Thomas Buhls vs. Bloomington Antifa

Thomas Buhls vs. Occupy Bloomington


H/T Civil War Memory

Kevin Levin has drawn my attention to a Confederate Heritage Rally in Bloomington, Indiana.

It was organized by a longtime Knights Party member named Thomas Buhls who stood up to a frothing mob of 200 antifa from Occupy Bloomington all by himself.

The antifa dressed up in black hoodies and showed up with bats and batons and the de rigueur signs that said “LOVE IS THE ANSWER.” They punched and kicked Buhls, stole his hat, ripped up his sign that said “Celebrate Your White Heritage,” and screamed various expletives at him in the name of “tolerance.”

Buhls reportedly invited several African-Americans on Facebook to join him at the event to celebrate their Confederate heritage. Two antifa who weighed over 200 lbs jumped Buhls and one attacked him with an “18 inch steel baton. He says the event “went down exactly the way I hoped it would.”

The Herald Times wrote a positive story about Buhls and the online commentators there have almost unilaterally defended him. The wider community was impressed by courageous and principled stand for his beliefs and has been extremely critical of the thuggish behavior of the Occupy mob.

There are six comments about Thomas Buhls at the Southern Heritage Non-Preservation Group:

Gary Adams: I understand as he should have left out “white” there are many persons of colour who love the South. Gary

Elizabeth Pike: It is true, there are many people other than whites that ? the south (such as myself) but my ? is why can’t whites be proud of their southern heritage too? in my opinion, i see a greater %age of caucasians that are interested in protecting the real history of the south more so than any other haplogroup. shrugging. fact: multi-diversity = extinction of any one individual culture…. even for southerns…

Joseph Brevard Kershaw: If you watch the video, you will see that on the activist’s sign there was a U.S. flag next to a Confederate flag.

Joseph Brevard Kershaw: The statement itself “CELEBRATE YOUR WHITE HERITAGE” should not be interpreted as white supremacist. However, I think the focus should be on heritage and culture. If appropriate refer to ethnicity. Leave references to race and color out of it.

Elizabeth Pike: Do yall feel that references to race/color in conjunction to heritage stir up negative connotations? If so why?

John Stones: The real race baiters in our society have effectively tied the Confederate flag and our Southern heritage to white supremecy and such is not the case as has already been pointed out here. Doing what this guy did only fuels their fire allowing them to say, “See, I told you so” and makes all their other lies about our heritage get traction as well. We need to stand for truth! Truth is that the Confederacy and Southern heritage has/had many races in it.

Here is the anti-racist Connie Chastain of 180 Degrees Faux South:

Connie Chastain: “Why do you wonder that? Do you imagine such “rallying” to be commonplace in the Southern heritage community? It isn’t. The vast majority of Southern heritage advocates are not white supremacists. Therefore, I can only assume you’re “wondering” in order to smear people you don’t like because they see things differently than you do.

Most Southern soldiers fought to protect their homes, families and communities from a barbaric military invader, but of course that’s not useful in tarring, smearing and demonizing white Southerners with the racism brush, is it?”

I’m not sure what motivated Thomas Buhls to hold a Confederate Heritage Rally in Bloomington, Indiana.

I will tell you this though: if we had more Southern activists with the integrity of Thomas Buhls and fewer “I Had a Dream” multiculturalists like John Stones and Connie Chastain in Dixie, we would have succeeded in preserving our heritage a long time ago.

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  1. I was caught off guard when I saw the overwhelmingly positive responses in the comments section to the article drudge linked to about the neo-nazi’s patrolling that town in Florida.

    Trayvon really was the high-tide of the anti-whites.

  2. It takes incredible courage to attack one individual when you’re part of a group of 200. Merit badges to be awarded by the SPLC.

    Thomas Buhls: Occupy Cowardice. Occupy Self-Hatred. Occupy Delusion.

  3. So where are the blacks in that occupy movement? I remember reading last fall how Occupy NY was racist and the blacks had to go to occupy Jersey were they were welcomed. And the F’ing hipsters in that vid make me want rant further.

  4. HA! Some of the Comments on the Riptide article are a screech!

    Wow. The Trayvons are makng the Knaazzzeees popular! Cool, even. Thanks, Trayvon! You were NOT gunned down in vain!

    Who are all those naysayers saying dear Adolf would never make a comback?

    Come on Germans! Go into your dance!

    (Strange days indeed!

  5. It’s really sad. One part of me sees the NSM squad on the street and thinks, “Jesus, has it really come to this? I mean, are we in so deep that the Nazis look good?” But another part of me is glad, very glad, that there are white people with guns on the streets of that town tonight. It’s nice to know some white people, somewhere, are willing to fight, even if those people are subscribers to a political and philosophical system which I can never accept.

    It’s like they say: once a white man goes to prison, he either Nazis up or he dies. I cordially destest Nazis and nazism, but in this prison we call America white people may no longer have the luxury of choosing allies with whom we agree.

