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  1. His story:

    He was a Raiders fan until the Steelers won some more Superbowls.
    He started wearin DG glasses when Kanye did.
    Started smoking big cigars when Michael Jordan was the cover of Cigar Aficionado.

    Even though now I think that almost all of them are on the “down low”, twenty years I ago I said if Michael Jordan would come “out” as a homo, nearly every negro in the country would begin openly packing shit.

  2. Well, well. A white brain in a black body. I suppose it must be a rather frustrating combination. Excellent clip, had to watch it twice.

  3. What the fellow in the video is trying to point out, is that blacks hate whites more than they love themselves.

    A problem whites have in reverse.

  4. @Afterthought
    I don’t care about non-Whites enough to hate them, but I can do that because I live in a super majority, White neighborhood.

  5. He spoke some truth. Harsh as it was, it is true from the point of view of his community. It is difficult to live if you can see the truth, no matter which community you are in.

  6. Ahhhh…! Now I’m on a reverie kick!

    For your White enjoyment – 2 sublime non-fag White masculine very, VERY heterosexual men, displaying their genius and beauty, and simply having sheer fun, as good pals.

    This is wonderful!


    I’m been told, by a fan, that Donald O’Connor was the BEST kisser in Hollywood.

    If youse guys don’t watch anything else – watch this.

  7. Denise,

    Thanks for the education. I thought it may have been some kind of humpy thingy.

    Did you know Frederick Austerlitz was half Joo? You may want to re-think your description of him.

  8. I think it takes some balls and courage to say what he said considering the conformity and depravity of much of the “black community.” Good for him. As Solzehnitsyn said, “live not by lies.”

  9. I would not mark him a big fan of whites or of white nationalism either. I would say his critique of the black community is spot on though, honesty, I can work with that.

  10. Why is my blue eyed devil face not showing up tonight, just the generic black avatar?
    Anyone else getting this?

  11. if you have to go to those lengths to explain how wonderfully heterosexual those dudes are; they aren’t

  12. Bill O’Reilly will have this guy on his show. I know.

    I mean Whites say this stuff all the time, but no one pays them any attention unless that person is a black, then they want charges of racism filed against the White speaker.

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