Southern Conservatism vs. “Mainstream Conservatism”


This is the type of individual who terrorizes “mainstream” conservatives:

This is what a real Southern conservative sounds like:

“He who grossly insulted me lies now with the clod upon his bosom … And there let it remain, a legacy to my son, and a warning to others who feel like browbeating a Yancey.”
-William Lowndes Yancey

Note: The moral of the story is that Southern conservatism and “mainstream” conservatism are irreconcilable. If you study our history, you will discern they are not the same thing.

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  1. That’s a really third rate attack on HBD science and conservative editorialism. It’s very easily refuted and debunked but why even waste the effort on intellectual lightweights like him?

    I nearly died from laughing when he linked to Sailer’s piece on interracial marriage and labeled it as an attack on interracial marriage. Did he actually read the piece? He either has done zero research on Sailer or is being dishonest about Sailer’s actual position on the topic.

  2. The GOP have bent over backwards to bring in blacks.

    The problem is that America is balkanizing. It’s a process that is natural no ideology either free market or socialist can interrupt the inevitable.

  3. Great article by Kirkpatrick on vdare. Is the GOP a white interst party or not?

    Very thoughtful. It is one, but can’t exactly articulate it without a measure of ideological tomfoolery added to the mix. Only leftists get to say the GOP are acting as the white party.

    If Romney jokingly said:

    “gee shucks I am the whitest candidate ever” it would bring the house down.

  4. That is exactly the kind of guy that scares “mainstream” conservatives into submission. A little weakling who looks like a stiff wind could blow over.

  5. This article is Lowry’s reward for firing Derbyshire. The groveller’s eternal reward. The eternal contempt of the enemy, scorn heaped on top injury.

    Fckn Conservative Inc.

  6. “John says:
    April 16, 2012 at 5:21 pm

    This article is Lowry’s reward for firing Derbyshire. The groveller’s eternal reward. The eternal contempt of the enemy, scorn heaped on top injury.”

    How are Satan’s worshipers going to be rewarded? An eternity in Hell. Same thing.

  7. Denise: Read his bio, and it says “Politically, I’m basically your typical effete coastal liberal elitist.” How nice.

    “Effete” definition:
    1. (of a person) Affected, overrefined, and ineffectual: “effete trendies from art college”.
    2. No longer capable of effective action.

  8. Lilly – I read the bio. That creature embodies all the reasons WHY garden variety Jews are LOATHED by Humans.

  9. “Here’s another attack that will certainly ‘terrorize’ the ‘respectable conservatives’: ”

    Not only an incredibly weak article, but an outright false one. The 2008 nominee for the republican party could not have been more pro open borders. he could not have supported more free trade. He spent his campaign denigrating Americans, and all for nothing. I very much doubt that Romney will do anything other than to follow in his footsteps, though Romney atleast has a chance of winning just because of how bad things are getting, and how bad they will be in the future.

    The candidates that would even be marginally acceptable to anyone here don’t get more than 1% to 2% of the vote in the primaries, and they merely tiptoe around race rather than grovel at its feet.

  10. God, I just read the Salon piece by that verminous little ween Pareene.

    As I’m reading through the article, the words of this blog and the images of the she-beasts beating down on the campus in Saint Louis are playing like background music in my head.

    These people are so transparent in their dishonesty. There’s no way they can believe that blacks are just as smart as whites.


    – Arturo

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