    In a no-shit race war, where your skin becomes your uniform, any self-identifying white man — even one wearing the swastika — is on Our Side.

    May God help us.

  6. Good lord they look absurd. What a strange strange bunch. Do they not see that hastling a one man protest is simply hastling a man in the street?

  7. Fascinating image at top of cwmemory.

    Some black levy troops with a white officer, lincoln, Douglas, Lee and two stars and stripes.

    Looking at that montage you would have to wonder who was fighting at all.

    The visual amnesia is quite telling.

  8. “In a no-sh*t race war, where your skin becomes your uniform, any self-identifying white man — even one wearing the swastika — is on Our Side.”

    That is why I learned a long time ago to not only love the most famous (and visible) constellation in the winter night sky, but to see it as a symbol.


    Our Race Is Our Nation.

    FYI- Bloomington, IN is where the biggest campus of faggots, artistic types, liberal loonies, and other useless flotsam and jetsam are, in the entire state. UI-Bloomington has the infamous School of Music, where more sodomites, lesbeans, and other perverted sick-o’s ‘recruit’ the next generation of AIDS carriers, outside of Jew York City. Sorry to indulge in verbal stereotyping, but it’s true.

    Liberals are the most hateful crowd in the world, and all their talk of ‘tolerance’ ends at their nose. They are accursed, just as surely as if they were infant sacrificing pederast priests and cultic whores for BAAL. Oh, wait…. never mind… they are.

    (What with that note I read about a book describing a pre-Roman era Carthaginian altar to Baal in North Africa, having the proto-alphabet of those Semitic peoples spelling Moloch, as “MLK,” I guess we now see who the Multicultis are REALLY worshiping all aong!)

  9. There was a fatboy acting tough and getting in Thomas’ face. It’s real couragous to get in someone’s face when you have 200 to 1 odds in your favor isn’t it. Yeah, you’re a real tough guy, fatboy.

    I wanted to rip his fatboy face off while I watching as much as I could stand of their retarded kindergarten level chanting.

  10. It looks like fascism to me.

    I would, I were an OWS type, take the opportunity to talk with Thomas. Especially as he is alone. Why WN? Why the KKK? Do you hate blacks? Why? Do you hate asians?

    Simple stuff. It’s not everyday you get to talk to a KKK neo Nazi white supremacist.

    Why waste the opportunity?

  11. This man’s guts reveals the anti-fa/”occupy” crowd for the thugs and cowards they truly are

    I agree with Fed Up. I don’t care whether you are “left” or “right”, like Hitler or Jews or don’t or whatever. Are you pro-White or anti-White is the only relevant question.

  12. One could hope a big giant solar flare hits that area. Those anti-whites make me nauseous. It was hard to look at that video. This is what we’re up against.

    I’m firmly convinced our biggest enemies are the anti-white whites and the employees who hate our race.

  13. Hey – we can see them, too. I have an EXCELLENT memory for faces. Terrible for names, and numbers – but faces?

    I’ll not ever forget a face. Not ever.

    Not EVER.

  14. Annie Oakley says: “One could hope a big giant solar flare hits that area. ”

    I would rather see a virus tailored to Trayvons and Wayvons that a big wipe out event. Indiana University is a beautiful campus, and the last I checked, which was some time ago, it was NOT a hotbed of stupid, and I always enjoyed the little 500 bicycle race.

  15. Wouldn’t it be nice, if some-one, not me of course since I wold not ever advocate any kind of violence perish the thought, would have a nice trucheon, in which to drive the business end into the fat goeey GUTS of those Jew Wayvon fags?

  16. I made some comments along the lines of your posts over on AT this weekend, as they had a write-up on Neo-nazi’s in Florida as well. I said that in a all-out race riot, I would not turn down any help from them if it would contribute to the safety of my family. Of course, I got the standard knee-jerk respectable conservative responses claiming they would certainly refuse any help from any racist organization, even if it put their families in danger. (These are the same flavor of people who scream about there not being any racism in a foxhole–I guess there is politics in a foxhole). I also took the opportunity to point out that as whites, our list of allies is very, very thin, unlike Jews, Hipanics and every other ethnic group. Look, I’m not a Nazi fan, mostly I don’t care about them. But I do not believe they are the evil fanatics they have been made out to be by the YKW-controlled media. I believe we don’t get the truth on WWII, it wasn’t all the Axis’ fault by a long shot. Some of it surely was, but not ALL of it. The left has to keep the Nazi ghost alive though, because they were white. That way, no matter what any other demented group does, they can still point ot the Nazis and say “at least we’re not facist goosestepping, sig heiling racists”. Whenever leftists or respectable conservatives start on the holocaust and Nazis, I just say I’d rather talk about Stalin’s purges and the genocide of the white Ukrainians. Strangely, they never want to talk about that, as we know those were nothing more than bagels piled high with lox.

