$3.89 Gas


Driving through the Alabama Black Belt, I see that gas is now $3.89 a gallon for regular unleaded.

Smirking, I find my thoughts turning to an old book, a personal favorite:

“In a recurrent dream, I was sitting in a comfortable padded chair gliding swiftly over the landscape in a way that felt supernatural yet oddly familiar. I did not feel any wind in my face, despite the speed, which was much faster than anything I was accustomed to. I was deeply at ease in my wonderful traveling chair and thrilled by the motion. Familiar sights whizzed by: the Larmon farm on the Battenville Road, Holyrood’s cider mill, the old railroad overpass outside the village of Shushan, pastures and cornfields, hills, hollows, and houses I had known for years. In the dream, I came to realize that I was moving inside some kind of protective envelope, not just sitting in a wonderful chair. Then, a dashboard resolved before me with its round glowing gauges, and then the steering wheel. Of course, I am driving a car! It had been so many years since I had done that! It was a dream-memory of something that now seemed hardly different from the magic carpets of my childhood storybooks. I careened around curves in the road just missing gigantic trees. I couldn’t remember what to do with my feet. I had lost control …”

Note: Assuredly, we are getting there. Right on schedule too.

This whole area will be unrecognizable twenty years from now. The land is far too valuable to allow large concentrations of black people to squat here indefinitely. They will be pushed out by White settlers.

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  1. “Have you investigated this subject in the same way and with the same thoroughness and magnitude as, say, Hunter Wallace here has investigated the history of the South?”


    See my sources above. And, btw, those are mere primers for introduction.

  2. But….looking even farther ahead, on the other side after the Peak Oil collapse causes the inner city “youfs” to first riot when the welfare ends, then steal, then start eating each OTHER, when things are bad enough that the jews leave, THEN we will have our White ethnostate.
    THEN we can rebuild, regroup, figure out our abundant energy supplies, and eventually go to Mars.
    It’s going to be hard, but on the other side, our Golden Dawn awaits.

    I am now exceedingly bullish on European Man of Christian Heritage.

    Very inspiring comment Barb!

  3. I don’t believe we have even begun to tap the oil that lies in the Earth.

    We have done very little exploration of the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Artic Oceans. There has been no need yet. Why drill 5,000 miles off shore when you can drill 50.

  4. “Look, I get it that resource scarcity is pooh-poohed. After all the doomsayers were calling for TEOTWAWKI in the 1970s. Paul Ehrlich lost his bet. ”

    Thanks to Norman Borlaug, had he not been there, the third world would be starving right now. But the reality is that they used what he gave them to fuel parabolic growth, and unless we can find additional green revolutions with increasing frequency that is going to blow up. There will not likely be another Norman Borlaug, for one thing he’d be discriminated against at his own university. For another there is not much more to be done, disease resistant crops,abundant energy,pesticides and so on have done what they can to grow food. The Pareto principle is at work here, large benefits will not likely be found going forward.

  5. Anon,

    It’s quite true — it’s not just fossil fuels that limit food production. We are running short on soil and water for continued industrial farming.

    Great point about how Norman Borlaug would be discrminated against nowadays.

  6. Yes, those sources say that we are running out of oil. But what did did I mention in my post? I mentioned looking at the manner in which studies and experiments are carried out. Overviews and reports on interferometer experiments all cite a certain conclusion concerning light and reference frames. But actually reading the primary papers and digging deeper one notices something. BTW, another major scientific theory was just falsified by a long term observational project just here recently. But you will have a hard time knowing that from reading most reports.

    Your “sources” were not what I had in mind. They are simply hand waving arguments, and that’s all. But I will let it pass and simply point out we do not need to invoke Malthusian views in order to support white racialism and combat nigger welfare and EBT card use.

  7. The sources cited were concerned with the economic aspects. That is, reasons–excuses–why oil and gas are expensive. “Everybody knows” that diamonds are expensive because of “supply and demand.” But diamonds are not scarce at all.

    The US is literally awash in gas. Look up how much we export. The reality is nothing like what is reported in the media. White people on these sites talk non stop about how the media, politicians, academia, every spokesperson, journalist, you name it, lies continuously and totally inverts reality concerning race. White people on these sites ridicule any talk about the Jewish Holocaust. But the same people apparently believe them on most other subjects.

  8. I encourage everyone to read the late Matt Simmons work on peak oil. The fields are all producing less. The Saudis cant increase their production. That alone says that there will need to br a restructuring of energy markets.
    The world may be awash in oil but it will need to be $100/bbl or more to get it. Then it will still only go to those who use it most effeiciently(Asians on scooters) . If you’re still driving a truck or suv for non economic activity….you’ve been warned.

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