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JHK on Trayvon Martin:

“In the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting, the excellent Bill Moyers hosted political activist Angela Glover Blackwell on his weekly interview show, Moyers & Company (April 13; “AN ACTIVIST FOR OUR TIMES”) and in the course of things (12:18 in the program) Ms. Blackwell said, “America does not want to talk about race.” In point of fact, we’ll talk about it all the live-long day, just not very honestly.

The Trayvon Martin incident certainly provoked a broad media conversation about race all over the cable TV networks and the Internet. It’s been an inconclusive discussion because the facts of the case are so muddled and the truth may never be known, or may not satisfy anyone if it becomes known. Mostly, the talk followed predictable patterns of grievance, accusation, and especially hand-wringing – the latter well represented by Bill Moyers, the embodiment of 1960s-vintage idealist Democratic liberalism, who came on the scene as a close aide to President Lyndon Johnson at the height of the civil rights struggle.

The reason the race conversation remains so constricted in America is because the central question makes everyone so uncomfortable. That question is: what accounts for the failure to thrive of such a large percentage of black America? It is uncomfortable for whites (especially Progressives) because it implies a failure of the social justice movement itself, and in particular the watershed civil rights struggles of the 1960s. It’s uncomfortable for blacks because it stirs up immense anxiety over the stigma of racial inferiority…”

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  1. I can only tolerate the comments so much, but “newworld” posted within the first hour or two and from what that genius observed, is cultists being allowed to express themselves slightly away from the anti-white script. Heaven knows where it will end up, maybe they will just blame Vlad, per usual.

    I read two of JHK’s books and blacks are either being gently scolded for being retarded childlike morons or completely ignored. So I ask if you are a jew who can actually think about more than Israel’s enemy of the day where do you see yourself with today’s blacks taking your construction out and gangraping it to death?

    Soros and the other biggies it is a heavenly opportunity to pick up stuff at dirt cheap prices like its Africa, but what about those jews who do not own a private jet? I imagine a few of those can realize they live a few blocks from the next “Lord of War.”

  2. HW did you mean by going out like the Derb when you wrote “detonate?” From my reading JHK’s CFN that would be enough to get you booted from Kos (though maybe a grovel would save you), never mind the complete crazies at DU.

  3. No, I am quite sure that Kunstler knows the score on race. He is also a determinist. Kunstler knows that BRA will “unwind” because of the effects of Peak Oil on the suburban housing arrangement.

    It makes no sense to wade into the issue. The issue will resolve itself as America collapses. Niggers will launch Pearl Harbor on White people on The Day The EBT Card Stops Working.

    The racial taboos will evaporate in the chaos.

  4. Why did you link to this? I went to the link and read the whole thing. I think Kunstler, like others, is asking why we as a country permit blacks to behave badly? He wants us to end the double standard. This is similar to what Amy Wax, the sociologist/ law professor argues: whites should end the welfare and AA programs and confront blacks with demands to end the social pathology in their communities and change their behavior.

    I don’t see this as being relevant to what OD and others believe. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you I take it you believe is that blacks are inherently incapable of changing their behavior because of their genetics.

    In any case, this is probably a useless discussion, because anyone who takes the first position, like Gene Marks in Forbes a few months ago (“If I were a poor black kid”), or Wax, are met with howls of protest from the dominant liberal society.

  5. Its always good to know the score, the dominant liberal position is cracking up. Its based on a fairytale, at least for public consumption, but it and the general notion of “anti-racism” and other deceits are dying away in the legitimacy department.

    When will the dominant old media print or read material like Kunstler wrote? Now there would be a burn down the city day if it happened.

    Sure we who read OD just love our nigger atrocity stories, but how many libs have even dared touch on the topic of black incivility and seemingly non-willingness to try and be civil?

    Myself I just love to look for cracks in the dam so I know when to change my plans.

  6. “I don’t see this as being relevant to what OD and others believe. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you I take it you believe is that blacks are inherently incapable of changing their behavior because of their genetics.”

    Sallie, you’re mistaken. We WANT blacks to own up to their mental inferiority and inability to do anything as well as a White. Then, they will ‘know their place’ and we can get back to building this country as is should have been, before the Babylonian Captivity of the last seventy years.

    It’s as clear as day. Leave liberals, Deicides, and their behemah no footing upon which to stand…. EVER AGAIN.

    Secession. Now. Today. Forever.

  7. They just decertified a the charter schools in St Louis. All that tax money wasted on nigs. Could have provided free college to the top 10%-20% of academic scorers.

    Niggers are exhausting.

  8. Father John+,

    I live in the Northeast; went to high school in a wealthy town on the Connecticut shoreline; went to a fancy private college, a so-called “safety school” for the kids who didn’t get into Yale.

    I have helped liberal social worker types put in community gardens. Kept my mouth shut while they discussed bringing welfare mommies to work in the garden (no welfare mommies ever made an appearance). Kept my mouth shut while they wondered about how to make the group “more diverse,” (the garden in was in a majority black town, but the community group was White with one Chinese stoner dude).

    So I know liberalism from the inside, and if there’s one thing I understand completely is that whites have to be paid to deal with blacks, and blacks only show up if there’s something “in it for them.”

    Race mixing only happens when it’s paid for. Even mudsharks are getting government checks for being mudsharks, excuse me, “mothers of biracial bastards.”

    The minute the US Gov’t goes bankrupt and stops paying for multiracialism anymore, it’s over. The races do not associate voluntarily (Asians and Whites being a possible exception).

    Moreover, the people who know how to create value on a local level will be able to influence social morality. Those liberals will become race realists overnight.

    It was never about anything but a paycheck.

  9. If you think about it white do gooders are a type of plantation supervisor. Except without guns and whips.

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