“War Against White People”: More “Teens” Terrorizing MAX Trains


H/T John

It didn’t take long for the “youths” to start terrorizing the Portland MAX trains again … this coming in the aftermath of two recent flash mobs:

“Police arrested two teens after they and a larger group assaulted a man when he reportedly told them to quiet down on a MAX train Friday afternoon.

Police went just after 5 p.m. to the Northeast 60th avenue MAX platform, where the Blue, Green and Red lines intersect, according to Sgt. Pete Simpson, spokesman for the Portland Police Bureau. Additional reports of shots fired were broadcast but were incorrect, police said.

A group of 15 to 20 male teenagers were being loud on an eastbound MAX train headed toward the station when Danny Adamson, 57, reportedly asked them to be quiet.

Some of the teens in the group assaulted Adamson and when the train stopped, they got off and ran in various directions, police said . . .”

Portland has become a real hotspot of “youth” activity over the last few months. It is right up there with Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Minneapolis.

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  1. This is a very good example of Unamusement park’s contention that social democracy, liberalism etc are not the problem: blacks are.

    Here we get to witness in real time what happened to Detroit as it went from 95% white to FADE TO BLACK. A first class, nay world class infrastructure is being handed over to nogs.

    Segregation would work. State by state immigration control would work. But it’s all going to go to shit as the blacks realize YT up there is easy pickings.

  2. One wonders, did that 57 yr. old White imagine that if he civilly asked those “youths” to please lower their tone that they would respond with an understanding compliance? You have got to be a fool to do so and that he didn’t see this is a marvel. Have they been that preserved in Portland. The guy is 57, not 17. Excuse me, at 17 even I knew you didn’t ask a pack of savages (read that Blacks) to be quiet unless you were suicidally depressed and this was your method to check-out. I hate to have these sentiments because they are contradictory to the basic fervent desire to see Whites wake up, push back, way back, way way back, recover their culture, nation and future – yet because they never seem to come to their senses and do so incites an anger in me at them and consign them emotionally to their well-deserved ruin for their grotesque cowardice and suicidal idiocy.

  3. It’s interesting that the flash mob phenomena is now occurring in Portland, a white, hip city. Evidently the predominantly liberal, white population has failed to address the concerns of the black community. The result, naturally, is the random beating of white people. Maybe what should happen is white people should band together in their own flash mobs and attack other innocent white people, in sympathy and as sort of an apology to their black brothers and sisters. Perhaps this would stop the beatings.

  4. I like it that he told the nogs to shut up.
    A pack of em off the streets for the weekend at least.

    It’s a pity he wasn’t armed with an Uzi though.

  5. The elite progressive nightmare is that another such 57 year old attempts the same thing, but when the mob assaults him, he deploys a CCW and ‘Stands his ground’, leading to a pile of dead minority ‘youth’. Does Oregon have SYG?

  6. emdfl says: I thought that’s why people carry revolvers (no brass left on the scene, heh, heh, heh).

    Interesting, I never thought of that. Lovin’t it! – sorry if I used McNegrofood’s slogan.

    The USA policy needs to be “you are a youth, you better identify some of these other youths, of we are going to cut off your mammy’s welfare chacks”.

  7. Oregon has “shall issue” concealed carry. Oregon law has also always allowed the use of deadly force in self defense or defense of another if you are in fear of your life or grievous bodily harm when under assault.

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