Robert Barnwell Rhett vs. The Submissionists

South Carolina

Here’s a link to the SNN podcast that I did this afternoon about Robert Barnwell Rhett, who is often described as the “Father of Secession,” and his struggle against the conservatives and submissionists in South Carolina in the years before the War Between the States.

Note: If you want to learn more about the parallels between the modern and antebellum disunionist movements, the best resource is William W. Freehling’s The Road to Disunion, Vol. 1: Secessionists at Bay, 1776-1854 and The Road to Disunion, Volume II: Secessionists Triumphant, 1854-1861.

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  1. If a move had been made in 1848 it would have worked very very well.
    The great powers would have merely been looking to their own borders and the Confederates could have sent a division over to France/Prussia/Austria to help out the government in exchange for war loans.

    Counterfactual history. It’s fun.

  2. I think that one of the constants of history is that when a people invite other people in to perform labor–from Arabs in present day France, to Zulus in the mines in South Africa, to African slaves in Dixie–it is ALWAYS a disaster. This is why our struggle must necessarily focus on business and business-owners; they have to pay the people a fair wage for honest labor. To do otherwise, is to plant the seeds of eventual destruction for a few bucks an hour.

  3. Re: Counterfactual history

    The Confederacy wins the War Between the States and establishes an independent American nation-state based on racialism, white supremacy, and voluntary union. Liberal democracy is rejected. The idea that “all men are created equal” is firmly rejected. The concept of “human rights” is rejected.

    Slavery is abolished around the 1930s following the mechanization of agriculture. Negroes are deported to Africa.

  4. This is an excerpt from “The True Question: A Contest for the Supremacy of Race, as Between the Saxon Puritan of the North, and the Norman of the South” that describes why it was necessary for the Confederacy to repudiate Americanism and adopt a new form of government:

    “The Southern people, though superior to all other races on this continent, are yet themselves but men, and subject to all the general laws of humanity – it, therefore, appears necessary that human agencies should be used in effecting great changes, however proper. We have been so long in the enjoyment of the privileges of an almost unqualified liberty, both personal and political, that we would have scarcely consented to their abridgment for any cause. But a curtailment of that liberty, and a more modified form of government, appeared to be necessary to the position which the advances of time demanded us assume. In short, a stronger government appeared to be necessary – not a monarchy, but a sort of Patrician Republic.

    The hour of that hybrid thing, a democratic republic, for the government of two different races, has passed away forever and we must now direct our attention to those ethnological facts, from out of which the next government is to flow.”

    After 147 years of being degraded in Lincoln’s Union, no one in the South writes or thinks like that anymore, but there is a rich intellectual inheritance waiting to be discovered.

  5. 1860 was too late either way. Once the North had more railways and shipping yards, it was simply a longer more drwn out prelude to the fight between Prussia and Imperial France.

    Deportation would have been a bonus for all.

  6. Candidate  (1979)

    Forced by the pressure,
    The territories marked,
    No longer the pleasure,
    Oh, I’ve since lost the heart.

    Corrupted from memory,
    No longer the power,
    It’s creeping up slowly,
    That last fatal hour.

    Oh, I don’t know what made me,
    What gave me the right,
    To mess with your values,
    And change wrong to right.

    Please keep your distance,
    The trail leads to here,
    There’s blood on your fingers,
    Brought on by fear.

    I campaigned for nothing,
    I worked hard for this,
    I tried to get to you,
    You treat me like this.

    It’s just second nature,
    It’s what we’ve been shown,
    We’re living by your rules,
    That’s all that we know.

    Joy Divsion.

  7. Just listened to the Wise & Taylor debate.

    Wise seemed to be fillibustering. He also scoffed at the fate of whites if they ( he didn’t say “we”) once the population goes under 50%. Are whites so weak etc…like he was taunting.

    Also, he brought up that whites own 90% of infrastructure. This seemed a little sly. Here He appeared to be counting Jews as white for debating propoerty and then at other times as non White for other topics. Slippery guy. When Taylor did get to speak he was interupted continually. Wise didn’t seem to understand the use of the word “natural” in the English language. It’s pretty clear that black people act as a political block for instance and he said it was natural for a subject people to mass together in unity. He then said that nationalist politics were unnatural, as voices like Taylor would not be needed if race were real.

    The black presenter said he liked to live in mixed neighborhoods and he liked whites (women tellingly). Of course you do white people are better to livearround. Duh. The Infidelguy was clearly a fucking idiot that could not keep up.

    Wise is clearly anti-European though he claims Hebredean ancestry. He favours Levels of immigration that will extinguish ethnic cultures in Europe. He does the same here in America. The depth of his dripping contempt are quite fascinating. Taylor missed a few tricks at the end. He should have pointed out the eventual massacres that always follow when Europeans become outnumbered by blacks: Detriot, Haiti, Queens, Zanzibar, Stanleyville, Tottenham, Hackney, Birmingham both sides of the pond.
    Almost proving Taylor’s point.

  8. Hebrides. Ahem.

    Other thoughts on the Wise Tsylor thing. Taylor ought to have officially complained that he was fillibustered off. Especially proving the point that whites will not get to control the mic once they are at a numerical disadvantage. A Ginger Jew and his doltish slow witted Black presenter will ensure that. Talk about structural discrimination.

  9. Good diary over at Red State.

    There’s a visual component.

    Two barren lesbians adopt black pets. Lesbian attacks attractive looking Biological mother of 5.

    looks like Romney has the brains to play a bit of Aikido. Romney had some advantages in life (political dad) but he made the most of it and the couple thrived and multiplied with 16 grandchildren. Rosen adopted a couple pets from Nigaragua, raised by guatemalan maids and regrets the adoption cause it is hard work.

    I’d do an advert images with Rosen’s vibrant “family” constrasted
    to Romney’s solid clan. Draw out the suicidal left a bit more with Their hatred.

  10. Don’t know how much about the era you’ve read but don’t neglect Ruffin. Rhett was indeed the godfather but Ruffin is every bit as interesting.

    Looking forward to Tuggle hosting you on Tillman and The White Man’s Country, but won’t hold my breath.

  11. No offense, John, but I’ve organized a Romney-in-case network. Should he get it, we won’t settle for voting for the negro (Obongo, not Romney). We’ll aggressively campaign for it.

    HW, is all this reading about the fire-eaters lost on y’all? If so, I remind you that, while they wanted Breckinridge, they campaigned for Lincoln (over Douglas).

    Just for fun, does anyone remember Strother Martin’s most memorable line from the movie ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’?

  12. Yancey,

    it may not matter. I cant pretend to be excited about the GOP.

    I just thought that the families made a telling contrast.

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