Illana Mercer on National Review Eunuchcons


I’m pleased to see the eunuch meme continues to spread and that Rich Lowry has been classified as an outstanding example of this type of political prostitute … the sort that has infested virtually all political courts throughout history:

“Look at who they really are, the people whose approval you long for, and what their minds are really like. Then you won’t blame the ones who make mistakes they can’t help, and you won’t feel a need for their approval. You will have seen the sources of both – their judgments and their actions.”
– Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

“At that time they say that the Emperor Honorius in Ravenna received the message from one of the eunuchs, evidently a keeper of the poultry, that Rome had perished. And he cried out and said, ‘And yet it has just eaten from my hands!’ For he had a very large cock, Rome by name; and the eunuch comprehending his words said that it was the city of Rome which had perished at the hands of Alaric, and the emperor with a sigh of relief answered quickly: ‘But I thought that my fowl Rome had perished.’ So great, they say, was the folly with which this emperor was possessed.”
-Procopius, The Vandalic War (III.2.25–26)

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  1. I wasn’t expecting much of Mercer, so I was only mildly disappointed in her article. Just another Jewess who opposed Apartheid in South Africa, and fled the country once she got what she agitated for.

    She criticises all Derbyshire’s critics for not offering any facts or arguments against him, just “feelings”. Then she advances her own position, which amounts to nothing more; just a “disdain” for race as an organizing principle. According to her, if government would just leave people alone, everything would be dandy. Which, of course, is unicorn thinking par excellence. Not a word on whether anything that Derbyshire said was untrue, and if so, what, and why? Just that she likes his writing, but doesn’t necessarily endorse it.

    She is not a serious person.

  2. Analog Man

    Mercer is a particularly smelly breed of piggett.
    Once upon a time when I was still quite naive and thought Jews could be actually pro-White, not just faux pro-White, she had a blog post up that America owes a duty to defend Israel, because that’s defending the West.
    I posted a comment, “I’m an America-Firster. Why should American (i.e., White) boys go to the Middle East to die? We need them on America’s southern border, defending America from ITS enemies — the mestizo imminvasion. Let the Israeli army do that job,” I said.

    She turned into the most spitting, invective hurling harpie I have ever witnessed, pronouncing me that ostensibly lowest of all possible creatures, an “antisemite,” deleted my post.
    When I asked, what’s an anti-semite, the invective only increased, and she summarily banned me.
    It took me by surprise, but after that, I started noticing ALL the “race-realist/HBDers-proWhite” blogs run by jews do exactly the same thing. Half Sigma, Guy White, Lawrence Auster, same deal.

    TANSTAAFL is right. It is impossible to be both pro-White and pro-Jew at the same time.
    Jesus was right: You cannot serve two masters.
    Svigor is right: Jews must *choose.* Either you are White, and bear all the calumny along with us — to which I’d add, never so much as even uttering the word “antisemite” at us — or you are jew and just need to make aliyah, already.

  3. Jews are superb at sticking their fingers in the wind, and blowing with the most fortunate breeze. Now Jews are popping up. epxressing their dismay at the way Whites, and Free Speech are being assaulted. They are SHOCKED SHOCKED SHOCKED!!!!

    I know they are viperous opportunists.

    But let ’em.

    Negroes NOW. Kikes, next.

  4. While we are all shrieking and dreaming of gas chambers (for real this time) some of our work is actually being done by jews.

    HW pop over to view from the right, Larry has a insightful comment on an American Thinker piece.

    Continue on with shrieking therapy.

  5. As I posted over at Ragnarok:

    “You may not permit this (I am visiting from over at the OD site – good column, btw) but I read this recently, and thought, “Yup, puts it all into a nutshell.” IF you’ll allow me:

    In speaking/reading of the lowered birth rate among certain high intellectual/economic sub-groups on the Left/Liberal end of things, I read ‘Jews have an expiration date.’ (Jewish couples are not having replacement children- not in the US, Canada, or Occupied Palestine (OP). And, even over in OP, the ‘dirty uranium’ they’ve been using in satanic fashion against the indigenous Palestinians- bombing them to hell and back- has now affected THEIR (Jews’) sperm production/motility, etc. by as much as 60%. Divine Eugenics against the Deicides? Who knew? So, the ‘expiration date’ may be moving up, even faster over there, ‘than we at first did believe’…)

    So, along with a) the utter dissolution of the “Black as perpetual Victim/Trayvon as the new Jesus” meme via the eunuchs on the Liberal/Left, we also have: b) the self-imploding, self-hating Liberal’s Weltanschauung, who is a eunuch (whether sodomite or merely ideological) as well as finding out that c) “Jews have an expiration date-ontologically speaking.”

