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John O’Sullivan writes:

“Moreover, I fear that Mark Steyn is right in saying that Derb’s departure will further narrow the already narrow limits of acceptable debate in American intellectual life.”

If you really think about it, there are no limits of acceptable debate in American anymore; there are just the dominant taboos of the dinosaur media colliding with the free discourse of the new Darwinian social media landscape.

(1) First, there is nothing stopping anyone from setting up their own website and publishing their own point of view. As I have stressed repeatedly, a website is a website is a website. If ordinary conservatives don’t like the content of Newsweek or National Review, they have a choice to visit a rival website which is only a click away.

(2) Second, the tools which are used to build audiences and share opinion are now available to everyone: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, vBulletin, etc. It is only a matter of time before cable television subscription packages (and thus “mainstream” control over television) share the fate of Blockbuster after Netflix.

(3) Third, in the new social media landscape, every reader and commentator has the choice to reject the eunuchs like Rich Lowry who dominate the “mainstream.” There are plenty of Americans who don’t care what the “mainstream” is saying and who don’t want to be a part of the “mainstream” when they can seek out other forms of association.

In considering the fate of National Review, it is worth noting that Newsweek was once a pillar of “mainstream” liberalism. It has since been sold for a dollar and has lost its web independence to a mere upstart like The Daily Beast.

Note: It took decades to build up “the prevailing structure of taboos” (through the obsolete pyramid structure of network television) which are ruthlessly policed within the “mainstream.” There was no Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube as recently as Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

How long will it take the new social media platforms to poison the discourse of the “mainstream” and corrode “the prevailing structure of taboos” that works to the advantage of liberalism?

It took less than three week of discourse poisoning on the internet to destroy the Trayvon Martin narrative that was being peddling by the Mainstream Media and to polarize the country along racial lines.

Update: I notice that Kievsky’s liked the Bob Wayne 2012 video so I will relink to it here. I’ve been linking to some crazy country boy music lately. It helps lighten the mood while drinking.

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  1. When the Travon story broke, I came here first, not to the National Review, or any other “conservative” site. They are losing their relevance, fast.

  2. I am a baby-boomer who no longer reads or watches anything from the mainstream media. Thank you for your hard work – I really enjoy your site – great insight and valuable information.

  3. @Separation Now & Forever

    “Thank you for your hard work – I really enjoy your site – great insight and valuable information”.

    I’d like to second that if I may HW. Brilliant, brilliant work. Thank you.

  4. Lily,

    The OD is my first stop, and usually my last, every time I log on to the Web.

    God help poor Hunter!

  5. You know what else, it’s been a real eye-opener how Derb was flogged by so-called “conservatives” and very disappointing to see how the left really is defining the terms and scope of their opposition. If the “conservatives” really wanted to make America a better place, they would talk about the race issue rather than silence anyone who wants to discuss it. Stop ignoring the giant elephant in the room, it’s not going away.

  6. Denise: I’ve been reading this site every day now, pretty much. Good to see all the new comment posts here in addition to the great regulars like you.

  7. On several other sites “lamenting” the Derbyshire situation, I put up comments pointing out that being “exiled” from the fading MSM to a cyberspace (that is expanding at lightspeed) isn’t a tragedy at all, but a monument to truthtelling. But HW said it all in this post and much better.

  8. Lily! No – Derb’s purge was wonderful! It just showed those cretins – the Neo Cohen “conservatards” for what they are. I love it when they do out work for us!

    I agree with Majik – it was fabulous. Derb will be fine.

    I’m delighted to see any and all sincere Newcomers! The more the merrier!

  9. Just saw a great video by ramzpaul, one of the guys in the “The Talk: Liberal version” video:

    It’s about a negress who has 15 kids and demands that society pay for them! “Black Welfare Mother with 15 Kids says “Somebody Needs to Pay for all my Children!”

    The latter is about 10 minutes long. I was going to bail on it, because I couldn’t stand looking at the degenerate. But I’m glad I didn’t, it’s several news broadcasts about her spliced together, and as it progresses, her kids get taken away, and a white female judge takes her ignorant ass to task! She gets thrown in jail for contempt of court and is rebuked for her and her equally disgusting sister threatening and cursing at workers at the shelter where her kids were staying. Good!

