having a “day of action” on my block had better have the hole already dug.

  26. Majik – Average Land Bridge Asian IQ is around 85 points.


    I still really feel for him. What he did was really stupid. But I still feel for the kid. His Dad was murdered, and then his girlfriend died. He had no one to help him.

  27. Lilly,

    I checked out that BP link….

    BEST comment on the thread:

    “elandfill 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand

    Nice to know that someone is keeping Charles Manson’s dream alive.”


  28. Most of you who ranted about this really need to quit being spoonfed your opinions from Fox News and think for yourselves. You really sound like idiots.

  29. Most of you who ranted about this really need to quit being spoonfed your opinions from Fox News and think for yourselves. You really sound like idiots. This is a senseless tragedy for the Blacks murdered, and it is a tragedy for the young man who thought this was a proper way to avenge the death of his father. My heart goes out to all and the haters who spewed their poison here.

  30. We don’t watch or bother with Fox New, you retard. Why don’t you stop swallowing the swill that Commie Niggers and Kikes feed you?

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