Rich Lowry Takes Orders From The Left: Robert Weissberg Purged From National Review

Robert Weissberg purged from National Review

New York

If you needed any further evidence that National Review is a controlled opposition magazine that transparently works for the Left to enforce PC, Rich Lowry (the author of “Al Sharpton Is Right”) has fired Robert Weissberg after Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs wrote a post about him.

“Unbeknowst to us, occasional Phi Beta Cons contributor Robert Weissberg (whose book was published a few years ago by Transaction) participated in an American Renaissance conference where he delivered a noxious talk about the future of white nationalism. He will no longer be posting here. Thanks to those who brought it to our attention.”

IREHR, Little Green Footballs, and Media Matters swung into action … within 24 hours, Weissberg became the latest casuality in the National Review purge.

It might be worthwhile to start an email campaign to pressure Victor Davis Hanson, Heather MacDonald, and Mark Steyn to quit writing for National Review. There are plenty of other rival “mainstream” conservative outlets like The Daily Caller that would gladly publish their material.

The purge of John Derbyshire and Robert Weissberg has exposed how the “mainstream” racket actually works: the Left controls the Mainstream Media and is culturally dominant in America, it sets the ground rules of public discourse by pathologizing its opposition with a laundry list of cockamamie sins (i.e., racism, nativism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, etc.), and the Left determines who represents the “Right” by hand selecting its own conservative opposition and labeling them “respectable” in exchange for accepting the dominant taboos.

In exchange for allowing the Left to set the ground rules of public discourse, the career girls who control the false opposition “Right” like Rich Lowry are rewarded with plush careers in New York City and the Beltway which are made possible by a neverending stream of donations from disgruntled conservatives in the Heartland, which are consciously diverted into safe channels that pose no threat to the system.

This whole system is consciously designed to fail. The National Review racket is consciously designed to ensure that the Left always triumphs and to turn America into Canada. This is exemplified by obsequious columns by Rich Lowry like “Al Sharpton Is Right” and now it has even got to the power where Charles Johnson has veto power over who represents conservatism.

Lawrence Auster has wittingly labeled Lowry the “non-entity” of National Review. What else do you call someone in such a position of power in the conservative movement who spends his time blogging about his dead cat?

Note: Weissberg’s last post was “Academic Crimethink.” It seems that opposition to PC is “crimethink” at Rich Lowry’s National Review. The non-entity who fittingly blogs about the death of his house cat stands athwart history yelling, “what can I do today to please Media Matters and Little Green Footballs”?

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  1. “Canada might be preferable to America at this point. The French, for all their faults are YT.”

    Canadians have both a higher percentage of immigrants(though perhaps they are clustered together and not spread out geographically), and even worse protections as far as speech goes.

    Perversely enough, the Falklands seems to be the only place that isn’t being subjected to this kind of crap, but the Argentinians aren’t giving up their spurious claims on the island any time soon.

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