    Denise, you are right, it’s better that the Derb shitstorm happened so that the “conservative” news sites and bloggers who decry him are shown for the cowards that they are. I just feel bad for Derb, but I guess he is holding up just fine.

  10. My brothers and sisters, let’s wait for the right moment. It’s not here yet, but we can all see it coming.
    Denise, my sister uses your current avatar at another site. I adore you…and Doris Day.

  11. OD is really capturing the zeitgeist of 2012. Your phrase “the prevailing structure of taboos” is very adept. This is definitely the most exciting place to be while the Berlin Wall of BRA comes a crashing down.

  12. Baldowl – really? Your sister is cool as can be! I ought to start a Doris Day fan club! I adore you too!

  13. I go to the mainstream media to find out the party line, then I come to the interwebs to find the truth.

  14. Agree that the corporate media is dead. They no longer get to frame the narrative or decide the parameters of the discussion.

    And more and more people are speaking up for what they see as reality around them, vs what the corporate media tells them is happening.

  15. Our one hope (besides Jesus, of course) is the combination of smartphone video and Internet video sharing. YouTube, Vimeo, WordStarHipHop, and others are roaring 24/7/365 with amateur video of Bad Black Behavior incidents. Thanks to these liberating technologies, w can now document the real behavir of blacks in America and shove it in the face of the public. Not only do these video-format doses of harsh reality destroy the mainstream media news narrative, they confirm to viewers what they already know: that black people can be very dangerous. The more that people are confronted with the difference between reality as depicted on TV and in the newspapers and Reality as seen by their own lying eyes, the less ability to define reality the enemy will have.

    Check out the comments at this YouTube link. People are beginning to See. They only need to be led to the light.

    It’s up to us to lead them. Whenever you post a comment to a story or video like this, ALWAYS add the words “I can See” to your post, along with the URL of this site or some other race realist website. Once the see that admitting the truth does NOT mean they are evil racists or naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews, their eyes will open, and they will see.

    Chimpout videos are priceless propaganda for our side. They make our point in a way nobody can deny. We couldn’t get better advertising for the Cause if we paid for it. Link ’em, e-mail ’em, spread ’em to the four winds. Every TNB video shared with a friend is an information missile ready to destroy the bunker of lies the enemy has built in his or her head. Ripple-fire those babies!

    And don;t forget to plug the message in the comments sections of these videos. A TNB news story or Internet video comments section without a race realist nugget of truth is an unfired weapon. The comments sections of every chimpout news piece and video clip is an opportunity to open the eyes of our fellow white folks. We can’t afford to ignore such opportunities.

    And always remember: we will win in the end because we’re not selling an ideology. Unlike the enemy, we don’t have to bend reality to create the impression that reality tracks with Dr. King’s Dream. All we have to do is tell the truth. All we have to do is show people the raw reality of black people in America and allow them to draw their own honest conclusions.

  16. OD is the smartest and most articulate Web site around, and the work of just one, unpaid individual. It’s the intellectual equivalent of Laurence Auster but without his sometimes annoying peculiarities.

  17. Ahh, good ol Angel Adams. “Whos gonna feed my kids?”. You can make fun of the octo-mom in California for being a welfare mom via science. You can make fun of the Duggar family for their 18+ kids, as they’re white, christian and not on welfare. Yet, woe to those who make fun of Angel and her 15 kids by 3 baby daddies. Thats raciss.

  18. All the comments I hereby second. Taboos exist only so long as the means of effectively censoring facts or opinions that violate the taboo can be censored. This is certainly not the case today. I wager that it is the older generations who obtain most of their news from the MSM who continue to cling to the PC taboos. Though I’m in my early forties I embraced the internet in 1997 and never looked back. I watch no network news other than occasional clips on the net and read no newspapers other than occasional articles on the net.

    Hunter what has been the growth of visits and commenting on your site since the killing of Martin? CCofC has repeated new records since that time.

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