George Zimmerman Facing Death Sentence


Chuck Rudd is right about this one.

George Zimmerman is facing a death sentence if he is sent to prison. The Black Undertow savages will certainly murder him.

Update: I want to stress here that “mainstream conservatives” are incapable and unwilling to defend White people from the Black Undertow criminal element.

If you are one of our many new readers, I don’t have to tell you this. You have sought us out because you have already arrived at the same conclusion.

Note: The Mainstream Media, Organized Blackness, the Obama administration, the New Black Panthers and the Black Undertow are determined to murder Zimmerman.

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  2. Barb – I wondered the same thing. JewDaddy seems to be signalling the typical, predictable loyalty Jews are noted for.

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  11. Proof that racism is alive and well! While the media tries to convince you its not. We have members of opposite races, who probable have not had any sincere or decent exposure to the other, passing judgement on what others are all about. I am black, from Los Angeles. Spiritual, educated, and beautiful. I have like-minded friends from a multitude of nationalities that are the same! Everybody on this board that has posted something ignorant, black or white! You are the cancer of this country, educate yourselves and evolve, because you ALL are inferior to intelligence and common decency!

  12. JazzB, I bet you and your friends look like a fucking Old Navy commercial. I agree with a lot of the people here, but you’re cool because you can form a sentence without making me wanna punch you in the mouth. Wish more black people would stay in school…

    It’s not ignorant to point out certain facts that we try to ignore in our day to day lives… we wish these behaviors by all your “people” would change, but.. have a hard look at who’s representing you and you’ll see the real cancer..

  13. I am biracial and it kills me to read this knowing how all of you share a race with me i just wanna say murder is murder and how would you feel if trayvon was your son brother or nephew all races hurt when a loved on is lost crimes like this bring so much hate into view many are mad hurt confu sed but what we must see is what if he was your child

  14. And to those who think less of those with color just think your people spend millions of dollars trying to get darker and to those without color you envy what they can do easy that you have to struggle for and those who are biracial like me we have caught it from both sides we are to light or to dark but one thing is the same we all bleed red and look how we are acting i see there is a little nigger in all of us

  15. The skin tone is just a warning for what lies inside the soul.

    I know that a black area is to be avoided.

    I know that a predominantly black skoo’ is to be avoided.

    The list is virtually endless. All in all Zimmerman was perfectly justified in killing this toe-rag. Trayvon was bashing out zimmerman’s brains on the pavement.

  16. Trayvon was casing a neighborhood he did not belong in. He was brought to the area to live with his dad’s cumdumpster to keep him out of trouble with his skoo’ friends. Trayvon was bringing trouble to Zimmerman’s neighborhood though (and thank heavens his pathetic life was scrubbed out before he could do more damage to other innocents) infact his Dad should have been told to leave the area and his dumpster woman evicted.

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