“War Against White People” : Woman Abducted and Raped at Gunpoint in St. Louis


H/T John

As you probably suspected, the free negro continues to shower St. Louis with the wonderous benefits of “diversity” outside this integrated bar:

Note: The Southern secessionists of the 1860s and the Southern segregationists of the 1940s argued forcefully that the free negro would unleash a criminal plague upon civilization – that prediction actually came true, unlike the fantasy of a colorblind utopia.

In 1907, “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman boldly asserted the existence of “an irrepressible conflict” between the free negro and civilization. This is what happens when black people are literally “unleashed” into your community.

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  1. It could have been anyone … a Mormon, a Quaker, an Episcopalian. This is totally random.

    Note: I am adding the context in a minute. Post will be updated with related links.

  2. Rash of Anglican rapes strike St Louis! Lutheran Jackrollers! Serbian Orthodox terrorize South St Louis!

    Now that would be fucking random.

  3. “Rash of Anglican rapes strike St Louis! Lutheran Jackrollers! Serbian Orthodox terrorize South St Louis!

    Now that would be fucking random.”

    Haha! Right, crime is so NOT independent and random when it comes to race that it’s really beyond belief how anyone can assert otherwise. When accounting for every other variable, crime is so dependent on race that most studies have it a level of significance <1%.

  4. Whenever discussing crime with anyone, provided you live in a “low crime area”, always say, “Yes, it’s because we have shortage of young black males”. Heads turn, eyebrows rise, (some) people start thinking.

  5. XYZ, the anti-Whites will not allow an all White anything and claim at the same time that miscegenation is strictly voluntary. Like, because of forced integrated schools little White Mikey has nothing but “good looking” Hispanics or mulattoes to choose from for a date. Feminism (another part of the same anti-White program) has turned little White Betty into a bitch or a lesbian or her parents can afford to send her somewhere else.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White and they are vicious, evil genocidal bastards.

    Brother, DWL’s have to be the dumbest, most hopeless and clueless people on the planet. Massive doses of negros and often times no take.

  6. Love the Daily Mail.
    Entire Obama clan made headlines.






  7. Brandon, she worked there. Just trying to make a living, and probably had nobody to walk her home. Or maybe she worked there as a whore, turning tricks wif da bruthas. We don’t know. The point is what it always is: these animals don’t belong among us.

    Considering the circumstances, Hunter, it’s not totally random. I mean, it’s less likely to have been a Mormon, right?

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