Jim Goad’s Torch Mobs for Tolerance


Jim Goad writes:

If you aren’t just another simple, lowly, retarded, brainwashed, drearily predictable zombie witch-hunter and sincerely want to understand what makes me tick, the first thing you must accept is that I’m fundamentally antisocial and never, ever, ever, ever, EVER go with the crowd, no matter what crowd it is. I figure that wherever the crowd is standing at any given moment, they arrived there for entirely the wrong reasons. Wherever a crowd has gathered, there’s never enough space for me.

That makes two of us.

It has been a banner month for media driven mobs: first, the “war” on Sandra Fluke’s vagina, then Konymania, then the snowboarding 12-year-old Trayvon Martin with his pack of Skittles and Arizona iced tea, and now the John Derbyshire Salem Witch Trial.

There are reasons I choose to live around black people rather than white liberals. For one thing, the rent’s cheaper. Another is that I truly and sincerely hate white liberals and couldn’t stand to live around them. One day I might even go so far as to write a 15-point guide about how to behave if you should accidentally wander into a white-liberal neighborhood.

Same here.

The Alabama Black Belt has its advantages. It is cheap to live here, the demographics haven’t changed much in a century, and the Whites who live here are racially conscious.

Southerners complain about black people but we have put up with them for centuries. It is the Captain Ahabs of the internet who mostly live in the Northern and Western states that we can’t stand.

This is a subtlety that White liberals don’t understand: we don’t hate black people because we don’t blame them for their low intelligence and bad behavior. It’s not their fault because they were born into an advanced Western society that has no useful role for them now that slavery has been abolished.

We hate White liberals though with a passion. They are the real target here. It is their sensitivities, their beliefs, their attitudes about race that has inspired this iconoclastic reaction against them.

African-Americans are the objects of liberal idolatry under BRA. We would be writing about something else if Al Sharpton wasn’t put up on the pedestal of moral authority.

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  1. This is correct. And one side of this inter-white civil war is deploying non-whites as violence-on-hand. Once we win that war, the minority problem will be won so easily that we won’t be able to convince people that it used to be a huge issue.

  2. White liberals are the reason why it won’t make national news if a black murders a white. As far as they are concerned such victims are the wrong sort of whites and naturally deserve what they have coming.

    Just as their Yankee ancestors sought to fund and support the terrorist John Brown in his efforts to turn the South into another Haiti, they do everything in their power to unleash hell using the feckless negroes as their proxy weapon of choice.

    Such malice is the true face behind our more “enlightened,” “morally superior,” white brethren. They are on a crusade–a mission from God–a God whom they themselves have ceased to believe in if ever they truly did. At this point they only have left the conviction of their own superiority over the wrong sort of whites.

    Their mendacity and viciousness knows no bounds. Their increasingly shrill rhetoric clearly indicates that they mean to do us as much harm as they are able to get away with. Shrewish feminist Sandra Fluke, perverted psychotic Jason Russell, pusillanimous “conservative” Rich Lowry, and all the other Yankee liberal vermin in the media and government are the problem.

    Without them there is no BRA. White liberals are the root of the problem. Remember. Without white liberals there is no BRA.

    Deo Vindice

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