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Can someone explain to me how Little Green Fags, which I vaguely recall being some kind of ultra Zionist neocon website in the Bush years, has since been transformed into a cross between the SPLC and The National Enquirer?

I’ve been reading The Diary of Daedalus which is a Charles Johnson watch dog website. It looks like I will have to go back years and years though to find the answer. Is this website simply controlled by the Jews?

Why is Little Green Fags so obsessed with “white supremacists” all of a sudden? How did it go from the RINO wing of the GOP to One Peoples’ Project?

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  1. Why is Little Green Fags so obsessed with “white supremacists” all of a sudden? How did it go from the RINO wing of the GOP to One Peoples’ Project?

    Ask Kevin McDonald.

  2. Charles Johnson had a major freak out in 2007, when his erstwhile buddies Robert Spencer of JihadWatch and Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs attended a conference of Anti-Jihadist bloggers and parties in Europe. Johnson’s freak out was caused by the presence of Filip DeWinter of the Flemish Separatist party Vlaams Belang, which Johnson accused of “Neo-Nazi” sympathies. This caused a major blog fight in the Anti-Jihad blogosphere, which resulted in Johnson’s further turn to the whacky left, going so far as to claim that Tea Partiers in DC with the Tennessee state flag were waving a “Neo-Nazi banner” (it has been speculated Johnson was confusing the three stars of the TN flag with the “triskel” of the Afrikaner WeerstandsBeweging).

    A good summary of Johnson’s madness can be found at the Gates Of Vienna blog.

  3. Charles Johnson was a liberal who became a neo-con after 9/11. 10 years later he’s simply returned to his original liberal form. It was a slow process over the last few years. Even in his neo-con days, he was hysterical about “racism” on the right.

  4. “Is this website simply controlled by the Jews?”
    The site and its commentators were both extremely pro Israel the last time I was there. For whatever reason they were rabidly pro Giuliani and when he didn’t get it they decided to take their marbles home. I think my favorite piece from him was the “teflon nativists” for just how unspeakably evil the position of zero net population growth due to immigration was.

  5. I never heard of that web site until it was mentioned here recently. I looked around on it, and it doesn’t seem conservative at all. It’s a waste of bandwidth.

  6. Lilly – does oyur Gravatar display the lovely face of Lillian Gish? She was one of my favorite actresses EVER.

    Ever seen “Orphans of the Storm”?

  7. Denise – yes! I love Lillian Gish. I saw several DW Griffith’s movies but have not seen Orphans of the Storm yet. It’s on my to-watch list, though. I was wondering for a long time how some people here had a picture next to their postings, and when you mentioned the Gravatar, I was able to figure out how to do it. Thanks. 🙂

  8. I read his blog once, basically he is a Mommy Prof. with a cult. Here HW would probably welcome reasonable debate over something at LGF it is typical lefty emoting on command.

  9. Don’t miss “Orphans of the Storm”. Lillian, and her sister Dorothy, are especially wonderful. Dorothy was an amazing actress. They play sisters that are separated in Paris, just as La Revolution is kicking off. Dorothy’s character is blind, and she falls into the hand of bad, low life street beggars. Lillian is the spunky little Chiclet, who won’t leave Paris until she finds her beloved sister. Dorothy’s performance is is very, very moving. And Lillian? I don’t want to give away anything, but let’s just say that I s the movie when it was broadcast on PBS a few years ago (I’d love to see a full-scale theatrical showing!) – and, at the literally THRILLING climax, I was hopping up and down in my seat, SCREAMING at the TV set, “THEY CAN’T DO THAT TO LILLIAN GISH!!!!!!” It’s a GREAT movie.

    DW Griffith was a GENIUS.

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