  17. awww WTF? That shit went down in my neck of the woods. I was working but would have made the drive for Mr. Buhl. Fr John is right about the place being full of pinkos and poo stabbers. The college kids anyway. They’re cowards though. Many a drunk weekend there I would openly say nigger and the looks on their faces was priceless when they realized the “waycist!” label does not sting.

    Mr. Buhl and 19 others would have had them pissing their britches. Maybe I need to get on facebook to look for shit like this and not read about it after.

  18. Indiana Mike. You sat and watched while one of your white brothers was assaulted by these anti-white pieces of trash? You then have the nerve to get on the internet and talk tough about how you would have “ripped fatboy’s face off?” Instead of talking tough online how about standing up for your race? I’m not sure which makes me more ashamed to be a white man, the anti-white sodomites or cowardly internet tough guys like you.

  19. Hunter – Can you pass along the IP info on the antifa who’s pretending to be me in the previous comment? It’s probably proxied, but it never hurts to check.

    You’re all ignorant. Race does not exist – we’re all fucking human. Get over it already.

    No. You get over my decision to get over it. Learn how to be tolerant and celebrate diversity.

  20. Matt

    I only watched the vid in this post, I wasn’t there in person. I get the impression you thought I was there in person. Ripping fatboys face off was my immediate reaction after WATCHING THE VID. not SEEING THE INCIDENT IN PERSON. Get it?

    I have, in real life, stood up for and with white people against larger number of blacks,
    and have also done so by myself. I can’t say I came close to anything like 200 to 1 odd though.

    But you’ll have to take my word for it that I’m telling the truth and not being an “internet tough guy.”

    I eagerly await your response.

  21. Matt Parrott says: “Hunter – Can you pass along the IP info on the antifa who’s pretending to be me in the previous comment? It’s probably proxied, but it never hurts to check.”


  22. *stands up*

    Mr. Wallace will confirm.

    The local antifa are trying to stir up discord. While they might figure out how to imitate my gravatar on the next go-round, they’ll never duplicate my unique brand of sarcastic wit, caustic commentary, and keen observation.

    In short, if it’s a smartass, it’s probably Matt. If it’s a dumbass, it’s probably not.

    Get in touch with me (the real me) some time in the next few weeks. We’ve got some exciting stuff moving forward and we need all the help we can get.

    When in doubt, remember to rely on our government- and antifa-proof encrypted communication framework we agreed on at the last secret meeting…




  23. I’m Matt Parrott. I might overcharge fools for substandard IT services, but give me some credit. I do know how to hide my ip.




  24. Matt

    I decoded, and will see you at the agreed place at the agreed time. Thanks for clarifying.

  25. $500 for a fully operational dashboard-driven website within five days is over-charging?

    Pfft. My prices are such a bargain, even Jews can’t resist my final solution to their web marketing and e-commerce question.

  26. Matt,

    I noticed that I had to approve the comment. Usually, your comments go through here automatically, but I assumed you were just logging in from another location. Mystery solved.

  27. I have noticed that the leftist websites are now much more aware of OD than they used to be.

    There are people coming here from Daily Kos, Village Voice, Little Green Fags, and other leftwing websites right now.

  28. Not to detract from the role of consistent and consistently original content, but I think that battle you picked with Reddit a few years ago did wonders for your SEO.

    Every ambitious WN blogger should take at least one good whack at that hornet’s nest of useful idiots.

  29. There are people coming here from Daily Kos, Village Voice, Little Green Fags, and other leftwing websites right now.

    Drat. I was kinda using this as the place where I could let it all hang out without worrying about leftoid-nig-pickers obsessing over what I call a ‘boon.

  30. Matt Parrott says: “$500 for a fully operational dashboard-driven website within five days is over-charging?”

    That’s a good price.

    The first fake Matt was using a proxy, originating from Secaucus, New Jersey. The second fake Matt, apparantly, and I say apparantly, as I’m not an expert, was not using a proxy, and originated in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

  31. Please Indiana Mike! Don’t come to Scranton. I have a pretty fatboy face which I don’t want ripped off! I didn’t realize I was dealing with L33T H4K05$ here who had access to sophisticated tools like, I beg your forgiveness!

    $500 to set up a wordpress site? Ya, that’s absurd. Just pay your grandkid $20 and they should be able to do a better job in one night while stroking off to Justin Bieber than Parrott can in five days. I’m gonna go hate white people and abort some babies while praying to Baal. You guys are hilarious.

  32. Hey Kikenvermin Troll – you didn’t have to tell us about your offline activites. We knew about that stuff already!

    I’m building great big ovens, with actually air holes at the top, for my next cooking project! Woo HOO!

  33. He really did a great job pretending to be Matt Parrott, Denise. nobody caught on for the longest time!

    LOL, what a loser.

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