Coming Soon: “The War Against White People” (2012)

Black Summer 2012

The Mainstream Media and Little Green Fags is pushing a narrative called “The War Against Women” in order polarize the electorate along gender lines to save Barack Hussein Obama in the November election.

I’ve got an even better idea for a narrative. My idea is far more subversive. It is going to be called “The War Against White People”starringNIGGERS … and it will make its blockbuster debut on Memorial Day 2012.

“Security Moms” on guard. Black people are OUT OF CONTROL!!!

Note: Jared Taylor has another article on John Derbyshire and Robert Weissberg. Alex Kurtagic has a new interview with John Derbyshire.

Derb’s money quote here:

“My hope is that this timid, careerist conservatism that scurries to obey when some bigfoot leftist cracks the whip, will soon come to be seen as a faction of losers, which of course they are. Americans hate a loser, so that will be the end of them. I do think this will likely happen, and that there’s some creative destruction up ahead in the conservative movement.”

This is a valid point that Linder (giving credit where credit is due here) has made for many years. He is right about that one particular. “Mainstream” conservatism really is a farce. It should be ridiculed as a failure because it is the equivalent of professional wrestling. There is nothing “conservative” about professional conservatism.

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  1. Someday I hope to buy a t-shirt that says: “I was a racist before it was hip”
    or “Old School Racist, since 1987”. Or some such.

  2. Career liberals and career conservatives, something Bob Somerby mentions on his site,
    have blended. It’s quite odd that in a nation of 350 million With regions as diverse as Cal, Montana, Arkansas, Maine, Georgia, that consensus like that could exist.

    But magically it does at least in the national press.

  3. I think JT really is starting to get it:

    “There are, of course, no equivalent groups on the Right. No one makes a living snooping to see who once had lunch with a Weatherman or who bankrolls the New Black Panthers. There’s no point to it because the Left does not recognize thought crimes on the Left and does not sacrifice its own. Unlike the Right, which is always terrified of what its enemies might say, the Left doesn’t care. It doesn’t let the Right make its policies and hiring decisions for it”

    One caveat, however: It remains to be seen if our fledgling ‘white nationalist’ groups really have the stomach to actually do some digging, and find out just ‘who is funding the NBPP’, not to try and squash them, but simply because it would be interesting to see who, exactly, has the stones to push that particular agenda. After all, money funds these wars, and the ‘right wing’ has been sorely lacking for generations.

    A question to JT: Are you a White Nationalist? And if you are, just what, exactly, is that too you?

  4. Conservatives, like liberals decades earlier, sold themselves to the Jews. The current destructive “consensus” is that simple. This isn’t really “BRA”; the blacks, and to a lesser degree the other debt-financed ethnic group-entitlements, are simply the Jews’ lethal, anti-White weapons. Ultimately, the hand that controls the weapons has to be rendered harmless.

  5. HW, can you get up the Craig Bodeker video now on FaceBook?
    It is titled by him “Well done Video exposes….” It’s collect of a number of attacks on whites together in one work. I can’t left it off of his post. Thanks to FB there is no time stamp.
    It should be sent around big time.

    Watched some MLB games last night I could not help but notice that Zimmerman did look like many of the Hispanic players. If he had been shot by a white like you or me he would be a Hispanic for sure.

  6. The definition of Hispanic in Britanica reads…

    Hispanic: Ethnic group and race defined on US census. Denotes individuals Of South or Central American ancestry in the US. ex, those who are shot by Anglo Americans or are otherwise victims of hate crimes by white Americans. Ant. Category redefined as “white” in 2012 by the New York Times in the context of slaying African American teenapers.

  7. I never again want to hear the racism doesn’t exist. I have to bookmark this site for reference. America is a sick, backward state. I need to move to Europe.

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  9. Jessi,

    If you promise never ever ever to come back I will buy you a ticket to Kinshasa. You can enjoy the antiracist utopia of Congo at my expense.

    Deal is you must stay there. Never to return to be among white privilege again.

  10. Jessi: By all means, move back to Europe. Enjoy the socialist-Muslim shithole that it has become. I’ll help you pack.

  11. No she doesn’t belong there. She will not like the hard right nationalists. They actually have street fights with foreigners still.

  12. I just cannot fathom why Jessi is so upset by this wonderful site, and all the wonderful regulars…it’s a mystery.

    Of course….this Jessi may be referring to the beneficiaries of the BRA. I don’t know. Her/his/it’s post is a bit ambiguous. Perhaps Jessi is disturbed by the Negro racists saying horrid things about lovely Whites like us.

    Jessi – I want those God Awful Negroes to go away, too!

  13. I am a white man called Blacky from the isle of man, i embrass my name and ive manafested the life ive always wanted.
    I love all the colors in the world they are beautiful i am a painter and travel the paths of hip hop like its my religion, i’m from the rock its 36/15 miles and know one knows about it, beautiful flag and history and culture. Pass this on to a friend if you feel i can help in battling name calling and evil.
    Xxxxxx love America thanks for letting me be a part of gods country

  14. You murdered and stole everything , this is not your country either white man , the funny thing is your days are numbered here and everywhere else , run ! Run! Run! And head back to the caves of darkness , see the blacks and other colored races won’t and don’t have to Hurt you because the sun will , that should tell you this world has no place for you . You will soon be back on all fours very soon , the sun will be burning you to cinder very soon , lmaooooooooo.

  15. “Future”

    You are the reason why there’s about to be a race war.

    You don’t adapt, you don’t assimilate, and you’re constantly hostile.

    Don’t blame US when we finally deal with you, is all I’m saying.

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