Red Tails $60 Million Dollar Bomb



Even though George Lucas lost an estimated $60 million dollars on Red Tails, I predict that Hollywood will make yet another movie about the Tuskegee Airmen within the next ten years.

Note: For some reason, I doubt there will be a Hollywood movie about The Reality of Tuskegee.

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  1. I would like to see a biopic of Ian Smith. Real Ace. Some sort of a dramatic story post war about actual history. Realists will get one message, libraks another but it would be a thrilling narrative. He was the last real white in Africa.

    It could be treated like “Walker” that movie about Nicaragua.

  2. He could do a remake of Elephant but base it around Black soldiers in Vietnam murdering superior officers.

    Call it:

    Frag (or how black conscripts actually behave in combat zones.)

    Spike Lee. He vectors in a mortar strike on his own men.
    Michael Vik. In the Hanoi Hilton he runs a Dog Fight/Dog Meat underground club
    OJ Simpson. He kills off Pretty little Vietnamese ho’s.
    Rosanne Barr. First Lesbian Jewish obese female Unfunny tone deaf Captain.
    Marion Barry. Corporal Cocaine. Platoon drug dealer.
    Halle Berry. Tank Driver with a drinking problem.

    Add in your own faves…

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