    And I’m not even mentioning how this is absolutely devastating the Obamanation’s chances for re-election…..

    For a Friday the 13th, why am I feeling so pleased, all of sudden?
    Oh, yeah. Good news (like the above) almost makes me smile.
    Keep up the good work.

    – Fr. John+”

  6. As far as Mercer is concerned: Just look at where she’s writing. World Net Daily.

    I mean, COME ON! Serious journalism? Well, maybe they pay, but still…. serious Journalism?

    Sites like OD are the new “samizdat press.” What Churchill said in the 1920’s, what Lindbergh said in the 1940’s, what Carletoon Coon said in the 1960’s, is now being said on the electrons of the Web. WE ARE THE ENEMY YOUR LIBERAL PROFESSORS FEAR. And, as they are eunuchs and chickens, it’s time to go for the gullet… and make some chicken soup. (with Matzo “balls,” of course!)


  7. Dear Mr Friar John.

    Just to inform you, your post in Ragnarok went into a thread from June last year and as such is likely to be buried into the nether regions quite promptly.

    For maximum perusability, may I humbly suggest you re-post in a more contemporary thread. Or better still, package it as a full article for mindweapon to post. It would be most popular and informative.

    A pleasure to assist in the good works of the lord.



  8. TANSTAAFL is right.

    Hell yeah he is, and about pretty much everything these days it seems to me, lol. I just wish he wrote as often as the amazing Hunter 🙂

    Seriously though, great comment barb. My own path has mirrored yours in a strangely similar fashion.

  9. FYI at SBDL there is a vid of a fight between black “ladies” that basically makes me think they are lower than apes on the evolutionary scale. I say that because if you go in the ape house at Brookfield zoo there is more order than the mess Paul links up to.

  10. Lily – this video is a gift. A wonderful recruiting tool.

    I’ve already gotten some really gratifying reponses.

  11. Mercer kicked both CompassionateFacist and his wayward daughter Trilby (that is to say, myself & myself) off her site some time ago, for “wanting to destroy Israel and murder all the Jews” (etc.)…but I’ve been back pecking away under another moniker for several months now. And, for a fact, she has been bending rightward, attacking Israel as a “warmonger state” and also ditching Christian-Zionist WND in favor of Russia Today. Also for a fact, her book INTO THE CANNIBAL’S POT has done more for WN than all of our websites put together. Go over to Amazon sometime and take a look at the reviews, esp. CF’s and her response to same, which occasioned an interesting back-and-forth.

  12. The Jews are The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. They started something they cannot control and that is going to consume them as well. I’ve never been impressed with their intelligence. Their fatal flaw is actually a very stupid thing, something that all but the very worst of morons would instantly realize and avoid. The Jews apparently never thought to think of this: Am I immune to this poison I am letting loose? Indeed, evidently they thought they were, if they even bothered to think to ask themselves. Their own people are being as devastated by their weird and psychotic doctrines as their intended enemies. A few examples, they are mixing themselves out of existence (see The Vanishing American Jew); engaging in all the weird “Progressive” practices being advocated ( A Jewish woman married a dolphin a few years ago!); and of course Muslims are now ubiquitous in America due to Jewish promotion of “Diversity,” this despite Muslims being their deadliest enemies. One can list a hundred other examples.

    Yes, Jews are literally The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. But of course in this case there is no sorcerer and so he won’t be able to come back just in time to stop the spell, reverse it and save them.

  13. What a pack of chimps. Poor Kirkwood. Such a lovely place. Now it is getting thuggee out. Blacks ruin aeVERayatahINg 😛

  14. @Brutus: that’s an apt characterization. Problem is, I’m not sure the Jews care if they go down (Cf: Samson Option)…so long as they can drag everyone else with them. Fundamentally, the Tribe is about Death:

    Marx=Politics of Death
    Freud=Culture of Death
    Einstein=Science of Death

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