The Skittlesmobile


I just walked past this vehicle a few minutes ago:

Update: My hypothesis that the design of this automobile might be related to the death of Trayvon Martin has proven inaccurate.

This shot from the rear points to the memory of another trayvon previously unknown to the internet. Perhaps Quin “Lil Kobe” Sampson was also shot carrying Skittles and Arizona iced tea?

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  1. Shit, OT:

    Everybody check out the movie The Cabin in the Woods. Incredibly subversive theme. Would discuss but don’t want to spoil it.

  2. …. [R]ecently: it occurred to me that America, notwithstanding its conservative element which had always stood in the way of the kind of outright leftism that runs Europe, might become more leftist and more tyrannical than Europe. We see the outline of the new America in the Zimmerman affair, with the entire country hating and lusting to destroy and adopting massive transparent lies about an individual because he is a “white racist.” I’m not predicting that, but I think that America is now capable of doing anything. – Laurence Auster

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  4. This is my baby’s father’s car ! & for yall racist assholes he does not sell drugs & Quin ” Lil Kobe ” Sampson did not die the same way ! he died from a car accident a whole damn year before Trayvon Martin did . So this shit makes no comparison ! & Quit fucking stalking you retard !

  5. Well first off, people shouldn’t judge from what they see. I have never in my life sold drugs. I am a college student getting ready to enter the Army later on in the year. I got my car painted like that because I love that kind of candy and lime green is my favorite color. I got that paint job done in the spring of 2011 which was way before Trayvon Martin’s dead. Quin Sampson was a close friend from high school who died in a car accident. So whoever maybe their own hypothesis is WRONG. “Never judge a book by its cover” take that quote in and keep it with you before doing something like that again.

  6. Yeah, ok we’re racissss n shiiiiiet..

    Just tell me how much the paint job on Travon mobile cost..

    By the way you say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but let me give you some universal if not downright ancient advise…’by their fruits ye shall know them’..

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